LED detection process, First, eliminate false faults. The intermittent flash after turning off the light is not the quality of the light. Main reason is electrical circuit installation is not standard, set the switch in zero line to cause. As long as the incoming line end and live wire exchange can be. Use a neon switch, which can still form a micro circulation circuit after turning off the lamp, or install a double switch by borrowing a line, which may cause flash after turning off the lamp. When repairing LED energy-saving lamps, measures should be taken for safety application: isolation transformer isolation mains. Secondly, LED energy-saving lamps can not be normally lit maintenance: LED energy-saving lamps have obvious damage to the maintenance of components.

3492BS LED 3492BS 7-segment 3492AS display 3492AS

Protection grade, IP protection grade is the lamps and lanterns is according the characteristic of the dust, prevent moisture to classification, composed of two Numbers, the first number represents the level of dust, prevent the outside shooting of lamps and lanterns (0-6), the second number represents moisture proof, waterproof lamps and lanterns of shooting the sealing degree (0 to 8), the greater the number said the higher degree of protection. Synchronization is the basic requirements of LED lights to achieve coordinated changes.

Common-Cathode CC 8106AGG 7-Segment digit 8106AGG LED Common-Anode CA 8106BGG Display 8106BGG 0.80 inch
Common-Cathode CC 8016AGG 7-Segment digit 8016AGG LED Common-Anode CA 8016BGG Display 8016BGG 0.80 inch

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