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2 favorite books- caddie wood lawn, Where the Red Fern Grows

each book taught me something about life.

Caddie Woodlawn- lesson is that i need to be extra grateful for what i have, because in this book, they didn’t have much. and the stuff that they did have was stuff that a they made or harvested themselves mostly. in Where the red fern grows, it teaches me that if i have something or someone that i love, i need to spend time with/ do stuff with that item or person, because you never know when it could be gone forever.

pre k reading books

This was the basic of my learning how to read. Mom and Dad used to read to me, but in pre-k i really tried my hand at it.

i remember sitting at my little round table with my best friend libby and she and i would each have our own books and we would both be reading out loud at the same time and i can still remember how we used to get a little louder each sentence because we were both talking at the same time. I would sit with my book and try really hard to concentrate on reading when all i really wanted to do was go into the tree house outside and play in the playground.


struggling as a writer in 7th and 8th grade

it taught me to be a better writer. taught me how to make all of my ideas flow more smoothly and come out with a better paper.

I was the worst writer ever in 7th and 8th grade, mostly in 7th though. i never got a good grade on papers, and i always tried really hard