Surface radiation treatment,LED lamp shell surface radiation heat treatment, simple is to apply radiation heat dissipation paint, can take the heat from the lamp shell surface in radiation way. Aerohydrodynamics, using the shape of the lamp housing, creates convection air, which is the lowest cost way to enhance heat dissipation. Fan, LED lamp shell internal longevity high-efficiency fan to enhance heat dissipation, low cost, good effect. Want to change fan however is troublesome some, also do not apply to outdoor, this kind of design is relatively rare. Heat conduction tube, using heat conduction tube technology, the heat from LED chip to the shell heat dissipation fin. In large lamps, such as street lamps, etc. is a common design. Liquid bulb: using liquid bulb packaging technology, fill the bulb with transparent liquid with high thermal conductivity.

0.32 inch 3312AGG LED Common-Cathode CC 3312AGG 7-Segment digit 3312BGG Display 3312BGG Common-Anode CA
0.32 inch 3311AGG LED Common-Cathode CC 3311AGG 7-Segment digit 3311BGG Display 3311BGG Common-Anode CA

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