Long life, LED light source is called longevity lamp, meaning the lamp that never goes out. Solid cold light source, epoxy resin package, there is no loose part in the lamp body, there is no filament light burning, thermal deposition, light decay and other shortcomings, the service life can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than the traditional light source. Multi change, LED light source can use red, green, basket three basic color principle, under the control of computer technology to make three colors with 256 gray level and arbitrary mixing, can produce 256×256×256=16777216 colors, the formation of different light color combination change multi end, achieve rich and colorful dynamic change effect and various images.

5621AB LED 5621AB 7-segment 5621BB display 5621BB

Low energy consumption, power consumption is only 20% of the same light flux incandescent lamp. Wide voltage design, more convenient to use, the LED anti-glare lamp shade makes the light more soft, no glare, will not cause the fatigue of the operator’s eyes, improve work efficiency. Good electromagnetic compatibility will not pollute the power supply, the shell is made of light alloy material, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, waterproof and dustproof, transparent parts with imported bullet-proof rubber material, high light transmittance, good impact resistance, can make the lamps in all kinds of bad environment normal work.

Common-Cathode CC 8102AB 7-Segment digit 8102AB LED Common-Anode CA 8102BB Display 8102BB 0.80 inch
Common-Cathode CC 8102AGG 7-Segment digit 8102AGG LED Common-Anode CA 8102BGG Display 8102BGG 0.80 inch

That is, the overall comfort of use is higher than that of incandescent lamp and ordinary energy-saving lamp. Of course, we can not ignore that there are still shortcomings in LED lights, among which our people are most concerned about the price problem, the single cost of LED lights is higher than incandescent lights. But if we combine the service life of the lamp, LED lamp life is very long, after a long time of use, the cost of increased investment will soon be made up because of energy saving, and then will save a lot of costs, the average cost is much lower than incandescent lamp.

Common-Cathode CC 3392AS LED 3392AS 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA 3392BS 7-Segment 3392BS Display

Eijing Winter Olympics is a new starting point for the second take-off of China’s LED display industry, which can promote the promotion, sales and application of the entire LED display product in the world. Looking forward to the future, the holding of international sports events and the promotion of domestic smart sports construction will still bring more opportunities for LED display enterprises. Internationally, as the impact of COVID-19 on People’s Daily life gradually decreases, international sports events such as the 2024 Paris Olympic Games and 2023 Basketball World Cup in the Philippines may be held as scheduled.

Common-Cathode CC 4021ES LED 4021ES 0.40 inch Common-Anode CA 4021FS 7-Segment 4021FS Display

LED chip process and cleanliness observation, chip graphics microstructure measurement, defect search, chip contamination identification, whether there is damage, anti-static ability detection. LED bonding process evaluation, first and second weld morphology observation, arc height measurement, diameter measurement, lead composition identification. LED solid crystal process evaluation, solid crystal defect search, solid crystal layer whether there is a hole, whether stratification, solid crystal layer composition, thickness.

LED 8402AGG 7-Segment 8402AGG 0.80-inch 8402BGG Display 8402BGG

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