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Potential Writing Ideas

Essay on how I lost my retainer- This was significant because it was an interesting situation. The orthodontists made me write an essay on how I lost my retainer. Unfortunately, I remember very few details about this particular event. I remember that my dad agreed with the orthodontist’s cause and that it was the first essay I ever wrote ( I was in the 4th grade at the time). Of course, I wasn’t to excited about this writing assignment, but it is one that has stuck with me from then on.

I through it my retainer in the trash on accident of lunch. I remember that after this event I only wore my retainer at night.

Essay on music by Debussy- This was probably the first time I ever tried writing something for fun. There was nothing interesting about the circumstances this paper was written in. I never printed it out or turned it in to any teacher. It was purely for my personal enjoyment. This paper was written at a time when I was obsessed with the music of Claude Debussy. I think he is the greatest composer who ever lived.

Compare and contrast essay between Art Tatum and Johanne Sebastian Bach- This is another paper written about music. This one was a paper I had to write for school and it was most likely the best paper I have ever written. I remember writing it with ease. The ideas just flowed out of me. I even turned it in early. I remember being a little upset that Mrs. Mestayer, my teacher, did not recognize the true genius put into this paper. She just handed it back to me like I was just any other kid.