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How to Win The 2020 Game?

The 2020 Game is an exciting board game played by two or more players. In this game, players have to collect 270 electoral votes to win the game. The game consists of many US cities and events that happened last year during the COVID-19 period. The players have to go through all these cities and events to collect the votes and win one of the best buy board games- The 2020 Game. The game also consists of a corona coaster which is the toughest pathway to go through. The players may have to go through the corona coaster many times.

This is one of the best 5 players board games. It starts with a player rolling the dice. Every player rolls the dice in their turns and moves their player pieces the number of spaces rolled on the dice. Every time the players roll the dice, they move to cities and events. They need to collect or deduct the votes in their tally sheet as per the given instructions on the space they moved to in their turns.

It is an exhilarating game where the players challenge their opponents at every step. Whenever it seems that one player is close to winning the game, the game changes in the right next moment.

This game does not put you in making strategies as it highly depends on your luck or the numbers you get whenever you roll the dice. You have to try to get good numbers on the dice in your turn and make sure your opponents do not collect too many votes to win this exciting game.

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