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Marcus - Notes



Taygetans / Swarru


Moon landings:

  • I heard that they both landed and faked the landings, with help from ET’s
  • Is it possible that you don’t know about the actual landing, where they met Reptilians who told them not to come back, or did it definitely not happen?

Tiamat / Maldek / Marduk:

  • When?
  • Where?
  • Which explode / when / races come to Earth?


  • How far away is the Sun from the Earth?
  • 93 million miles estimate


  • Is our astronomy all fabricated?
  • Are there black holes / portals above the poles


Moon matrix:

  • Can the manipulate the Moon matrix to target me less and less more quickly than they are already doing?
  • Would they do it if I asked them?
  • Do they think it’s a good / bad idea?

Switching off MM:

  • Control tides?
  • Real weight that is expected for its distance?
  • Add/reduce weight for orbit
  • When switch off, will tides become less?



  • Said that it was already aware?
  • In what way?
  • We’re already planning on building an AI protection later into Internet5/Web5 - sufficient
  • When Earth is ready, can we just tap into the multi-species Internet?

Microwave ovens:

  • Are more harmful than cooking with a pan?
  • Radiation / change food / energy / consciousness behind them?


Domesticated viruses:

  • Adamu / Zingdad
  • Sprays, take a few days off
  • ‘Wild’ virus (manfactured), domesticated (by ET’s?)


  • Kill damaged cells?


  • What are they?
  • Relevant?
  • Neutralizing / binding?

Bacterial infections:

  • Just diseased tissue that needs repairing?


  • Variant DNA + metals in body + 5G
  • Makes it easier for the mutant DNA to get into cells
  • Is this their plan?
  • Would it work?
  • Same as / different to the nanoparticles mentioned before?

Herd immunity:

  • Consciousness (100th monkey effect)
  • Physical (not transmitted anymore)
  • Both



  • Real age of the Sphinx / pyramids
  • Federation conglomerate - who created and how?


Timeline changes:

  • Could use the OIA / R1 to help change timelines in a positive direction
  • ‘Array’ system
  • Hoping that R1 in particular will help to attract the ‘key’ people
  • We’ll make it international and multi-lingual

Offer my platform:

  • Said she wants to fight
  • I’m open to any suggestions / ideas that she/they have to best utilize the Vision5 platform to help everyone



  • Suggested ways for learning

Zero point

Quantum computers


  • Acknowledge the ether
  • Use base-12 math
  • Knowledge of timelines
  • Special components / materials
  • AHCS computer (uses millions)

AHCS computers:

  • ‘mother’ connects to ‘child’
  • Then becomes sentient
  • Use crystals?
  • AHCS chips, blue glow
  • Particle accelerators (mini)
  • No silicone



  • Help guide us in the right directions to go
  • In particular helping to avoid AI getting out of control and/or being taken over by negative AI systems beyond our understanding



  • Help us gradually build up a holographic society in all parts of the world
  • Would be separate to governmental structure
  • Could use the tech platform for marketing / organization, but would be different in each community / level
  • Have the contacts on Earth to join forces so it’s not just our organization
  • In alignment with the Alcyone Council (Urmah, Taygetans, …)


  • We can fund that with anyone that wants to be part of it

New communication platform

Need new way:

  • Said that might not last beyond end of 2021
  • Because no longer use the servers?
  • We can set up a new comms platform using Web5 tech

Muon reading machine:

  • Can they help guide us towards a means by which we could communicate?

Dale Harder

HHR Exotic Speakers
9212 Cambridge Dr.
Parma, Oh. 44129


Business Hours:
By Appointment Only




  • Liaison to Taygetans to help us develop tech at our level to get it out to humanity
  • Can keep his involvement a secret for protection
  • If nothing else, then pointers of tech that has come up in discussions


  • Probiotics / prebiotics





  • Healing for back
  • Accelerate fat loss / turn lean


  • Solar flash (latest prediction)
  • Will Hawaii be safe
  • Can they help with technology to clean up nuclear radiation?
  • Tech for toxic chemicals in humans, animals, nature (e.g. PFOA / C8 - Dupont)
  • Is there something they can do to help open up my third eye?
  • Do they know who I am and what I’m here to do?
  • Is there a way I can be in regular contact? (Astral, presumably the best.)



Blu-blocking glasses:



I love you me:

  • Tara (Magenta)

Ted Mahr:

  • Messages from the Masters
  • Amazon?
  • Buy from Ted

Conversations with Nostra Damus:

  • Delores Cannon
  • Vol 1-3






  • $700M


Deep Sea Cosmetics




Go Dark Faraday Bags:



5G bioshield

5G Bioshield:

Tesla plates


LVFEIER Security pouch:


  • MacBook Pro 16 (max specs)
  • MacBook (mini?)
  • iPhone 11 (max)
  • iPad (max)
  • iPad keyboard?
  • Homepod



Best for work:

  • Don’t have to lug it around all the time
  • Can tuck it away out of sight
  • Really big screen

Same at work/home:

  • Having big screens will really help

Laptops as a backup:

  • Leave the laptops tucked away
  • Can use them when I go out for lunch, say
  • Same at home
  • Have two laptops, identical

Extra monitor

EMF protection

Quantum Supremacy

Out of the love I have for my fellow brothers and sisters around the world I want to share this with you. I have found a high quality device that can protect you from all forms of EMF Radiation. Keep fighting my friends!!!

The 5G Problem

The 5G Solution

Profound Truth

Profound Discovery

Instant Strength Impact





  • Peter has one

Vibrational machine:

  • Joseph Irwin
  • Said felt like after doing loads of breathwork


Dell XPS 15



HP Zbook 17:


Laptop rest




Secure latop

Secure phones




  • Favourite
  • Buy company?
  • Or partner with them to develop our own phone
  • And/or copy their ideas + make even more flexible / secure

Freedom phone:

FYI: The Impulse K1 was part of a company called Karatbars International which I am apart of so I was able to take advantage of packages that had these K1 phones in them. I have acquired many so if anyone is interested please contact me at
240-454-2903 texting is best


  • Finney
  • Google-certified version of Android
  • Embedded cold storage wallet
  • SirinOS
  • If all the data is then uploaded to their blockchain, though, or not uploaded anywhere, that’d be OK.


Blockchain phones

Who knew Blockchain Encrypted Phones were in such high demand?? 😅

Most of us are beyond sick and tired of BIG Tech’s ridiculous censorship and their personal data privacy being breached and therefore extremely happy to take the necessary steps to take back their power and protect themselves and their loved ones. With all that’s going on in our world, along with the renewed interest in crypto currencies, the timing has never been better for a phone that gives US the control.

✅ Blockchain decentralized smart phone
✅ Unhackable encryption keys
✅ Blocks Ads
✅ Blocks Trackers
✅ Blocks Apps that listen/watch/record
✅ Blocks backdoor access
✅ Uses less data
✅ No centralized cloud storing YOUR data
✅ Runs faster and battery lasts longer due to no bloat ware or trackers running in the background.
✅ Fully unlocked to run on any GSM network (T-Mobile or AT&T recommended) or run on the Clear Network.
✅ Dual SIM slots if you want to use 2 phone numbers OR use for an SD card to expand your storage.
✅ AMAZING 48 MP triple camera
✅ 11 years in development, the OS is built on an open source fork of Android so runs all Droid apps flawlessly without the disadvantages

🚫 No more big tech spying
🚫 No more government spying
🚫 No more apps mining your data
🚫 No more google selling your data
🚫 No more digital profiling

⚠️ Safe
⚠️ Secure
⚠️ Private
⚠️ Affordable
⚠️ Reliable
⚠️ Data separated and stored on multiple different servers around the world = decentralized (no one authority has access, such as Apple or Google)

Get affiliate details with the entire scope of this decentralized vision and set up your affiliate link here:

Shop for phones here:

Hit me up with any questions!

