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The time I saw the Hunger Games in the movie theaters.

It matters because I have never really enjoyed reading very much, and I got to see a book that I actually enjoyed on the big screen.

-When I was walking up to the theater.
-Wen the movie started, and all the people were sitting all over the floor.

The time I had to write a paper about my time at my old school. (St. Luke’s)

It matters because the paper is a way to go back in 10 or so years, and I can see my classmates and I’s essays.

-I remember mine being the longest essay out off my whole grade.
-My essay had the most memories.

The time we had to write a poem in English class about St. Luke’s.

It matters because my poem was about graduation.

-I remember putting so much time into it at my desk in my room.

The time I had to write a script for a movie that I had to make for film and literature class.

It matters because it was the first real experience I had with film making and script writing. It also, helped me find out that I really love writing scripts, being in movies, and editing the movies.

-I remember spending so much time at my desk at home writing the script.
-I remember watching the movie for the first time with everyone in the class and they all loved it.

When my parents would read books to me at night when I was really little.

It matters because it was really my first experience with books and reading.

-I remember getting in bed as my parents would pick out the books off the bookshelf.
-I remember snuggling up in bed with whichever parent came to read to me.

Reading every single magic treehouse book.

It was the first series of books that I actually enjoyed reading, and they really helped me find out which books I like to read. Also, I was really the only series of books I read for two whole years.

-Listening to my Second Grade teacher read us the magic treehouse on the moon book, and then I was so determined to read all of those books.
-I remember flying through all of the books in the series.
-I remember reading them, and I actually felt like I was in the book instead of just reading the book.