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These days, a lot of people want to learn Spanish. Perhaps it’s due to the 17 million Spanish-speakers in the United States who either don’t speak English or don’t speak it well. You’ll need to know Spanish to communicate with your neighbours these days, on both sides of the border!

Perhaps it’s because Spanish is the world’s fourth most commonly spoken language. There are more native Spanish speakers in the Western Hemisphere than native English speakers. And the United States today has the world’s fifth-largest Spanish-speaking population (45 million)…

Or maybe it’s because Spanish is relatively easy to learn since there are so many similarities and common words between Spanish and English. For traveling, Spanish is very useful, not only in the Americas but in Europe too, where Spanish is widely spoken.

For whatever reason, when people want to learn more about learning Spanish they frequently go online and “Google it”, type in a phrase into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN or dozens more like them. Currently, there are about 30,600 searches every month being made on the phrase, “learn Spanish online free”.

So. Is it really possible to learn Spanish online free?

The answer is “Yes”… and “No”.

How Yes? There are a lot of free Spanish lessons that you can take and learn some Spanish. So in that sense, you definitely CAN learn (some) Spanish online for free. But the lessons are more in the nature of free samples, hoping you will like the sample and buy the course the sample came from.

Is it possible to get free wine at a winery’s tasting room? Yes, you can… but only to a certain extent! And if you want to take something home, you’ll have to pay for it! ;-)

This leads us to the “How No?” response. No, because there isn’t a whole course available for free that will teach you good conversational Spanish. The free courses available aren’t really good. That’s most likely why they’re free. They couldn’t compete with newer, more comprehensive, high-quality learning-course items.

And if you are going to take the time to learn another language, what’s the sense in taking a chance with a second or third-rate course? You could waste you time learning it wrong! And the potential savings just aren’t worth it!

You can download a first class interactive-audio course like Rocket Spanish for less than $100! A good, solid fast-learning "crash course" in the basics, like Synergy Spanish will set you back less than $50. If you average spending two hours a day for 90 days to learn Spanish you will invest 180 hours of time.

We’re talking about $0.56 to $0.28 per hour for first-quality courses at that rate! Compare that to the value of your time! You also get to keep the courses indefinitely for future reference! You can retain the copies of the interactive-audio lesson recordings and use them to brush up on your Spanish at any time!

Look, if you really want to learn Spanish online free, here’s an excellent, free, 6-part course (just follow the links below). But if you seriously want to learn Spanish, at the best prices you can find anywhere, look further than just the freebie stuff.

Take a look at some of the more serious language study courses and tools. Several of these are also available via the websites provided below. The fees are so low that it’s practically like studying Spanish for free online!