Judge LED light source index, average life, which is different from other things, the light source is about the average life, that is, a batch of light source at the same time, when 50% of the light source failure time, is the average life of this batch of light source. General LED ceiling light can protect a year, actually their life is far more than a year, so everyone can be at ease to use. Stroboscope, the number of light source flashing every second, why the fluorescent lamp in some home often feels it is flashing, it is electrical equipment is not good actually, cannot provide stable voltage for his sake, the light source with large stroboscope is the biggest to eye harm, fluorescent light source stroboscope is more serious. LED luminous flux, as the name suggests, is how much light the light source emits.

Common-Cathode CC CL3022AH 7-Segment digit CL3022AH LED Common-Anode CA CL3022BH Display CL3022BH 0.30 inch
Common-Cathode CC 3203AS 7-Segment digit 3203AS LED Common-Anode CA 3203BS Display 3203BS 0.30 inch

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