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After the magnetic gap is padded with appropriate padding, stick it with adhesive and wrap it with high temperature resistant and flame retardant adhesive tape to prevent it from becoming loose. In addition, do not connect the same end of B incorrectly. Maintenance of the electronic ballast using the trigger tube, should focus on checking the bidirectional trigger diode, this tube generally uses DB3 type, its bidirectional breakdown voltage is 32±4V. In terms of technology, LED lamps and ordinary energy-saving lamps, each have advantages, in a certain period of time, should not replace energy-saving lamps; However, the cost of LED lamp will decrease with the continuous improvement of LED technology.

5621AS LED 5621AS 7-segment 5621BS display 5621BS

The movement of the cavity is reversed. So near the PN junction, just to the side of the P region, the electrons in the high energy state meet the hole, and the radiation energy is expressed in the form of light, which we see the light emitted by the LED. In the past, LED lighting was mainly used for architectural landscape lighting, such as Path light, Floodlight, Step lights, balcony lights, etc., accounting for about 43% of the overall LED lighting market in 2008, but the growth of this field has been slow.

Common-Cathode CC 8011AW 7-Segment digit 8011AW LED Common-Anode CA 8011BW Display 8011BW 0.80 inch
Common-Cathode CC CL8011AW 7-Segment digit CL8011AW LED Common-Anode CA CL8011BW Display CL8011BW 0.80 inch

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