Secure USB


Wifi (mesh)







Laser hair removal:

  • chest, back, nose
  • could do abs instead of chest
  • neck / cheek (so just trim beard)
  • nose (inside), ears, eyebrows - any extras?
  • back of neck, shoulders (just after having haircut)
  • Anything for lines on forehead? / better skin tone
  • Around eyes - lines
  • Wait to see what the celestial chamber does?





Magnetic mattress pad:

  • Bho Hallard






The different energies in each black crystal perceived psychically and empathically from my perspective. Black tourmaline and shungite are both amazing. They do similar things but work in different ways. Together they work in synergy. You don’t NEED both…but personally I have recently acquired both as amulets to assist with the black flame work as antidote to the rogue signal from Maxx. So tourmaline sends a powerful reverberating signal into your personal matrix and keeps sending that signal in, firing up our DNA codons and transmuting imbalances and distortions into balance and alignment. To me - psychically they look like tiny thin points of electric lightening but of a high lovelight, symmetrically focused charge. The shungite gives out pulsating waves of cleansing frequency, clearing toxicity easily and it’s truly amazing, in fact when I tuned in on it and connected with it I could not believe its power. Using tourmaline and shungite together is phenomenal and is perfect within orgonite. Obsidian grounds the energy down into balance and when worn together with other crystals it powers them in their frequency. Obsidian is perfect for grounding the black flame. Personally I am wearing all three whenever I am likely to come into contact with the Maxx. Agate and onyx also work in similar ways to Obsidian and are really good for children to wear. Hermatite works similar to tourmaline but it’s a different kind of signal. It is extremely protective and works through all dimensions. The other one to mention is laborodite which is usually dark grey but is also an excellent crystal for black flame work. Laborodite is very ‘talkative’ as in, it will communicate with you. Skulls made of any of these will be amazing to work with. Just the few aware individuals that have been working with the black flame and the black crystals recently has been enough to reach the consciousness of the crystals and they are all now naturally working with the black flame or more specifically the intention of not merging with the rogue signal from Maxx. Interestingly dark green crystals, silver crystals and some red crystals as well as snowflake obsidian have heard this call and are also creating a charge frequency as antidote to the rogue Maxx signal. All green crystals will be coming ‘online’ to this new charge in the coming weeks. At first nature itself appeared to be confused and discombobulated with the rogue signal but with our help, at the consciousness level of light/love/unity, nature is beginning to adapt and is becoming a major part of the shield. We as organic humans are part of a consciousness eco-system that holds far higher intelligence than these negatively created technologies, chemicals and low pulse radiation frequencies. The crystals DESIRE to assist us and the more we love them, the more they actualise that desire. They came up from the ground to assist us at this time 🖤🖤❤️❤️💚💚


Plexus Slim and Energy:

Stephanie Nolan:

Plexus Slim and Energy…

I often get asked if my pink drink is an energy drink. The answer is NO even though it makes a huge difference in energy! So let’s break down how it works!

One key ingredient in Slim that many people think makes it a caffeine drink….chlorogenic acid from the unroasted green coffee bean. I personally am sensitive to caffeine and it makes me very jittery. I have NEVER had that problem with Slim and here is why…

Green Coffee beans are actually just un-roasted coffee beans. There are two types of amino acids in the green coffee bean: caffeic acid (think caffeine) and a natural antioxidant callled chlorogenic acid (NOT caffeine). Plexus extracts chlorogenic acid (NOT caffeine) to put in the pink drink. It’s actually what slows the release of glucose into the blood stream so you’re stabilized all day.

Blood sugar isn’t just something that affects diabetics: it affects every human being alive on this earth. It affects energy or lack or energy, it makes that “hungry” feeling or that calm feeling, it even affects hormones because Insulin is the MASTER HORMONE in the body; it talks to all the other hormones! Therefore, blood sugar stabilization is directly connected to hormones. Fascinating, right?! We’re so interconnected.

Blood sugar even affects weight gain or loss…In recent research, subjects taking Green Coffee Bean Extract LOST 3X MORE WEIGHT than the control group. Other studies found that it effectively lowers blood pressure and manages cholesterol. It regulates glucose absorption and it also effectively prevents blood sugar spikes and positively influences the way our bodies use and absorb carbohydrates by slowing the release of glucose into the bloodstream equaling improved insulin sensitivity and better balanced blood sugars!

A natural pink drink that helps with sustained energy, less cravings, less fat storage, AND feeds essential areas of health in the body?! We’ve got it right here.



Cacao drink:

Mushroom coffee:

  • Coffee + mushrooms
  • More energy

Flotation tank

Frequency devices

Healthy foods

Medicinal foods ***:

Life Vantage

All products:

  • Axio - energy boost

Med bed / celestial chambers

Tesla light chamber:

Jared Rand:

Tachyon healing chambers:

Keshe Foundation

Beautiful Change:

  • @DawnBreaking
  • +44 7580 908563

Holly’s contact:

Holly, [26.06.20 10:58]
Yes and it will heal anything inside and change anything externally you want. I have an email to be put in the list when it comes out

Holly, [26.06.20 10:59]
The media bed or celestial chamber is coming out February 2021. It can change anything external, weight, eye color, grow limbs etc and heal anything internal that is wrong. address in subject line with “celestial chambers” and write a short note giving your email so that when they’re ready they can call you or email you for appt.. appt is free and only for RV members in the beginning..They do not want this put out there all over the Internet. It’s to be kept quiet and on an individual basis. I trust you will use discernment.

Vibroacoustic Healing bed:

Cryogenic chamber:

  • When sleep
  • Pleiadians use to keep body

Holographic medical pods:

Meditation tech

James Rink:

Natural medicines


Ph Miracle Products:


Alula Wellness:

  • Cal Mag C
  • Others

Body By Nature:

  • Magnesium
  • Up calcium to 2
  • C60
  • Monatomic gold
  • Colloidal silver
  • Protandim - full
  • ECETI products (water, CBD thing)
  • Chlorella (Korea / Taiwan)
  • Haritaki (third eye, India)


  • Chlorophyll (Robert Young)
  • Oil, oxygen
  • Water
  • Salt, sun, sex
  • Iron
  • Potassium

Ion Biome:

ASEA stuff?



  • Calcium
  • Multivitamin
  • B12
  • Algae (Omega-3)

Earth’s Nature:

Vega Vitamins:

  • Iron bisglycinate

Love Life Supplements:



Reverse osmosis:

  • Jordan Sather
  • Oxygenate water properly

Salted water:

  • Bath (pink himalayan salt)
  • Hot tub
  • Shower?

