The tone in acoustics equipment controls potentiometer to should choose to reverse logarithmic type (old call index type) potentiometer, volume controls potentiometer to be able to choose logarithmic type potentiometer. According to the use of potentiometer, choose potentiometer, according to the specific requirements of the application of the circuit to choose the resistance of the potentiometer body material, structure, type, specifications, regulation mode. For example, high-power circuit selection of power type wire wound potentiometer; Precision instruments and other circuits should be selected high-precision wire wound potentiometer, precision multi-turn potentiometer or metal glass glaze potentiometer; Medium and high frequency circuit can choose carbon film potentiometer; Semiconductor radio volume adjustment and power switch can choose small carbon film potentiometer with rotary switch.

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It is an ideal method to realize potentiometer programming by state (position) sampling. This method has no special requirements for sampling frequency and operation speed, and it can be completed only in the main program without timer and interrupt resources. Moreover, it has the advantages of simple programming and strong anti-interference ability and reliable work. Potentiometer has 3 kinds of cases in working process as a result of impulse potentiometer: it is to be not rotated and stay in some state (position); Second, although it is rotated, it does not complete a cycle (4 states) and stays in a certain state; Third, it is constantly rotated and more than one cycle. Potentiometer state (position) sampling method is to accurately track and identify and record the pulse potentiometer change of each state value (including position value and its corresponding characteristic code).

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