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#Apply for ISSN by Jul - YJ#
#Judge & arrange travel grants for successful grad Ss by Aug - KS, YJ#
#Judge best paper entries & notify Springer (if any) by Oct - everyone#

#Gather materials for Program to pass to vendor by Oct - everyone#
#Organize entire conf program schedule by Octeveryone#
#Add PANEL by all speakers on last day plus Workshop by Alsop & Talanquer#
#Arrange and organize pre-conf & conf workshops logistics on 24 Nov - KS, NL#

#Edit Conference proceedings by Dec - YJ, KS, DL, YH#

#1 June Submission deadline & Travel Grant application due

#15 July Notification emails out

#1 Aug travel grant notifications

KS and NL to compile venue logistics requirements for academic and corporate workshops

Waiting for NLB approval of ISSN

September Programme booklet

Programme booklet to be compiled, including corporate adverts

Ready for vendor by 1 Oct

#1 October Submit Full Paper
Best Paper submission option

31 October Notification for Best Paper Award

Notify SPRINGER to make 1/2 plaques

KS and NL to provide venue logistics for workshops to logistics committee

check PDPA exclusions

insert adverts, do index etc

align names, titles with full paper

remind Alsop & Talanquer & Matthews fo workshops

1 November

KS and NL to reconfirm venue logistics with presenters