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#Potential Topic

#Why it Matters

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My diary

-Because it’s the only writing I actually look forward to doing, and there’s no official date of when I have to complete it because it’s all about me.

  • I like scribbling all my thoughts on a page, not worrying about structure
    -knowing that it’s personal
    -no one can judge my writing

About Me Essay

My first big writing piece in fourth grade.

-first large essay I’ve ever written
-I did it all by myself
-enjoyed the writing process


It matters because this new style and informal way of writing leads to misunderstanding.

-start off by explaining how much texting is confusing, and that I don’t like it
-use personal moments and quotes of text messages that were misleading
-talk about how people completely disregard the formal way of writing because of abbreviations
-most words not spelled correctly, no correct punctuation
-don’t know how the person actual means what they are saying.
-can’t tell if sarcastic or not
-means a lot to me because I realized how formal writing is so important

3 examples:
-showing friend LSU outfit for game day, said it was ugly, but being sarcastic, can’t hear voice or facial expressions

Mrs. Terri D’Armond

Mrs. Terri is McCall’s mom. She just wrote a book, and it’s inspiring to know that when she was younger she wasn’t interested in writing (like me), but she found that passion later in life.

-when she told her story
-not much else I can add


The Notebook

First novel I actually didn’t fall asleep too.

-encouraged me to read
-finally found the genre of reading I enjoy

my pink fluffy chair @ my dad’s

The chair is my reading chair that helps get me in the reading zone; encourages me to read.

-snuggling up in the chair with The Notebook
-reading for hours
-first developed liking reading
-my reading lamp