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What do we care?

1. Ways to promote Occupational Confidence & Sexual Confidence

2. Mentorship for the lost(at different levels)

3. Media Savvy

4. Soft Skills

  • Networking
  • Interview skills
  • Likability


1. Journalism Workshop: case-studying

Why? Journalism Education fallen short:

  • One solution for both genders(develop different ways of doing things for male and female)
  • One solution for reporting in western countries and China (reporting in China can be very “different”, requiring special strategy developed)


  • Collaboration of students: one theme, and a selected diverse group of six working out a solution and complete the themed reporting; journalism professors and experienced reporters as coaches or judges
  • Events with Lean In Journalism: reporters handing in “challenges” to Lean In Journalism. Problems they are facing when reporting and investigating in China. Lean In Journalism and Lean In CUC start a brainstorming-event where experienced reporters who have problems can meet with students with questions or new skills to gain insights on the reporters’ side and practicing skills and experience on students’ side.

2. Music/film/book night

3. Group Theme Talks

4. Mentorwalks(topics)

5. Journalism Watch

  • International and domestic and local news follow-up(Newsletter for students/members)
  • Doing Journalism projects in Beijing
    • match up reporters need an assistant with journalism-skilled students in school
    • students in school who want to do journalism projects seeking professional advice or help
  • Female Media Study:
    • Female media studying group needs assistants from media students can contact us
    • Female media organization to hold lectures or forums for female media students


1. Once two weeks’ core member meeting

2. Information sharing sites/platform building and updating(events/books/music/…)

3. Blog writing(reflection/events reporting/knowledge/…)

4. Lean In Beijing College core members communication