LED heat dissipation dilemma, one of the advantages of LED is the high photoelectric conversion efficiency, compared with the traditional light source has a great improvement, but the current LED lamps and lanterns are still insufficient, low luminous efficiency, mainstream products photoelectric energy conversion efficiency is only about 15-20%, which means that up to 80-85% of the electric energy is still converted into heat. Therefore, more heat will be generated when working. It is necessary to use some heat dissipation equipment to export the heat and emit it into the environment. Otherwise, the service life of LED equipment will be affected or even lead to failure to work. Due to the limitations of current technological development, heat dissipation has always been an important challenge for LED lighting.

0.32 inch 3141AW LED Common-Cathode CC 3141AW 7-Segment digit 3141BW Display 3141BW Common-Anode CA

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