Learn the Belkin Range Setup Guidelines in Details

WiFi range extenders are intended for stretching out web signals also in awful zones. Belkin range setup is likewise known for speeding up the internet which will make your video real-time experience even smoother. Thus, the http Belkin range is the official site for extender setup. However, you could confront extender setup issues or the extender could stop mid-way. These are normal issues with WiFi range extenders. You can take care of any big or small issue with your WiFi range extender by resetting its settings. Hence, in this blog, you will know about the points to be taken care of while doing the Belkin range setup, and will clarify to you how to do the Belkin range extender reset.

Belkin Range Extender Reset Steps

Resetting a device is the last option left to you as you will lose all the settings. You can reset the device to its default settings in the event that you have failed to remember the password. Follow the beneath referenced steps to reset the Belkin range extender:

Step1: Firstly, try to find a small round button on the back of the Belkin WiFi range extender.

Step2: Now, take a sharp item like a pin, pen, or pencil and afterward press the Reset button.

NOTE: Do not release the reset button for around 10-15 seconds and ensure that every one of the LED indicators is blazing.

Step3: When you release the reset button, reboot your Belkin range extender subsequently.

Step4: After the device is appropriately reset, you can arrange your device all along.

Step5: After that, install the Belkin WiFi range extender.

Step6: Now, set up your Belkin range extender.

Step7: Thereafter, check the mark or sticker on the base side of the Belkin range extender to search for the username and password that have been set automatically.

Belkin Extender Setup Steps

It’s time to set up your Belkin device once again to have your preferred configuration after you have completed the Belkin range extender reset process.

Step1: The initial step is to connect your Belkin range extender to the electrical plug.

Step2: Then, turn on your Belkin device.

Step3: Once you restart both the extender as well as PC device navigate to the main settings for WiFi on your computer system.

Step4: In this step, you can see the network’s name or the SSID for the Belkin range extender setup.

Step5: Now, click the SSID button to connect your extender.

Step6: Then, at that point, open the default internet browser, and enter the http Belkin range in the search bar and it will automatically take you to the http Belkin range to start the setup wizard page,

Step7: After that, select the name of your wireless router network, and afterward enter the password.

Step8: To proceed, click the following tab.

Step9: When your Belkin range extender device setup process is finished, connect it to any place in the home and get expanded signals.

That’s it! The steps mentioned above to complete the Belkin range setup configuration are easy and simple to follow. In case, any error comes across to you call our experts.