It’s better to consider using LED lights when building these new buildings and include them in the architectural design, which is much more economical. However, it will cost a lot and take a long time to transform the original fluorescent lighting system into LED lighting (such as the lighting system of a subway station or a waiting hall). New LED lighting power supply system needs to be more complex than the traditional lighting power supply system, the cost is much higher, if there is no policy support and economic support is difficult to succeed. The application of LED lamp is a comprehensive technology application, it involves LED, solar cell, battery, AC/DC converter, LED driver and other fields of technology. But the key technical problem is that LED’s luminous efficiency is not high enough and production cost is not low enough. It may be years before LEDS reach homes.

Common-Cathode CC 3014AB 7-Segment digit 3014AB LED Common-Anode CA 3014BB Display 3014BB 0.30 inch
Common-Cathode CC 3104AGG 7-Segment digit 3104AGG LED Common-Anode CA 3104BGG Display 3104BGG 0.30 inch

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Leds Luminous Intensity Unit is Candela
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LED Luminance refers to the light intensity density
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