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Vivid scene ideas

Reasearch Paper (8th grade)

I don’t usually like to write, but this experience just destroyed my thoughts of ever writing for pleasure.

I remember that I had spent tons of work on this project, putting in over two whole weeks of class time, then having to start over, all those hours of not really working, but playing games on my computer, then getting a perfect content grade, but getting an F on grammar. and all together getting a C.


I very much enjoyed this book unlike the other books we had to read in 7th grade. I was always ahead, which always came to bite me.

I enjoyed this book very much, i remember my teacher being angry at me when i would read ahead, even more when i

My writing experience at Chosatonga

My favorite writing experience of all time was when i wrote (and lost) a journal at summer camp in north carolina

This would be a story of my “Blue Ridge Mountain Journal” It was filled with my many adventures as I paddled the beautiful rivers of North Carolina and how it was swallowed by those same rivers.

Rediculous iLEAP entry

This would be the story of a combination of all of the iLEAP entries i have had to write over the years.

Hours and Hours of the most rediculous writing topics you have ever heard of, my personal favorite, was a topic about what i would do if i were a ladybug, and the A/C was out.

Phantoom tollbooth

Changed my perspective of reading .