The increase of single-tube power depends on the ability of the LED device to extract heat from the P-N junction. Under the condition of maintaining the existing chip material, structure, packaging process, current density on the chip and equal heat dissipation, the temperature of the junction region will continue to rise when the chip size is increased separately. The method of LED heat dissipation, aluminum heat dissipation fin, this is the most common way of heat dissipation, with aluminum heat dissipation fin as part of the shell to increase the heat dissipation area. Heat conduction plastic shell, using LED insulation heat dissipation plastic instead of aluminum alloy heat dissipation body, can greatly improve the thermal radiation capacity.

0.32 inch 3311AB LED Common-Cathode CC 3311AB 7-Segment digit 3311BB Display 3311BB Common-Anode CA
0.32 inch 3231AGG LED Common-Cathode CC 3231AGG 7-Segment digit 3231BGG Display 3231BGG Common-Anode CA

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