Alkaline mix:

  • 1/2 squeezed lemon (organic)
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 10 oz water (300ml)
  • Several times a day


P pump:




Equicex Black Card:

  • 1 blue prepaid, 3 black, unlimited virtual cards
  • 0.2% loading fee
  • $2/mo
  • $6.50 for cash
  • [Option] Bank account in Belize ($250 setup)
  • $2.50/mo

LP Offshore:

Offshore Manual:




Virtual + Physical





Online banks


  • Already have a card
  • App only



Starling Bank:

Press credentials

Brent Johnson:

Hi Sem. Here are brief answers to your questions: 1. I believe you are better off holding a second citizenship, expecially but not exclusively if you are a U.S. citizen. As a Canadian, second citizenship may be helpful when dealing with foreign financial institutions and banks. Also, if for any reason your country ever tries to restrict international travel to its citizens, having a second passport would make you effectively immune to such actions. 2. You can get an International Driver’s Permit from my firm. Go to or call 888-385-3733 for more information. 3. Since I am an international broadcast personality, my company is a media company. I can issue bona fide press credentials. Again, go to or call 888-385-3733 for more information.

Second Passport

  • Dominica
  • St Kitts
  • Panama

Speak to:

  • Brent Johnson


Multi-factor authentication


Cloud Storage

Tresorit +++

  • Business / personal
  • Swiss
  • 2FA etc
  • Used by loads of companies
  • Interface looks decent
  • Pricing
  • £16/month (billed annually) + VAT
  • 2TB
  • Unlimited version recovery
  • Super secure
  • Any folder can be a ‘tresor’, not just one sync folder
  • Copy what they’re doing
  • Try this out first, because it’s a reasonable cost
  • Loads of encryption - should be sufficient
  • Will create our own cloud backups soon enough
  • With small teams, £12/mo per person


  • Cooperative
  • 30 years
  • 12 locations in Switzerland
  • Seem good, but you have to contact them


  • Bunkers
  • Very expensive
  • 9F/GB


Private Internet Access:

Better VPN:

  • ExpressVPN
  • Split tunneling


Password manager



Virtual phone number


  • US-only
  • $26/44/80 (1/3/5 numbers)

Soul Quest


Anti-theft backpack

  • Kopack Anti-theft
  • X-Design anti-theft



Ram Trucks



Power out:

  • Power out to the RV if necessary


  • Interior
  • Inside brown leather?
  • Don’t go all grey / black


Tonneau cover:

  • Solid
  • Lockable
  • Metal
  • Can be taken off and put underneath?
  • Cool design
  • Rollable metal
  • This seems perfect

Seat covers

5D Nomad:

  • Have something that’s kind of hippy too inside the car
  • Don’t want people to notice how much it all costs
  • Also, protect the seats in case I give people a lift
  • Also, more positive energy
  • Light language activation symbols



Covert to left-hand drive:


Zone RV - Australia:

Dream RV




  • 4T now
  • Move up to 5T
  • Make wider
  • Make a bit longer?



  • Aerodynamic on the front, with the front boxes
  • Don’t want to hit the truck when turning

Curved less at front:

  • Curve a bit less at the front (i.e. more upright)
  • Gives more space to head, so more space inside
  • At least in the centre section, where the bed will be
  • Could be more curved around the side
  • Flat for the inside (so goes straight up by head)

Front boxes:

  • Gas
  • Wheels
  • Bike rack (mountable)
  • Tent
  • Scuba gear
  • Other things potentially
  • Adjustable rack inside
  • Add loads of storage room on the front
  • Store the spare wheels in that (rather than on the back (might get stolen)
  • Want to leave the back clear, for painting



  • 24 maybe?
  • 25 (extra space for bed, office, bathroom)



  • Like this
  • Spares
  • Extra pair?
  • Might want more protection / suspension for extra weight / tech stuff



  • Add an extra 12-18 inches to the width
  • Maybe 24 inches (given the extra depth from the storage)
  • 6-9 inches either side
  • Primarily to make a bit more space in the office / bathroom area
  • But will open it all up a bit more
  • 18 inches would be ideal


Air con

Hot / cold:

  • Not just cooling
  • Heating as well

Integrated everywhere:

  • Not outside fans
  • Integrated into the whole vehicle

Temperature controlled:

  • Can set the desired temperature and it keeps it to that temp



  • Like the 21.6 Summit
  • Big shower
  • Big washing machine
  • Wide room
  • Toilet at the end
  • Definitely needs to be wider for this
  • 18 inches wider would be perfect


  • Sliding door?



  • Really firm mattress
  • Longer
  • I’ll find one that works for me, perhaps


  • No storage overhead
  • Backboard that leans backward slightly
  • Padding all around it
  • Bedside shelving either side (with pull-out cover for whole thing)

Bed movement:

  • Up/down
  • Not at an angle
  • Since the front will be vertical, shouldn’t be a problem


  • Himalayan lava lamp
  • Orgonite pyramid (behind bed)
  • Don’t want these to fall down
  • Books
  • Lights either side (adjustable strength)

Bed base:

  • Solid
  • Doesn’t flex

Crystal pouches:

  • Under the bed
  • Pouches for putting crystals
  • In the appropriate places for chakras
  • Fixed on using velcro
  • One each side


Artwork cupboard:

  • See through
  • Space to put artwork
  • Like the crystal cupboard
  • Could potentially put on front of cupboards
  • Would be neater just to place in set spots
  • Will add colour to white background
  • Don’t need to worry about it falling out (or getting dusty
  • Allows me to swap out different ones
  • Crystal cupboards could be the same thing
  • Spacers to go inside of lots of different sizes

Crystal cupboard:

  • Spots to put crystals
  • Don’t want them to fall out
  • Individual spots for crystals

Internal colours:

  • Like the white (like in the family one)


Dining area:

  • Like 21.6 Summit
  • Deeper table
  • Back on the chairs
  • Can fold into a second bed if necessary
  • Even a double bed would be awesome
  • Maybe combine the family style with the above style, so deep and big



  • Absolutely best speaker system that could be put in it
  • Possible to build one on the outside too, with covers to protect it
  • Want to be able to have barbecues and play music loudly outside too
  • Maybe coming out the back
  • Really solid case to protect it
  • Music system controls in the office area?
  • I’d like to bring in an expert on car audio systems for that
  • Control with iPad using a separate app?
  • Hook into the music collection I’ll have on the Mac Pro’s


  • Somehow be able to see the big TV when eating
  • Swivel round?
  • See from bed and from dining area


Kitchen cupboards:

  • Design the cupboards around the plastic box sizes
  • Don’t necessarily need to use them, but if they’re the right size, then that’s an option
  • Make any suggestions?

