The LED display industry chain is divided into upstream chip design and manufacturing, midstream LED packaging and testing and downstream LED application. With the large-scale commercial mass production of Mini LED products, perhaps the LED display industry will usher in a new round of industrial chain remodeling. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will formulate and implement the 14th Five-Year Plan policy for the display industry. Centering on stabilizing and optimizing the industrial chain and supply chain, the Ministry will promote the development of China’s new display industry in terms of aggregation, clustering and ecology, so as to better realize the high-quality development of the display industry.

Common-Cathode CC 4401AW LED 4401AW 0.40 inch Common-Anode CA 4401BW 7-Segment 4401BW Display

The regulation device is very complicated, because different wavelength LED chips have different response strengths to different voltage changes, and the impact of temperature changes in the work also requires additional circuits to adjust and control. It will lead to the circuit design of the chip becomes too complicated and costly, in addition, the spectrum of light emitted by LED chips is narrow, and the color rendering of white light mixed into it is poor, which requires the use of more LED chips composed of luminous array to improve the color rendering index of white light. In addition, because the aging decay rate of different chips is not consistent, the problem of white color coordinate deviation is easy to occur in long-term operation.

Common-Cathode CC 3191AG LED 3191AG 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA 3191BG 7-Segment 3191BG Display

The failure phenomenon of this conductive adhesive cracking is often related to the correct use of silver paste during packaging, the matching of thermal expansion coefficient between various packaging materials, and the cleanliness of the LED chip bonding surface and the substrate surface. Example of layered interface between conductive adhesive and base bonding. It was found that the LED positive pass voltage drop increased. After solid seal grinding, the electron microscope observed that there was a significant layering between the conductive adhesive and the pin connection interface, and no separation interface was found between the chip and the silver paste bonding surface.

LED 8021AGG 7-Segment 8021AGG 0.80-inch 8021BGG Display 8021BGG

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