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A legacy board game is a relatively recent notion in the world of board games.Typically, a board game is a one-stop-shop that you can store up, forget about, and then take out a year later for another round. It does not apply to legacy games at all. A Legacy game requires you to build your legacy. What you’ve left behind is what will live on in the minds of future generations.

What officially constitutes a Legacy game?

Does it have persistent changes?
Is it the destruction of game components?
Are irrevocable decisions in the game?

It can’t give a definite answer yet, because this genre is still in the growing pains phase. Many people saw the Legacy system and immediately railed against it, claiming the board game publisher Illuminati planned to destroy the secondary market. Again, it doesn’t have an answer to that one either.

It might be cheesy at times, but it can honestly claim that outside they haven’t been this involved in the plot of a board game in quite some time. They don’t think ever. Users’ emotional attachment to characters and things in games is taken into consideration by this technology, which tells the tale and immerses them in it. Game night is a social event, and everything that makes you feel more connected to the universe in which you are playing will enhance the experience.

A lot has changed since I wrote this article, and the definition of what constitutes “legacy board games” is continually being questioned. Later, more on that. As a first step, let’s look at the various board games. What makes each Legacy board game tick? There are some facts about the NFT.

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