Kitchen storage:

  • Chopping board space
  • Preferably with front that can be put to the side (so it’s open)

Kitchen work surface:

  • Extra fold-down
  • Rest on main table
  • Form a counter round the kitchen


Base layout:

  • Base plan = 22.6 Summit Family
  • Get it longer if possible (23.6/24 would be awesome)
  • Office in back area
  • No second bunk
  • No wash basin outside bathroom
  • Washing machine inside bathroom


Motion sensors:

  • Nightlight
  • Can turn on/off



  • Make it look professional when viewing from web cam
  • Clear background / logos / something professional
  • Triskell logo



  • Put a hippy cloth over the monitor (that will be locked biometrically)
  • Don’t show people the expensive stuff

Computer centre:

  • Desk and monitors in back corner
  • Diagonal angle on desk
  • Extended desk comes out from underneath


  • Housed down low, out of sight
  • Locked space
  • Integrated cooling
  • Enough space for 2 x Mac Pro
  • Just get one to start with
  • Probably far corner at the bottom makes most sense

Computer box:

  • Biometric lock
  • Temperature controlled
  • Set the temperature on app

Crystal cupboard:

  • Like living area


  • Cupboards to hide away stuff like keyboard
  • All lockable


  • Long L-shaped desk
  • Angled corner
  • Space at left-hand side to slot the chair into
  • Keyboard rest that flips out from underneath (is adjustable and locks into place - attached to main part of desk)
  • Ditto on the flip-out for the right-hand side (for mouse + arm rest)
  • End of the desk folds back underneath
  • Adaptable to many chair sizes
  • Rests at the end to


  • Sliding
  • Translucent door
  • Opaque door
  • Can be locked from either side with key


  • Orgonite

Equipment storage



Video cameras

Foot rest:

  • Adjustable foot rest?
  • Could just use a cushion
  • Need to discuss options

Green screen

Pull-down green screen:

  • Similar to this
  • Maybe higher quality
  • App / manual would be great
  • Build into ceiling
  • In front of entrance to bathroom
  • So if looking directly at the webcame, it would be behind me
  • Full width of the office, right into the corners
  • Have second one going the other way too?
  • Have it on all 3 sides around the main desk

Keyboard rest:


  • Great lighting for web conferences


  • Houses in protective cupboards
  • Cupboards have foam protection (or something similar) inside?
  • Protective covers roll out, and can be locked very securely
  • Mounted on very strong brackets
  • Brackets can move in/out, rotate as needed (so can be put at angle)
  • When pushed back in, won’t move about
  • Maybe add clips to help prevent them from moving when we’re in transit
  • Line of 3 on side
  • Single one at the end
  • Can double up on set of 3

Monitor boxes:

  • Houses 3 Apple Pro Display XDR
  • Each stand fully clamped at bottom
  • Swivels at bottom
  • Left and right can come forward a bit (app)
  • Save different screen positions
  • When close up, pushes all back, then closes front (so can’t open it up)
  • Web cam is attached to the top of the box, inside
  • Biometric lock
  • Fully encased round the back, to protect from dirt
  • Inside there is protection in the case of bumps
  • System remembers where the screen was positioned vertically, too, and adjusts it?
  • Second box underneath desk
  • Generally don’t use the second set of 3
  • When use, the box comes out from under the desk (normal one comes forward and moves back afterwards)
  • Second box then fits over the first one, and the first slides back
  • Six screens in total
  • Also position to allow for cleaning (doors open / closed)

Monitor box swivel:

  • Monitor swivel holder part of the thing
  • To remove, first take off the monitor
  • Then swivel it around, and it just comes off somewhow
  • Enough space in the box to allow it to swivel round


  • Laser printer
  • A3 if possible
  • A4 if not
  • Scanner included


  • Computers
  • Cards
  • Passport
  • Well hidden if possible

Shungite cupboards:


  • Loads of them

Temperature controlled:

  • Temp control separate to the main section
  • If close door, then could have different to living area
  • Will likely head up a bit more (screens at least)

Web cam



  • Along side and back
  • Start just below where the monitors are
  • Want to be able to see all around outside



  • Fronts of sockets should all be omni-socket
  • Example
  • Example 2
  • Example 3
  • Example 4
  • Example 5
  • Note: Ex 3, image 3, list of types covered
  • Note: Ex 5, image 3, list of types not covered - include all that can
  • Note: These don’t cover all the countries that I’ll be visiting
  • Note: Bolivia is a bit thinner than Europe
  • Combine these - last includes the world travel
  • Check by the types of plugs

Voltage switch:

  • 120/230



  • Mosquito nets
  • Very fine
  • Will protect against most dust, too


  • Outside already mentioned


  • Extra tinting
  • Make darker or transparent?




  • Fold-away
  • Lightweight
  • Fit 4/5 people on each
  • Have 3/4


  • Plenty of fold-up chairs
  • Store these underneath?
  • Enough for 10 people


  • Multiple lightweight tables
  • Can do a group meal outside


  • Create a marquee using the roof rack
  • Use poles, ropes, pegs



  • Maybe even canvas colour
  • Put a canvas-like design on it
  • Camouflage
  • Pretend canvas rope holes along the edges, and design rope on top of it
  • From a distance, literally make it look like army camouflage

Control separately:

  • Each cover can be lowered / lifted independently
  • Can keep one side of the van camouflaged, while others aren’t
  • Cameras will be on the outside of the covers, on the corner


  • Have a separate cover for the door
  • Allows the whole vehicle to be camouflaged, except the door
  • Mysterious, but discrete
  • Cover can be set to just go up to the top of the doorway, but not all the way to the top


  • Needs to be able to roll up


  • Single sheet goes along the full length
  • Both sides and one for the back, too
  • Makes it look like a giant box

Hide reality:

  • Fits over the entire van
  • Completely hides the fact it’s a caravan
  • Helps protect it while I’m going through dodgy areas
  • Press of a button, and the whole thing closes up
  • Helps protect the paint, too
  • Goes all the way under the bottom
  • Far more discrete
  • Just make it look boring


  • Don’t want it to be too heavy

Look like horse box:

  • Want the outside to look a bit like a horsebox
  • Make people more interested in the car than the back
  • The car can be replaced easily if necessary

Protective layer:

  • Have something hard to protect it too
  • Maybe fold down
  • Then camouflage on top


  • Don’t want to be ruined easily
  • Preferably not fabric
  • If it’s a good fabric, then OK
  • Fabric is easy enough to patch / replace



  • Custom-made bird’s eye
  • All the way around


  • All top-spec
  • Like this
  • Auto stabilizer, etc

Electric jack:


  • Outside music system
  • See notes on ‘inside’
  • Clip-in protector in case of rain (will have the parasol anyway)
  • Put speakers on either side of the screen
  • 4 of them / strip?

TV / screen:

  • On back
  • Large, but not garish
  • Behind glass / something transparent to protect it from rain/theft
  • Able to take it out with a key / app


Chin-up bar:

  • Chin-up bar (come out of van with support)
  • Chin-up bar is wide, with an adjustable height
  • Comes out quite a long way (1.2 - 1.5m?)
  • Has the markers on it too
  • Nice hand grips
  • Might be more sturdy if this is not electric
  • Have really solid, rubber feet
  • Swivels round
  • Bars clip into place / held with Velcro straps
  • Outdoor quality
  • Grip won’t slip in the rain
  • Holes in the pipe to adjust the height
  • Comes down right amount to go out 1.5m ish?
  • Feet with something extra to help stabilize them?

