Color rendering, the degree to which a light source responds to the true color of an object. We think sunlight and LED incandescent lamp to object color response is the best, the most real, so to their color definition for 100, generally color index in 80 or more is a better light source, but the general ceiling lamp is more difficult to do. The color temperature is expressed by the absolute temperature K, which means that a standard black body is heated. When the temperature rises to a certain extent, the color gradually changes from dark red-light red-orange yellow-white-blue. When the color of a LED light source is the same as that of the black body, the absolute temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the light source.

Common-Cathode CC 3201AB 7-Segment digit 3201AB LED Common-Anode CA 3201BB Display 3201BB 0.30 inch
Common-Cathode CC 3021AB 7-Segment digit 3021AB LED Common-Anode CA 3021BB Display 3021BB 0.30 inch

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