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How to fix Linksys Velop purple light? |

Linksys Velop shows different lights and it changes light according to the process you are doing. As an example it shows solid blue light when the setup is complete. Some of the complaints we are getting is linksys velop stuck to purple light but it should be solid blue when the setup is done. We are here providing some steps to fix Linksys Velop purple light issue. Follow the steps to set up your linksys velop with us.

Linksys Velop Purple Light Steps:

  1. Install the Linksys app on your phone. 2. Go to the App store or Play store depending upon the operating system you are using. Type Linksys app in the search bar and download the first app showing for linksys velop.
  2. You need to have an internet connection in your phone to follow the next steps. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection.
  3. After successful download, open the app on your phone and click on setup.
  4. Turn on the bluetooth of your phone as well. Go to settings and turn on bluetooth or go to notification window for a shortcut
    Agree the terms and conditions and select next.
  5. It will start looking for the node and when found, select next.
  6. Then this node will search for the internet connection that’s why you need the internet on your phone.
  7. Just follow the instructions and it will take few minutes to complete the setup
  8. After the setup, the purple light will be turned to solid blue indicating the setup is done.
  9. If it is still at purple light then try resetting the linksys velop to factory default settings.
  10. For how to fix linksys velop purple light, reboot or reset the router.
    For reboot, turn off all the devices and wait for a few minutes and then turn them on back.
  11. For reset, Press the reset hole with a paperclip for 10 seconds and release. Allow your router to start again. Setup
Try all the steps mentioned above and still you are looking for how to fix linksys velop purple light then get in touch with us. Or an alternative option is you can use for the manual setup using a web address. Simply type, in the address bar and press enter. Enter the username and password to get to the setup page for the router. You can find these details on the manual or back side of the router. For more information on the details and the steps to follow after this, get in touch with our team. We can help you in solving the issues related to linksys velop or This address is just an offline web address to set up linksys routers. So you might not have any idea what to do after this.

For troubleshooting how to fix linksys velop purple light, issues, give us a call and we can provide different solutions for the same problem. You can take support from linksys support or leave us a message with contact details and the issue you have with your linksys velop device.