Foot rest:

  • For when doing pull-ups
  • Solid, with different heights
  • Sturdy base that won’t fall out
  • Folds up, and goes in gym storage on side

Set of weights:

  • Could have metal weights + dumbbell + clips
  • High quality weights
  • 100kg in total?
  • Set of smaller weights as individual ones?
  • Should be enough to do the P90X anywhere
  • Large protective mat to put down
  • Probably wise to have this at the back, or at least over the wheels?
  • Weights that won’t rust (so different metal)


  • Weights
  • Bars
  • Step-up support
  • Bands
  • Floor protector
  • Yoga mat / thicker mat
  • Anything else

Weather cover:

  • Extra cover in case it’s raining and still want to train
  • Or for if it’s sunny
  • Comes out at an angle, so wider when far out
  • Hang down bits at the top, too that can come down as far as needed
  • Enough to have a comfortable amount of room to train
  • Comes down with enough room to not bump head when up high


Extendable ladders:

  • Thule ladders
  • Then people won’t be able to climb up so easily (or even be tempted)
  • Might want taller ones than these

Hidden ladder:

  • NO - Have extendable ones
  • Don’t want to entice people to climb up
  • Ladder hidden by default
  • Solid, on side at back
  • Not where the speakers are
  • Ladder on one side, speakers on the other?
  • Half on back, half folds down
  • Make sure the camouflage goes outside it


  • Want the chin-up bar on the back
  • Neater if the ladder goes on the side


  • The Expedition one is quite narrow
  • Make it wide enough for two feet easily


Outside covers:

  • Need to make sure that the lights are outside
  • Could go above the cover at the back
  • Then it wouldn’t protrude beyond the sides

Top + bottom:

  • With dark cover, it might not be obvious it’s a tall vehicle



  • Fit in a gas barbecue
  • Wouldn’t want it necessarily attached to the vehicle, though could be
  • Would want to potentially be able to move it elsewhere, so we don’t make the vehicle smell etc

Current kitchen:

  • Larger hobs
  • Three large ones
  • Make them stronger ones (so 2 big instead of 3 smaller)

Flat top:

  • Crepes
  • Frying large quanties of e.g. onions
  • Come out like other cooker
  • Storage underneath for

Outdoor events:

  • Argentinian BBQ grill
  • Disco
  • Cross
  • Spit stuff
  • Bricks (lightweight) to use for BBQ
  • Tray to keep them in
  • All could be stored under the bottom, I reckon

Paint job



PJ’s Custom Spray Painting

Version 1 - Cultures

Cultures of the world:

  • Something representing different cultures from around the world
  • Could be the whole world

Focus on South America:

  • Could be just South/Latin America
  • South America would probably work better
  • Primarily to connect with Latinos, anyway

Traditional costumes:

  • Have people in traditional clothing

Version 2 - Hippy

Hide reality:

  • People associate hippy with ‘not much money’
  • If I emerge with cheap clothes on (especially if they look kind of hippy), they probably won’t think it’s much inside
  • Less likely to attract unwanted attention

Will work with future life:

  • Will also look really cool
  • And would fit in with the 5D me
  • Will add in stuff like astrology, ET symbology … combined with hippy / peace
  • Different vibration / energy
  • Fewer people likely to be offended

What will tell people:

  • Working for UnityOne
  • Doing it on my laptop
  • Maybe that a friend lent me the van


  • Paisley
  • Peace symbols
  • Hearts
  • “Love and Peace” in lots of languages, including Spanish and Portuguese


  • Big “Love” on one side, and “Peace” on the other
  • Opposite word on the car
  • Same word in lots of languages scattered over the side
  • Hippy colours, but mix in the appropriate colours for symbolism, like the Pleiadian stuff
  • UnityOne logo somewhere on there / UnityTube?
  • Cartoon guru on the back

5D Nomad:

  • Create cool logo
  • Add that on there too
  • URL of the website?


All way round:

  • Both sides
  • Back
  • When fully extended, then path all the way round the bus
  • Would allow us to serve loads of food on tables etc and be protected

Hippy design:

  • Something that works with the paint job
  • Can get this printed before it’s installed



  • Hand print
  • Big enough to leave keys, phone, small camera

Hidden away:

  • Maybe in the boxes at the front



  • Shutters roll down and cover everything
  • Electronically controlled
  • Can cover everything on the van
  • Come down flat with outside
  • Design can go over the whole thing
  • Open / close everything OR all windows OR individually
  • Controlled with a remote (even while driving)

Side cover

All way to end:

  • Since the front will be flat all the way, the side thing can be too
  • Come down over where the cooking areas are

Side cover:

  • Side cover comes down so can cook underneath


Shipping container sizes:

  • 10ft shipping container?

Get larger container:



4G antenna:

  • On top
  • Like satellite, further forward
  • 5G as well?


  • Don’t want to be doing it myself


Extra bed:

  • Back of RV
  • Above toilet
  • Like on this
  • Goes up vertically?
  • Controlled by app
  • Tent fabric on all sides
  • Mosquito net + zippable net on all sides
  • Lightweight, flexible, strong, won’t break
  • Similar to the one above probably OK
  • Want more space for me, though


Like side:

  • Like side covers
  • In general, even if the side is covered, the top won’t need to be
  • Have it as an option for when going through the most dodgy areas with people that can see from above


Roof rack:

  • Putting stuff on the roof
  • Tying ropes to it (e.g. for canvases)
  • Strong enough to put an 8-person raft on
  • Potentially could put rafts in underneath storage
  • Show them a Creature Craft



  • Vansat
  • Put further forward
  • Protective case to hide it
  • Don’t want it to get stolen
  • Could have a case that can open / close with the app
  • From the app, when you turn it on, it opens up
  • When you turn it off, it closes up
  • Even when it’s open, would like just the top to open
  • So from the ground, you don’t ever see the satellite
  • Though the antenna, yes
  • If the case around it is wide enough, it shouldn’t interfere with anything
  • Can be curved, so it’s aerodynamic / aesthetically pleasing


Solar panels

Solar panels:

  • As many as possible
  • Put them on top of the section that comes up too, if possible



  • Where it can fit
  • On front
  • Electric




  • Best they can get
  • If they can get even more of them, that would be great
  • Lots of electrical stuff that will need powering, potentially for many hours each day


Underneath storage:

  • About 12-15 inches all the way through
  • Depends how much isn’t being used for other stuff
  • Dividers inside
  • Don’t have to use them - customize it as needed
  • Flip down / up
  • Each section is about 2ft wide
  • Can have each section separate, or combined
  • Dividers are also controlled with app
  • Can go back or not
  • They could just roll up/down
  • Don’t need to worry about them getting trapped, then
  • Lightweight but strong would be ideal
  • Each one should be lockable (key / app)
  • Some space will be taken up by the kitchen stuff
  • Put loads of stuff
  • Cooking, gym, chairs, tables,
  • Camping gear, rucksacks


Alkaline filter:

  • High quality water filter
  • Additionally make it alkaline


  • 500l?
  • 400 might be fine
  • I’m just a bit lazy

Shungite filter:


Mobile HQ’s:


Temperature control:

  • Best they have
  • Aircon + heating


  • Extra-large
  • Spare one?


  • Gas hob
  • Oven

Extra capacity:

  • Extra solar
  • Extra water

Computer station

Integrate computer:

  • Desktop computer
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
  • Down at end, while I look out
  • Locked away


  • Super-wide monitor
  • Adjustable position
  • Hide away (covers - slide)
  • Excellent web cam
  • Pull out from wall
  • Electronically controlled from app
  • Swivels around so can be watched from bed
  • Could be a feature that they want to offer for others


  • Large desk
  • Deep
  • Wide
  • The monitor case could work with rollers
  • Rests on top of the desk
  • Slide out?
  • Swapable table?

