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Reading and Writing

When I readThe Outsiders

I really enjoyed the book

One of the only books that really interested me

I felt like I was part of the book

Sitting in my RV reading my book on the couch for hours.

Bringing it in the car when we left to go eat.

When I wrote my WrAP essay in 8th grade

It was my first big essay

Kind of challenging

I thought I did bd but I actually did pretty good

Walking into class getting prepared to write

Taking my pencil out and reading over the topic

Writing for a few hours non-stop

Feeling so relived when I finished

Where I’m From poem

Made me think bout all that I have

It brought back old memories

Brainstorming about past event

Thinking about events into detail

*Not that visual

Writing blogs in my room

Its where I write a lot of stuff

I can concentrate easily

I listen to music while I write

My bed is comfortable

Laying on my bed thinking about ideas

Typing late at night to complete assignments on time

Slowly falling asleep and waking up and typing more

Doing book reports for summer reading in Central

It was boring

I didn’t like writing reports about the books I read

I didn’t see the point in it.

Dreading to do the report

Trying to think of what to write

Putting it off until last minute

Turning it in and thinking about next years