LED heat dissipation substrate mainly uses its heat dissipation substrate material itself has better thermal conductivity, the heat source from LED grain export. Therefore, from the DESCRIPTION of LED heat dissipation way, we can subdivide LED heat dissipation substrate into two categories, namely LED grain substrate and system circuit board. The two different heat dissipation substrates are respectively loaded with LED grains and LED chips. The heat generated when LED grains emit light is transmitted to the system circuit board by LED grains heat dissipation substrate, and then absorbed by the atmosphere to achieve the effect of heat dispersion. The system circuit board is mainly used as the LED cooling system, and finally to transfer heat to the cooling fin, housing or atmosphere.

0.32 inch 3421AS LED Common-Cathode CC 3421AS 7-Segment digit 3421BS Display 3421BS Common-Anode CA
0.32 inch 3412AS LED Common-Cathode CC 3412AS 7-Segment digit 3412BS Display 3412BS Common-Anode CA

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