LED Luminance of a light source or a illuminated surface refers to the light intensity density of its unit surface ina certain direction, also can be said to be the brightness of the light source or the illuminated surface perceived by the human eye, color temperature, The unit, Kelvin [K], is the temperature at which the blackbody radiates the same color as the light source at a certain temperature. The higher the black body temperature, the more blue and less red components of the spectrum. For example, the light color of LED incandescent lamp is warm white, and its color temperature is expressed as 2700K, while the color temperature of daylight fluorescent lamp is expressed as 6500K, light color, light color is actually the color temperature. It can be divided into three categories, warm color <3300K, middle color 3300 to 5000K, cool color >5000K.

Common-Cathode CC 3101AGG 7-Segment digit 3101AGG LED Common-Anode CA 3101BGG Display 3101BGG 0.30 inch
Common-Cathode CC 3011AGG 7-Segment digit 3011AGG LED Common-Anode CA 3011BGG Display 3011BGG 0.30 inch

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