Desk idea:

  • See this
  • Can be extended?
  • Table swivels
  • Screen is hidden away under window
  • Swivel table, screen comes up, snap table back in
  • Also can be a bed
  • Screen can also turn round the other way for viewing from bed


  • Fold down seats?
  • Make into eating table or workstation
  • Really awesome upholstery
  • Like the seats in the centre like this
  • Have one that can lean back and be adjustable and rotate a bit

Seat idea:

  • Fixed to the base
  • Up/down with electronics
  • Back up/down (electronics / manual)
  • Swivels (manual / locked)
  • Arms come up/not (electronics / manual)
  • Snaps in with others / comes out a bit (electronics / manual)
  • Can angle up a bit, too (electronics / manual)
  • Can be like other seats, or is the computer seat
  • Space to rest my food / not
  • Leg support come out (electronics / manual)?


  • Triple computer screens
  • Protective box?

Satellite / internet:

  • Satellite internet receiver (flexible for different networks)
  • Wifi inside the cab
  • Info
  • US - Viasat - 100 Mbps

Integrated computer chair:

  • Recline
  • Swivel
  • Moveable on plane?
  • Lockable into place

Green screen:

  • Behind seat, have a green screen
  • Gives me the option to project what I want to behind me
  • Full-width, pull down / roll down
  • Add a motorized system so can just press a button

Sound system:

  • Absolutely awesome
  • Best speakers available


  • Wireless in the cupboard

Behind webcam:

  • Scroll down blind
  • Hide the fact it’s an RV (a bit)
  • Either blank or with our logo
  • Back of here

Computer station 2


  • 2 x Mac Pro (high spec)


  • 5 (or 6) x Mac Pro Display XDR
  • Magnetic wall mounts
  • Put one so that can be viewed from bed
  • 3 that can form a station
  • Spare stands
  • The dedicated wall mounts can be controlled using the app

Monitor brackets:

  • Could have multiple brackets
  • Move out of sight / up on tracks
  • Can be controlled by the app
  • Gives loads of flexibility as to where put the monitors
  • Will be able to upgrade in the future (if want to)

Monitor brackets safety:

  • Don’t want the monitor to fall off when traveling
  • Some mechanism that clips them into place really firmly behind the magnet
  • Maybe a lock-down clip that’s stuck onto the back of the monitor

Monitor brackets positions:

  • Either side of bed
  • Behind seating

Monitor storage boxes:

  • Safety boxes for monitor
  • Can stash away
  • Lock away


  • Intel Real Sense Depth Camera D435 Intel


  • Use the plan for 22.6
  • Ask to have it 23.6 or 24 if possible
  • 3 monitors at the back
  • Bracket can move out at an angle
  • When not out, then can hide away
  • Monitors go back level, then drop down into a protective box
  • Covered at the top, so is completely hidden from view

Bed layout:

  • Use similar bracket(s) for monitor(s) that can be viewed from bed


  • If at back, then folding out


iMac Pro:

  • Beast of a computer
  • Properly supported by a chassis
  • Fixed on solidly
  • Automatically puts it away and puts it on standby when we start to move (maybe even when the engine goes on)

Mac Pro:

  • Best computer
  • Need to create chassis with buffer
  • Want to minimize the shocks
  • Get beast of a machine
  • Safely locked away + cooled using system

Mac Pro Display XDR:

  • Best computer
  • Best monitor
  • Get 3 monitors?
  • Put them vertically
  • Lock them away when not in use
  • Option to bring out 1 / 2 displays
  • App can control how many and which directions

Apple TV 4K


Rest for bed:

  • Like at home
  • Could just use for laptop


  • I need extra length if possible

Electric lift:

  • Lifts up for the storage underneath

Head room:

  • Need to have plenty of room for head

Head rest:

  • Automated headrest that comes down
  • Comfy, tall
  • Not the black bit above, like in this

Moves forward:

  • At bedtime, head rest leans backwards (more comfortable)
  • Bed moves forward
  • 6’6” long
  • Back rest slides out from underneath the bed

Moves forward - better:

  • Have comfy back arched backwards
  • Button to allow the bed to come forward
  • Just pivots, so then leans backwards
  • Needs to have space for the bed to come forward (about 18-24 inches)
  • Leave a bit of a gap to get out

Second bed


  • Seats convert into second bed

Power in:

  • Get power in from vehicle if necessary


  • Don’t have Zone everywhere
  • No branding on the inside


  • Larger TV screen
  • Swivel out so can watch from bed
  • Computer monitor
  • Connect via wifi/
  • Make Mac Pro XDR?


  • 22.6 longest?
  • 23? - extra room for bigger bed
  • If possible, make it a bit longer?
  • Automated - like this
  • 24/25 possible?


  • Bike rack (2 bikes)
  • Safety box to hide them completely


  • A bit wider
  • Gas hobs a bit wider apart

Pull-down backing:

  • Behind web cam
  • Hide


  • Discrete
  • Not too heavy
  • Number-pad
  • Hidden front panel
  • Enough for laptops, phones, money, passports
  • Out of sight



  • Roll-down protectors for the windows
  • Bear in mind that might be going unfriendly areas
  • Don’t want people looking in
  • Prefer to protect on outside as well as light on inside

Fusion system:

  • Removable
  • Play music with it


  • Best charger possible
  • Loads of extra from solar


4G booster:

  • 4G LTE if possible
  • Antenna
  • Does this just boost, and nothing else?
  • Input a SIM?
  • Integrate with Skyroam


  • Can we integrate satellite tech too?
  • Vansat
  • Finds a satellite


  • Push button


  • Water filters?


  • 360 degrees
  • Birdseye camera

Best van:


Email about modifications


Thanks for your reply, and for passing it on to your directors.

Since sending you the last email, I’ve been having lots of ideas of how I’d like to customize it, considerably more than I indicated before. I’ve got a much clearer idea of most of the things I’ll want, and I’ve found lots of features from various different models that you have that could be combined in a different way.

I’ll also want to add a bunch more stuff (on the inside and outside), including:

  • Starting with the Family Summit 22.6 as a base plan
  • Increasing the length (to 23.6 or 24?) and width (adding 18 inches maybe) of the main cabin
  • Increasing the width of the chassis a bit (to match the new width of the cabin) - if the width change is going to affect the stability, obviously (which is likely)
  • Making the front go straight up as far as possible (to create more headroom above the bed and more space overall inside)
  • Putting the spare wheels in locked boxes by the gas containers on the front
  • Probably creating some kind of aerodynamic cover to go over the boxes in the front (to replace the aerodynamics of the standard design, which will now go up at the front)
  • A work office at the back where the bunk beds would
  • Incorporating the best possible music system inside
  • Adding big speakers on the outside (with lockable covers) - for outdoor events
  • Adding lockable storage for multiple computers (2) and monitors (6) in the office space
  • Increasing the battery capacity (to power the many electronic devices)
  • Adding all the features of the Best Aussie Van
  • Adding protection around the Vansat so that it can’t ordinarily be seen, and is opened up using the app (I’ll be traveling through some pretty dodgy countries at times, so want to hide everything of value)
  • Adding a similar sort of tent to the roof at the back like there is on the Expedition series
  • Using a combination of the
  • Adding a really big TV (or another Mac Pro Display XDR)
  • Adding more water capacity
  • Adding a filter + alkaline system to the water
  • Integration with the global SIM stuff I’ll get for getting global internet
  • Planning ahead for satellite coverage going from South America up to the US, and elsewhere (if the Vansat system won’t work over there)
  • And there are a bunch more ideas too

This is something that’s going to take quite a bit more research and planning, both by me beforehand and by your team when they’re ready to take this on - I would imagine. Assuming you want to of course.

