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#Potential Topics

#Why it matters

#Vivid Scene Ideas


Essay about Will in 6th grade

first really good essay that I was proud of

When my mom told me she got an email from Mrs. Guarisco saying how much she loved the paper

Where I’m From Poem in 8th grade

Helped me realize a lot about who I am and where I come from. I was also really proud of how it turned out

reading the final draft to mom and dad before I turned it in

Civil War thing in 7th grade english

learned a lot from the experience and to cite EVERYTHING

when Ms. Riley asked to talk to me and told me I had plagiarized


Junie B. Jones books

First real chapter books that I read. They were a realistic way to think about elementary school and the silly drama that goes on

finding them again a couple of years ago

The Fault in Our Stars

Made me realize how lucky I am to have the things I do and made me think about living life differently

when I cried while reading the Hazel’s eulogy and pretty much the whole ending of the book