We think that your real value add for this course is in your strategy:


Steven Covey: Big Rocks Video


Quick discussion (10 mins.) with the group on who felt what the lady was going through trying to first take care of all the little stuff…share stories…have a few laughs..

(10 mins) Learners rate their level of success running multiple projects, dealing with competing priorities…discussion as to why each learner rates themselves as such.

Do I have a number of steps I use to plan out my:


(10 mins) Each learner fills out their list of current projects, competing priorities (one per note card / post it)…

List on each project / priority:

Review the 4 Quadrants:

Check out my Calendar:
0 Yikes!! Right? But can you believe this gives me peace?

Is it a meeting?

Is it an appointment?

Is it a reminder?

Timeboxing: Where the magic happens

Time Suckers / Life Suckers:



Steven Covey’s 7 Habits off Highly Effective People