I think your guys would find it an interesting challenge. I’ll be doing something pretty unique and world changing while I’ll be traveling in this, and in discussing what I’ll be doing (which I’ll do when I make it out there), your team may well have other ideas that we could add.

As for budget, I won’t really have one. I just want to get the absolutely perfect RV for my needs and desires, and so long as it’s exactly what I’m looking for, then I’m happy to pay whatever it costs to get it done properly.

I’m sure you’ll need to bring in other experts and design plenty of stuff one-off, so I could easily see this going over $500k. I doubt it would take $1m, but if it does, that’s not a problem - so long as it’s absolutely perfect for my needs. Whatever it takes to get my dream RV, I’m willing to pay it.

I won’t be able to commit to this until I get the green light for what I’m working on, which I’m hoping to get before Christmas. If that’s the case, then I’ll be in Australia by mid January, and I could come and meet you guys from about 21st Jan onwards. I’ll get a year visa for Australia, but will probably need to extend it, or at least leave the country and come back again.

Given all the customizations it’ll need, I understand it’ll take longer. If we could get it done by the end of Q3 2020, starting in late Jan as I mentioned, I’m OK with that. I’d like to take it round Australia for a bit to try it out, and wouldn’t mind reserving the option to possibly have some modifications after giving it a thorough trial - if that’s OK?



  • Go through all the Zone RV videos to look for ideas to include



Audio editing



Image editing


Video cameras



Video conferencing

Web cam:

  • Want to get best of the bunch

Video editing

Vehicle safety

Car cover:

  • Flexible cover for the car
  • Hides that it’s a nice one
  • Goes to the floor, and can be closed (with a lock,so it’s not easy to open)

Wheel clamps:

  • Get for all wheels of camper and truck
  • 8 in total?



  • Plastic boxes for food stuff
  • Good knife set
  • Good range of utensils


  • Mountain bike
  • Snorkelling / scuba?
  • Tent(s)
  • Camp bed
  • Rucksack (day pack, hike)
  • Blankets, pillows
  • Pull-up bar (outside?)


  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Tripod
  • Zooms

Satellite - Australia

Satellite - South America



  • Slow

Satellite coverage


Great Solar Flash

  • Full supplies in the case of a serious event
  • Food
  • Access to the water
  • Tools to get at the water
  • Water cans
  • Matches / spark for gas
  • Plenty of gas
  • Lentils, rice, etc
  • Canned organic food
  • Winding radio




Earth Roamer


  • Can you give CSS customization ability to the interface?
  • Can the TV be programmed to hook into a web page?
  • Can they do custom builds for the monitors (or at least have one monitor that comes down)?
  • Hook in with OneWeb + SIM systems / boosters?




Huge selection:

  • Could get one straight away



Multiple types:

  • On-road and off-road





Light Language:

Cosmic tag (EA)

Cupping set


Crystal ball

Crystal rocks

Andara crystals:

Crystal skulls

Magenta Pixie:






Dicyanin die / goggles


In the 1920’s a scientist named Walter Kilner experimented with a dark blue chemical dye called ‘dicyanin’, which he poured into a glass screen, and when he gazed through the screen he found that he was able to see the aura of the

person standing in front of him.

He was able to see the person’s aura because the specific colour of the dye blocked out a large portion of the white-light spectrum, and left only a small

portion which helped concentrate his perception of the aura.

HOWEVER, FOR A VERY BRIEF PERIOD OF TIME BACK AROUND 2010 THE PUBLIC COULD BUY THE DICYANIN VERSION, BUT NO MORE…… Dicyanin is a blue dye. It is not a drug. It is not physically dangerous. It is not poison. However, you cannot buy it. The chemical company that makes Dicyanin assigns a security code to its customers. To see how high Dicyanin is classified we asked a government chemist if he could order some. His security code allowed him to buy all the LSD or Heroine or Cocaine he wanted but when he requested DicyaninDye he was told he was not cleared high enough to obtain it.

Dicyanin Dye has “special” properties. If you make a window using two panes of glass with Dicyanin Dye between and look into it you can see the Astral

World directly. Now, if you are a psychic or meditation student, you can see the Astral World too but this dye allows ANYONE to see it. Now you see why it has a higher security rating than Heroin. If people could buy this simple dye [freely available in the 1940’s] they could prove to themselves and anyone else the existence of another Plane of reality.

Private researchers used Dicyanin Dye before the Government locked it away in the 1940’s. This gives an approximation of the time when the decisions were being made to censor all available knowledge so that new generations could be “programmed”

into a belief system that was manufactured by the Government and which had no relation to true reality.

What’s the Deal with Dicyanin & Dr. Kilner?



Dr. Walter Kilner was a distinguished British physician in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who became one of the first radiologists in practice. In 1911, he published The Human Atmosphere, a book about his experiences and observations using a certain coal tar dye to enhance the ability to see the human aura. The book was reissued in 1921, shortly after his death, as The Human Aura, and remains today one of the best collections of detailed, candid observations of the aura available in the West.


Seeing the aura & techniques on how to enhance that ability are near to my own heart, as I can see the auric field around people and magical objects to a certain degree. It is clear to anyone who is an experienced Witch, Magician, or Occultist, that being able to sense what we call the aura is a vital ability, whether those sensations are interpreted by the brain and mind as visual or otherwise. This ability allows one to deal with the Inner forces directly, with no intermediaries or reflectors (such as Tarot cards, Rune sticks, etc.)


Beyond that audience, if it were possible to offer definite, physical, reproducible proof of the existence of the human aura, there would be a revolution in scientific thinking about our own nature, the nature of the Universe, and our place within it. Not only that (as if that weren’t enough!,) there would be vast areas of research and understanding open to us that are now closed.


Researcher George Andrews, in his book EXTRATERRESTRIAL FRIENDS AND FOES
[ILLUMINET PRESS., P.O. Box 2808., Lilburn, GA 30226] quotes a statement made by
Valdamar Valerian, director of LEADING EDGE RESEARCH:

“…A friend of mine and four of his friends experimented with crystalline structures a
year or two ago (mid-1980’s - Branton), and they figured out how to cut them along
certain planes so they could actually see the aura or energy field around people.
That’s when they discovered that all people aren’t ‘people’, or the people they thought
they were. It appears that some E.T. humanoids have a dark blue ovoid aura.
(Note: Aura cameras developed by Chuck Shramek — yes, the same Chuck Shramek
of the ‘Hale-Bopp Companion’ controversy — and others clearly show the 7 multi-colored
‘chakra’ points of the human soul/spirit matrix. Presumably since reptilians have NO
soul, they would have NO multicolored auric field. - Branton). It so happens that all the
people they checked that met this criteria also wore dark glasses and made every
attempt to act like they really wanted nothing to do with people in general.

