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The incident of rape itself

Rape is reprehensible. Be the victim girl, boy, woman, man, hindu, muslim, queer, straight, housewife, prostitute, sober, drunk, unknown to the rapist or married to him.

My personal stance:A little girl was raped and killed in Kathua. No one has any business commenting on it except to express horror, and condemn the rapist/s unequivocally.

I denounce the RW beasts who will not shy away from exploiting an innocent child’s tragedy for personal gain.
I sneer at the LW carrion crows who will not shy away from exploiting an innocent child’s tragedy for personal gain.

Peripheral circumstances

Ongoing attempts at demographic remodelling

Past history of Kashmiri Pandit exodus

Local hindu fears of similar ultimatum and expulsion from Jammu

Rohingya settlements preferentially in Jammu over Kashmir

RW reaction

How they reacted: Some condemnation. Some attempts at equivalence. Some outrage at media conflating agitation against rohingyas with solidarity march for rapists. Some actual support for rapists, isolated calls for making examples of muslims. Politicians’ responses miscalculated, unthinking, apparently unempathetic.


  • RW has a long way to go, in equaling LW’s noise and outrage machinery. LW media and sympathisers are entrenched and influential. They still hold the power of molding and directing the narrative.
  • Situation worsened by irresponsible statements from public servants, especially drawing comparisons where unconditional sorrow was to be expressed. Public spokespersons must say no more than, “law shall take its course unhindered” “guilty must be brought to book” and “my heart bleeds for the victim and her family”
  • General RW leaning public should have reserved their outcry solely for the hindu girls targeted for violence by muslim perpetrators, instead of drawing comparisons to this specific incident, which makes their sympathy appear fake and forced.
  • Fake narrative, if any, must have been rebutted by an eloquent and erudite RW journalist (whose English is impeccable) with citations and pictorial proof, focusing only on the falsehood propagated by LW, never attempting to negate the reality of the rape incident itself.
  • Callous and provocative statements from public personae should have been met with uniform disgust and censure, and those from unknown fringe individuals, ignored utterly.

LW reaction

How they reacted: Some condemnation. Much glee (because rw has put its foot in it now). Media outpouring against RW protests, and concerted portrayals of Hinduism itself as misogynistic, rape-abetting.


  • LW’s protest against RW extreme reactions is justified, at the very least to ensure a functional interplay of checks and balances.
  • Exposing personal misogyny and prejudice while espousing RW cause, is a surefire prescription for associating such prejudice with the RW movement itself. If such shallow and cruel opinions are not vehemently opposed from within RW, then LW is doing a duty and a service to the nation by opposing them on RW’s behalf.
  • The vocal LW stalwarts, however, have zero moral authority to condemn RW hypocrisy/whataboutery. They themselves have proven to be opportunistic, selectively blind and deaf to causes that do not further their self-serving agenda, and servile beyond all decency to the absolute, shameless, blatant misogyny and inhumanity of both islam and communism, which they by turns praise and espouse.
  • An illustration of a classic LW dodge: Ask any LW star, why they shed such copious tears for Gaza and none for Kashmiri Pandits (their own countrymen, no less) and standard response is: Just because I speak for Gaza, it does not mean that I don’t feel for the KPs. However, the truth is stark. They DO NOT express a tenth of the outrage for Hindu victims of discrimination, as they do for islamic terrorists and their kin and their sympathizers.
  • LW influencers have been repeatedly guilty of attempting to humanize islamic militants, and to sequester their crimes away from the koranic ideology that inspires and mandates them. Knowing their penchant for suavely whitewashing the inhumanity of one religion, their falling over themselves to connect Hinduism at large with a Hindu perpetrator’s crime is nothing but hypocrisy of the highest order.