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  • start small develop routine
  • stop doing bad things for your health
  • sleep at night
  • fruit and veggies
  • smile and be happy

Absolute Daily Do Not Forget To Do Every Day

  • stretching
  • eat more fruit and veggies
  • sleep well
  • maintain appearances
  • get outside


  • take time to do things I enjoy
  • appreciate small accomplishments
  • help others

I hate lists

Play Basketball

Play with your children


  • you are valuable beyond what anyone will pay you

project tree


  • responsive html5
  • motivational writing
  • fresh graphics


  • long term commitment to organization
  • update to latest psk and applayout
  • look at making gui for updating scores
  • x & o’s with ball



  • learn javascript
  • 2d animation toolset


  • mobile touch events
  • go back and learn how to use the animation so that when we flip we just advance to the animation one frame
  • add full screen support
  • add page.js so that we can have a settings screen


  • kept current
  • more writing