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Linksys MR8300 Setup |

You can simply setup Linksys MR8300 mesh WiFi router at your place to enjoy the internet without interruptions. For Linksys router setup, you can either use the web address or you can use the Linksys app. You can learn about the steps for setting up Linksys mr8300 without app. This page will also help you with Linksys MR8300 setup using app. So, go ahead and check out the easy instructions.

Linksys MR8300 setup using App

Initial Requirements:

  1. You need active Internet connection.
  2. You also need mobile device so that you install Linksys App for initial setup.
  3. Download the App. Linksys app is available for Android and iOs (Apple) devices.
  4. If you are already using Linksys Velop network and if you want to add this MR8300 router in the network then you will need to install this router as primary node.

Steps for Linksys MR8300 Setup:

  1. On your mobile device, Launch the Linksys App.
  2. Tap on Launch setup option.
  3. Setup program will ask you turn ON the Bluetooth on your mobile. It may also turn it on automatically. So if it is asking you turn on Bluetooth connection, then turn it on. Setup program will use Mobile’s Bluetooth connection to talk to Linksys MR8300 router.
  4. Now the program will search for the Linksys router nearby. it will find your Linksys MR8300 router automatically. (in case if it does not find the router, it will ask your for type of device. Select Wifi mesh Router to search again.) Click Next.
  5. Now the setup program will look for the type of Internet connection coming from the Internet modem. It will detect it automatically.
  6. If you are using PPPoE or DSL Internet connection then it may prompt you for the PPPoE user name and password. Enter the PPPoE user name and password given by your ISP.
  7. Once the Internet is setup on the router, it will ask you to create Linksys Cloud account for your Linksys MR8300 setup. If you already have account with Linksys Cloud then Login to account. if you are then create a new account.
    Personalize Wireless network name and password. This will be name for your wifi network and password. Tap Next.
  8. Setup will now configure your Wifi network.
    Once the Wireless network is ready, your Linksys MR8300 setup is done. It will now ask you to name the router and it will give you list of names to choose from. Select or customize the name for the router.
  9. At the end, you will see the success message. That mean you are done.
  10. Try to connect to the Wireless network on your mobile or laptop or any other Wifi device. You will see your new wireless network name. It will ask you for the Wifi password. Enter the password and get connected.
  11. You will be able to access Internet on all the devices connected to Linksys MR8300 router, wired or wireless.
  12. That’s it. You are Done.

How to upgrade Linksys MR8300 firmware ?

MR8300 router firmware upgrade

Linksys MR8300 firmware gets updated automatically. While installing this router for the very first time, you must have seen the option to allow upgrade automatically. And you might have done that too.

Let us check if the router firmware upgrade is automatic or not!

  1. Open Linksys App.
  2. You will see router dashboard.
  3. Tap on main Menu icon which will be at the top Left or Right corner.
  4. Go to Device Administration option.
  5. There you will see the option “Automatic Firmware Update”. Make sure that this option is enabled.
  6. If there is any firmware update is available then it will get updated automatically.

How to Reset Linksys MR8300 router?

There is small reset button on the rear side of Linksys MR8300 router. It is a red button. Press and hold this reset button for at least 15 seconds. You will see that light will go out and then turns bright red.

Release the reset button. Unplug the power to the router. Plug it back in. Before resetting the router, you must know that you will lose all the settings of your network and it will come back to default settings. And you will need to reconfigure it.