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Post-it note from first grade

it showed me that you cannot write exactly the way you speak

my friend and I had gotten into a fight so i wanted to go talk to the guidance counselor

i could feel the darkness in her room that showed she wasn’t here

i saw a bright highlighter colored set of post-its on her desk and thought i should write her a note

“i fit with frind and i hate her, i wanna talk to u msraven.”

i didn’t realize it then but that was not a way to talk to a teacher!

later that day, when we were all silently reading our book in our own little world, Mrs. Raven came up on the intercom.

She was asking about someone who left a post-it in her room and I was so excited to finally talk to her

she had been the person who settled my arguments for the past 2 years

when i got to her room, she was sitting at her desk still looking at the post-it

“Hi Mrs. Raven!” “oh Ngan, was it you that wrote this?” “Yes mam”

rant essay in 6th grade

It showed me that writing can be a fun way to get all your thoughts out

“today, we are going to write about a rant” “WHATS A RANT?”

she then started saying how its something of an essay, but its an essay that you can complain about anything in

we started working on the essay for a few days, and in those days, i was stress-free.

i had always thought that writing was the worse part of english, of school, of life but this broadened my horizon


Romeo and Juliet

This book showed me that what we hear from others is not true

i hated romeo and juliet. it was possibly the worse book in the world

everyone says that it was an epic love story, but as i read it in 8th grade english, all i could think was that we would be done in a couple weeks

I had always been a romance freak when it came to things like books and movies, but romeo and juliet had so many horrible points and jokes, and was also written in a type of english that was hard to understand

Mrs. Youngblood

Mrs. Youngblood showed me how books can affect our daily lives and how important they are

we use books for homework and to do well in school

we use books to feel and know what feelings like scared and love and comedy is

books are a way to escape and there are always more, and more books because its a never ending cycle

she asked me to read the lightning thief and see what i thought of it, because they only thing i read in 3rd grade was the magic tree house books

i finished the book in one day. i was so excited because i never knew a book could be so descriptive and it felt like i was watching a movie as i read

i wanted to be able to feel that feeling again and kept reading and reading until i was the top reader in my class because i read 3 books in 2 weeks.