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{"cards":[{"_id":"37ed46bf67d4347009000014","treeId":"37ed46d367d4347009000012","seq":23497315,"position":1,"parentId":null,"content":"LED color, the color is different, the price is different. White, green as a result of matching color and spectroscopic color separation is more difficult, so the price is higher than the price of other colors; Red, yellow, blue and other colors are easier to separate colors, and the consistency is better, so the price is slightly cheaper. Special colors, such as purple and brown, are the most expensive because of color matching. LED size: different specifications and sizes of LED, the price is different. Such as 0603 LED and 1210(that is, 3528) LED, the price difference is large; And the price of 1210 and 5050 specifications LED is another step apart. \n\n<a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">5461BS</a> LED <a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">5461BS</a> 10-segment <a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">5461AS</a> display <a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">5461AS</a>\n\nFor profit, it is impossible to cut corners in the production of LED. Therefore, LED lights in the home use has appeared the user described in the beginning of the problem. However, the advantages of LED products can not be erased, high-quality LED lights are indeed \"less power consumption, long life\". LED energy-saving lamp is still the trend, in the long run, only by solving the technical difficulties, LED energy-saving lamp can really reduce the cost, from street lighting, landscape lighting, into the wider market. \n\nCommon-Cathode CC <a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">3911AW</a> LED <a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">3911AW</a> 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA <a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">3911BW</a> 7-Segment <a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">3911BW</a> Display\n\nAs a key component of smart cities and smart sports venues, LED screens of different sizes and functions are widely used in venues and urban construction, and Chinese companies have \"picked up\" the \"girder\" of LED screen supply. \"With the digital, information and intelligent development of The Times, the construction of major sports venues is also advancing with The Times, and the layout of intelligent and digital actively. Among them, professional LED screens have become important facilities.\n\nCommon-Cathode CC <a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">5302AW</a> LED <a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">5302AW</a> 0.50 inch Common-Anode CA <a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">5302BW</a> 7-Segment <a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">5302BW</a> Display\n\n<hr style=\"border:1px solid;\">\n\n<a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">LED automatic mounting</a>\n<a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">The purpose of LED sintering</a>\n<a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">Different brightness LED prices are different</a>\n<a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">LED read yellow blue of size with prices</a>\n<a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">The surface cleanliness of LED strip</a>\n<a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">Regular LED lights packaging bags with printed labels</a>\n<a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">How to choose and buy LED light belt</a>\n<a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">LED energy-saving lamp is a new generation</a>\n<a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">Light-emitting diode LED electroluminescence principle</a>\n<a href=\"\" style=\"color: #333;\">Traffic signal lights and large display screen usd LED</a>"}],"tree":{"_id":"37ed46d367d4347009000012","name":"LED read yellow blue of size with prices","publicUrl":"led-read-yellow-blue-of-size-with-prices"}}