Environmental protection, environmental protection benefit is better, there is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum, neither heat, nor radiation, glare is small, and waste can be recycled, no pollution does not contain mercury elements, cold light source, can be touched safely, belonging to a typical green lighting source. High peak, compared with the traditional monotonous lighting effects, the LED light source is low pressure microelectronics products, successfully combines computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, etc., so also is the digital information technology products, is a semiconductor photoelectric device “high point” technology, the online programming, unlimited upgrade, the characteristics of flexible.

5261AW LED 5261AW 7-segment 5261BW display 5261BW

The characteristics and performance improvement of white LED have been introduced above, and white LED lamps applied to various occasions have been developed, but LED lamps are difficult to enter people’s homes. This is not a problem in production, the main reason is that the luminous efficiency of white LED lighting is not too high, and the price is too expensive, which makes it difficult for ordinary families to accept. Compared with the price of incandescent lamp, energy-saving fluorescent lamp and white LED lamp with the same brightness.

Common-Cathode CC 8102AW 7-Segment digit 8102AW LED Common-Anode CA 8102BW Display 8102BW 0.80 inch
Common-Cathode CC 3104AS 7-Segment digit 3104AS LED Common-Anode CA 3104BS Display 3104BS 0.30 inch

For example, by comparing the cost of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp and LED lamp in multiple dimensions, the price of a single lamp is 1 yuan for incandescent lamp, 15 yuan for energy-saving lamp and 20 yuan for LED lamp. For the same lighting effect, incandescent lights require 75 watts, CFLS 15 watts and LED lights 8 watts. It takes 50 incandescent bulbs, or 135 CFLS, or one LED to keep working for 5w hours. All told, the total cost of an incandescent lamp is 1,925 yuan, a CFLS 510 yuan and an LED 220 yuan.

Common-Cathode CC 3931AG LED 3931AG 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA 3931BG 7-Segment 3931BG Display

From the domestic aspect, the “14th Five-Year Plan for Sports Development” proposes to “build smart sports and fitness scene”, and the construction of smart sports venues in the field of LED display is gradually advancing. It is expected that in 2026, sports infrastructure facilities in all cities across the country will be popular and perfect. The LED display system related to competitions in venues, the landscape lighting around venues, and the new installation and replacement of interactive devices will release a large number of market demands.

Common-Cathode CC CL4021AH LED CL4021AH 0.40 inch Common-Anode CA CL4021BH 7-Segment CL4021BH Display

LED coating process evaluation, defect search, support composition, coating composition, coating thickness, coating roughness. Heat dissipation performance detection of LED lamps, LED as a new type of energy-saving lamps, in the lighting process only 30-40% of the electrical energy into light, the rest is all converted into heat. And the life and quality of LED lamps are closely related to temperature, lamp bead temperature, shell temperature, heat dissipation temperature will be related to LED light uniformity and quality life.

LED 8031AW 7-Segment 8031AW 0.80-inch 8031BW Display 8031BW

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