The narrowband low-power RXB12 wireless module provides multiple channel options, and can modify various parameters such as serial port rate, air rate, transmission power, etc. online. The wireless communication module has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivity, small size, transparent transmission, low power consumption and long transmission distance. Customers do not need to write complex transmission and setting procedures when using it. It can be used in a very wide range of power and sensitivity fields. The RF receiver RXB12 output power is greater than 5W, and the high receiving sensitivity is -123dbm (1200BPS), -118dbm (9600bps). Multiple operating frequency bands meet the various needs of users, and the carrier frequency is 400 - 470mhz The wireless module has a long transmission distance of 8km (ber=10- 5@9600bps , large antenna, open ground), 12km (ber=10- 5@1200bps , large antenna, open ground), multi-channel, multi rate.

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