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What Is The Procedure For Simplified Divorce In California Family Law Courts

Some divorce cases take years to be finalized. It could take years to settle assets, support, & child custody conflicts before the pair is legally divorced. Few lucky couples will, however, take advantage of a “simplified divorce.” The name says it all. This method of dissolution makes the process of divorce simpler, resulting in a faster & more successful divorce. Several conditions must be met before a couple can apply for a simpler divorce. They have to agree on issues that are typically the source of contention for most partners.

The couple must agree that the dissolution of the marriage is necessary. If one person is questioning whether the divorce should occur, it is likely in the couple’s best interest to pursue an alternate form of divorce. Along with that same idea, an agreement on all financial assets’ division must be agreed upon. Divorcing without fighting over alimony payments will sound like a blessing to those who have gone through a divorce in the family law courts.

Children typically complicate a divorce proceeding. Thus, if a couple has children under 18years and can’t come to common terms, they will have to pursue another form of divorce. There are many benefits to a simplified divorce. It can be a peaceful process that ends in a couple being able to part on good terms.

This easy divorce will usually happen quickly. When it comes to a case without dispute, the settlement becomes an expedited process. Although legal help is a must, and consulting a good Divorce Attorney is crucial, a simplified divorce will still save a lot of time and money.

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