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growing out of reading

important change in my life

I grew out of reading often when I entered the 5th grade and the work load increased

impacts me now

If I would of kept up with reading, I probably would be a better English student today

I like to read, but have no time for it

I want to be good at reading, but I’m just not

I only read about 1 page every 1 1/2 minutes

Struggling to keep up with reading assignments

I always complete my reading, but it is very hard to find the time. I usually end up reading all from the week on Sunday

I try hard to have time to read, there is just so many other things

Mandatory homework (due the next day), Cross Country, Studying, Family time


struggles of a writer in 7/8th grade

I want to be a good writer, but they’re are always going to be people better than you

Last year I would read people’s essays and they would be amazing and nothing compared to mine. (in a good way)

I’m not a very good writer

I pay attention and do the necessary work to be a good writer, it just never clicks

I don’t receive grades I wish to receive on writing assignments

Last year, I spent hours and hours working on one of my essays, to only receive a “B-“ in return

becoming a good reader and writer

I want to be able to be known as a great writer, but it just isn’t one of my strengths

Last year, my teacher picked a few students to do some extra work because they were great readers and writer. I wanted to be able to do that, but reading and writing just isn’t what I’m good at.

I try hard every year to learn, but it just never seems to stick

In the future, I want to have a job that requires lots of talking, writing, and reading.

but if I can’t retrieve the right traits to accomplish this, I probably won’t be able to


others encouraging me to be better (ex.Sister)

I am encouraged by other people in my class or friends and family to be a great writer

A student last year had a fabulous paper about a topic that would be terribly hard to make something out of, but the student wrote this wonderful essay and I admired that student for doing that.

Not verbal encouragement, but seeing other succeed, make me want to as well

When I see other students getting called out for doing well on their essays, it encourages me to do that well also