#Potential Topic

#Why It Matters

#Vivid Scene Ideas

Reading every day in my room
writing the essay

Going to Mrs. Harpols desk and getting a bad grade on our writings
Writing the paragraphs and after I was finished going back and putting periods in randomly.

sitting in the classroom sounding out words in the reading loft

In sixth grade at flex sitting with mrs Garurisco and just memorizing the situations when you use a comma

Sitting in English class when the teacher was talking and getting in trouble for reading while the teacher is talking.

It matters because it made me incentive to go read and write.

It was the first time that I actually knew where the periods were supposed to go.

It was just one random day she I just could read.

This matters because using commas is an everyday thing and learning to use them is a good thing.

This was the first book that I always wanted to read more and more!

In fifth grade when I could have read Where the Read Fern Grows and do a five page essay to get a black lab.

In first grade, the day that I learned where to put periods in a paragraph.

The day that reading “clicked” for me

When I learned where to put commas

When I read the Huger Games