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  • #Not dreams, but heavy chains


  • #Things that must be done very soon for money


  • #Fair things to want from life

  • #Small things that would actually make me happy

  • #Projects I want to do really bad for my soul, but can’t because of time and money

  • #Utopian dreams

  • (~$5,100)

  • Things to do just to be normal again


  • Blog posts

{"cards":[{"_id":"354cb5be769af79c29000018","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":null,"content":"#Not dreams, but heavy chains\n##(~$7450)"},{"_id":"354cd091bd2a399f38000019","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"354cb5be769af79c29000018","content":"##Things that I must do within a certain time or face legal consequences\n\n###(~$5,100)\n\n[ ] Pay San Antonio property taxes ($1000?)\n[ ] Pay extended October income taxes ($3000?)\n[ ] Pay and ship book ($600?)\n[ ] Pay ticket/warrant ($500?)\n[ ] Deal with school loans ($300/m)"},{"_id":"354e7edc2141f7e63a00001f","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":2,"parentId":"354cb5be769af79c29000018","content":"##Things to do just to be normal again\n###(~$2,350)\n\n[ ] Buy shoes that do not have holes in them ($50)\n[ ] Get a house ($2,000 deposit?)\n[ ] Get glasses ($300)\n[ ] Get stuff out of storage\n[ ] Get a car\n[ ] Get my hair cut"},{"_id":"354e91192141f7e63a000020","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":2,"parentId":null,"content":"#Things that must be done very soon for money\n\n##~$1,500"},{"_id":"354e96732141f7e63a000022","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"354e91192141f7e63a000020","content":"[ ] Get money from Mrs. Babes - ~$500\n[ ] Finish and send Georgetown report - ~$1,000\n[ ] Get a job\n[ ] Honestly, a miracle"},{"_id":"354e9e2a2141f7e63a000023","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":3,"parentId":null,"content":"#Fair things to want from life"},{"_id":"354ea1262141f7e63a000024","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"354e9e2a2141f7e63a000023","content":"[ ] Good schooling for my kids\n[ ] Fullfillment for Megan\n[ ] Kids' tuition\n[ ] Our futures to be taken care of"},{"_id":"354eaa872141f7e63a000025","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":4,"parentId":null,"content":"#Small things that would actually make me happy"},{"_id":"354eab562141f7e63a000026","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"354eaa872141f7e63a000025","content":"[ ] A gym membership\n[ ] Time with my kids\n[ ] Dates with people\n[ ] Vacations\n[ ] A job that was fun\n[ ] Having people over \n[ ] A sex party"},{"_id":"354ec1842141f7e63a000028","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":5,"parentId":null,"content":"#Projects I want to do really bad for my soul, but can't because of time and money"},{"_id":"354ec2ce2141f7e63a000029","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"354ec1842141f7e63a000028","content":"[ ] Get fit\n[ ] Learn all the chords on the ukulele\n[ ] Code and analyze my entire information life\n[ ] Write a few books that are in me\n[ ] Code and analyze all those overlapping ghosts of a spiritual anarchist thesis in those books\n[ ] More lucid dream experiments\n[ ] Fluent Esperanto\n[ ] Learn math\n[ ] Project Sherlock\n[ ] Disrupt the TOEFL\n[ ] Music evolver\n[ ] The Great Mothers Day Hoax\n[ ] Army of Bums\n[ ] Buy lots of BTC\n[ ] Build the go bag\n[ ] Mad genealogy\n[ ] Excavate under the old stone wall\n[ ] Anissa's citizenship\n[ ]\n[ ] Bayesian classifiers to tell if she loves you\n[ ] Naive language decipherment algo\n[ ] Existentialist evil god kriegspiel"},{"_id":"354ed73f2141f7e63a00002a","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":2,"parentId":"354ec1842141f7e63a000028","content":"##Blog posts\n\n[ ] \"That Guy.\" Working with Pen Ward.\n[ ] The Unintentionally Kept Promises of Civilization video\n[ ] Chardin video\n[ ] Sex Rank Correlates and Population Dynamics Experiment\n[ ] Words that Shouldn't Exist part 2\n[ ] Shoot them all, let the algorithmic gods of poetry sort them out\n[ ] Hilarious fucking facebook prank\n[ ] Civilizational quantum suicide and the Fermi Paradox"},{"_id":"354f062e2141f7e63a00002d","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":6,"parentId":null,"content":"#Utopian dreams"},{"_id":"354f09362141f7e63a00002f","treeId":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"354f062e2141f7e63a00002d","content":"[ ] Functional blissful long-term poly commune\n[ ] The dream house\n[ ] Deep swimming every day\n[ ] Time to do everything\n[ ] Work on things that awe me and matter\n[ ] Amazing friendships for my kids\n[ ] Lots of wine and talk by the fire"}],"tree":{"_id":"354cb5ac769af79c29000015","name":"Life to-do","publicUrl":"life-to-do"}}