Micro leds therefore have an incredible number of light units. For example, a 4K TV has 25 million Micro leds, and even smaller 4K displays have 8.29 million Micro leds. This brings two challenges, one is the yield and quality inspection; The other is that all these tiny leds need to be calibrated to provide the same brightness and the same color control, which is a major factory tuning challenge. But once tuned, the quality of the final Micro LED display is amazing, Color depth (color number) support: 20bit (currently LED and OLED up to 10bit).

Common-Cathode CC 4402AGG LED 4402AGG 0.40 inch Common-Anode CA 4402BGG 7-Segment 4402BGG Display

The more colors used to mix the fluorescent materials, the better the color rendering of white light, but this increases the complexity of the system. The composite fluorescent materials usually only use the red, green, blue three primary color phosphors to mix, since all the LED white light comes from the light emitted by phosphor, and the excitation spectrum of phosphor matches the emission spectrum of UV chip, the LED white light produced by this method has higher luminous efficiency, good white light quality and lower cost. However, due to the use of ultraviolet or near-ultraviolet down-conversion, it involves a large Stokes shift. The conversion process will inevitably lead to an increase in energy loss. In addition, the ultraviolet light source is used as the laser light source, and the problem of ultraviolet pollution is easy to occur in this method.

Common-Cathode CC CL3911AH LED CL3911AH 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA CL3911BH 7-Segment CL3911BH Display

The mechanical properties and bonding properties of LED chip conductive adhesive are mainly determined by the prepolymer. Conductive fillers are carbon, metal (silver, gold, copper, nickel, etc.), metal oxides three categories. LED chip conductive adhesive has strict regulations for storage and use, such as: must be stored in a low temperature environment; Must be used up within a certain time, not used up can not continue to use; Cannot be used after the expiration date; Strict control of curing temperature and curing time; The ambient humidity should be strictly controlled, and the substrate must be kept dry, otherwise the LED conductive adhesive is easy to delix, causing poor curing.

LED 8021AB 7-Segment 8021AB 0.80-inch 8021BB Display 8021BB

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