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Generate & allocate locksmith leads to in turn leverage Lockwood sales

Potentially a three phased process

  • Generate and fairly allocate leads from the websites eCommerce area to the Lockwood community of locksmiths
  • Create an endorsement/point based system to bring an incentive into high performance/quick response times by locksmith
  • Use leads allocated vs. products sold to enforce a ‘accreditation’ based sales incentive for locksmiths

Create accountability for the locksmiths to follow through with the generated lead

Generating leads and allocating without a strategy in place is essentially delivering business to trades people that doesn’t come back to Lockwood

Develop a fair process for lead generation & allocation

Allocate to all locksmiths within postcode as a first in first serve; ordered by endorsements

Bidding system has been discussed and vetoed as it promotes a drop in margin

Mobile site targeted at users locked out - allocate lead to closest locksmith via reverse geo location code

Give the end user the choice of closest 5 locksmiths
‘Go Catch’ - Taxi app as a model; locksmiths are listed by distance & accompanied by endorsements for user choice

Develop and incentive for locksmith participation

Based on point based system; endorsements (not reviews) to ensure that there are no bad reviews, in turn driving locksmiths away

Endorsements could be split to different areas;
Use of Lockwood products - 5 point
Response on lead - 3 points
Quality of work - 2 points

Point based system based on endorsements to give preference of leads to high rated locksmiths

Point based system will allow Lockwood to track leads fulfilled Vs. products bought buy locksmith/sold to end user

As accreditation program is introduced, accredited Lockwood locksmiths get first preference on leads

Develop a way to keep the locksmiths accountable; in turn relieving Lockwood from any management

How to ensure receipt of leads & follow through of job

How to measure response times

If SMS notification is preferred, how to we track a first in first serve principle?

Develop a way to ensure that Lockwood products are being used by locksmiths wearing the brand on their vehicles, clothing, etc

Build in a Lockwood accreditation to ensure that locksmiths are ‘ambassadors’ for the brand and are using the products.

Loose the Lockwood brand for your business & loose the Lockwood trust for your service

Website development with eCommerce

Build a digital process that target the end user

Create multiple site targeting multiple audiences
Create conversion funnels in website design to take the audiences through different paths

SEO Strategy

AdWords mobile

Social strategy

High Tech products campaign

V8 Racing team

High tech products campaign - The traveling mobile home

Parallax micro site taking the user through the journey of the vehicle

Suggest strategy to leverage user data obtained on the website

Target audiences

End user
Safe security

Other marketing efforts

V8 - ‘Having a beer with the tradies”, building on a relationship that was damaged by the corporate image of the brand

Free home security check on installation

#Workshop Plan

3 Step



Social Strategy

Value Add