Compared with automatic mounting, manual stinging has one advantage, which is convenient to change different chips at any time. It is suitable for products that need to install multiple chips. 5361BS LED automatic mounting is actually a combination of two steps: gluing (dispensing) and chip installation. Firstly, silver glue (insulating glue) is applied to 5361BS LED bracket, and then 5361BS LED chip is sucked up and moved with a vacuum nozzle and placed on the corresponding bracket position. In the process of automatic mounting, it is necessary to be familiar with the equipment operation and programming, and at the same time to adjust the equipment adhesion and installation accuracy. Try to choose bakelite nozzle in the selection of nozzle, to prevent damage to the surface of 5361BS LED chip, especially the blue and green chip must use bakelite.

Machine welding is different, using SMT patch process, solder paste and reflow process production. Therefore, the solder joint on the LED lamp belt is smooth and the amount of solder is not much. The solder joint extends from the FPC pad to the LED electrode in a circular arc shape, and not only the appearance of the product after welding is beautiful (the size of the solder joint is uniform.

5161BS LED 5161BS 7-segment 5161AS display 5161AS

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