“They followed one of these people out into the desert where he evidently had a
trailer. After waiting until dusk, they made a pretense of needing help and knocked
on the door. After a short while, the light went on and the man came to the door.
OF CIRCLES. It works. The only trouble is that it costs $2,000 to put a pair of those



Utsava - Patreon


George Kavassilas:


Elizabeth April

White powder gold



Super Soldier Summit:

  • Seems to have stopped




  • Bho Hallard
  • Krystal Suhren


Charlie Freak

Charles Ward

Del Bigtree

Other toxic substances:

  • Like PFOA
  • In theory can’t be removed from people / the environment

Gregory Hallett

JC Kay

Kerry Cassidy


Mark Steele

Gene (CirstenSW - YT)


Ole Dammegard

Sacha Stone

Ted Mahr

  • Galactic Wisdom
  • Guides
  • Former presidents - anything they’d like me to know and would they like to give me input into what I’m doing?
  • Time travel
  • Help the Hopi

Mount Shasta:

Machu Picchu

  • Sept 2021


  • Shutruce?


  • Adama (High Priest)
  • 100 miles beneath Mount Shasta


  • Talking to the other side

UK corporation guy


  • Fund any projects he wants to

Moon matrix:

  • Testing the Moon Matrix (multiple cameras)
  • Pro 77(7?) - Lunar waves

AI systems:

  • Tyler AI
  • Randonautica
  • Replika


  • Show how to do properly
  • Where does he order from etc
  • Part of any ceremonies?

Psychic readers

Ted Mahr:

  • Psychic phone to the higher realms
  • Other projects with the galactics
  • Direct contact in White House


Gary Bashford + Trevor Mealham:

Charlie Ward:

  • Lots of contacts
  • People come to him
  • Gesara Club (connect with the people on that page)

Robert David Steel:

  • OIA
  • Open-source engineering

Bill Binney:


Brendon O’Connell:

Mark Devlin:

  • People who have come together as independent researchers
  • Legal action
  • e.g. Michael O’Bernicia

Jason Shurka:

Patrick Bergy:

Dr David Martin:

  • Linguistic genomics

Martin Geddes:

John Paul Rice:

Zach Vorhies

Glenn Beck:

Richard Balducci:

George Nasif:

  • Hacker
  • Says NESARA is Cabal
  • Good hacker info, though
  • Apparently linked to Trump
  • Says to stay away from Wikileaks files as they have loads of malware in them
  • Will scan them and remove that code


Brian Rose


Tristan Harris:

Chamath Palihapitiya:

  • Former VP of growth (FB)


Dr Jordan Peterson:

  • No to personal mandating pronouns
  • Look into him more first, just in case
  • Feel that he could offer some valuable insight with psychology knowledge
  • Not looking for just any psychologist
  • Actively want to create an IT platform that helps encourage healthy interactions and personal responsibility
  • Through positive reinforcement of positive actions, rather than chastising / criticisms
  • Saw on Edge of Wonder episode on cancel culture
  • Mention overall goals of Vision5


Jason Shurka:

  • TLS
  • The Pyramid Code (TO READ)
  • Work together to help realise that mission
  • We’ll have the marketing platform down the line to reach tons of people


Adrienne Youngblood:


Charlie Ward:

  • OIA
  • Contacts for money in various countries (people that he trusts)
  • Business contacts in different countries
  • Philanthropic projects in various countries
  • Dragon Family (deals with guy married to the daughter of the Dragon Family)




Aurora Felesky:


Med beds


Dan Eckland




Donnie Yen


John + Irina Mappin:


Dr Andrew Kaufman

Dr Rashid Buttar

Dr Zach Bush:

Dr Samuelson:

  • Asea
  • Worked with Zach Bush

Dr Robert Young:

  • Fasting - how long is long?
  • Apple cider vinegar - beneficial or not?
  • Antioxidants - false info, actually want oxidants / oxidizing agents
  • Structured water (H3O2)
  • Alkaline / distilled water - good/bad for body
  • Alkaline water - how not neutralized in stomach?
  • Meningitis - how contagion works in that instance

New York

ASM. Jamel Holley:

  • Roselle, NJ
  • Was on The Highwire
  • Seems open-minded



  • Candace Owens
  • Brandon Tatum
  • Mention that system setting up will help give a more level playing field for everyone (especially the poorest), as well as making it more attractive to be entrepreneurial / get off your ass



  • Agro harmony HEAL
  • 3D printing (housing)
  • Costa Rica
  • Platforms for collaboration
  • Duplicate / adapt successful projects in other parts of the world
  • Put together vast range of ideas / guides to help inspire others (and make presentable)
  • We will be funding earth projects all round the world (Planet5)
  • Contacts
  • Cruise ship schools (copy, but do different ideas)
  • Infrastructure projects


Michael Wilson:

  • Cyber security undergrad
  • Peru, tech for farmers


Del Bigtree:

  • Informed Concent Action Network
  • 2025 Guadalupe Street
  • 512-677-6726



Zach Bush:

Robert Young:

  • All disease is caused by ‘acidic waste’ (including EMF)

Y’azhi Swaruu Tasherit:

  • Time (how to alter with mind)
  • Y’azhi D’Jedi Ronin

Other questions:

  • Are black holes and stars inverses?
  • Portals?
  • Out-point depend on movements around galaxy / universe because of changing equivalences of locations because of the summing of all the various frequencies and harmonics?



WWG1WGA (Telegram):

  • People that have expressed an interest
  • RevolutionOne / Vision5

Beautiful Change

  • @DawnBreaking
  • +44 7580 908563


Showed an interest


Once again the projects for the world I’ll be working in! 🌟🌟I am looking for people who have projects who want to collaborate instead of us all working independently to do our projects. My team has the following projects: ⭐️Enlightened education with seminars ready, ⭐️Enlightened health system = Multidimensional quantum Healing = accelerated awakening and healing + seminars including certified life coach platform= Golden Age Academy, ⭐️New green technlogy in all sections, water , air, earth, organic food production and how to clean the soil fast from all poisons, methods to grow veggies and salads in 4 to 6 weeks even in desert ⭐️Free energy, etc - ⭐️Humanitarian projects of all kind , animal rescues and wild life protection, reforestation - etc. ⭐️Enlightened Management those who feel to be leader of a line - place section with innovative ideas , any dream and vision to make the world a better place with relative projects - hunger management ⭐️Healthy eco construction -social housing new city shapes in harmony with earth energies- ⭐️Healing - retreat centers of all kind, every section has sub sections ⭐️Enlightened comminicaton - TV, Radio Media paltforms - ⭐️How to bring the different religions under One DOME to learn from each other and step out of religious manipulation and lies as truth is within all but hidden, ⭐️All the comon ideas of foundations for special groups- like mistreated children —- animals etc- ⭐️Enlightened use of funds and more … ⭐️International festivals - music art and dance projects - ⭐️Infrastructures ⭐️Inventions ⭐️We will all work together to create an enlightened life power all over the planet but independently in our regions as light workers activities. We want to create a worldwide network of projects being embedded in a new light matrix activating the matrix by activating the own divine self. We are going to Thrive instead of survive! ⭐️

  • Platform5 platforms
  • UnityProjects


  • @lizbarnes

Montana Sky

  • @MontanaSky

Sylvia Trainor

  • 2 months out, collaborate with Holly
  • Very detailed plan in Liberia


Economic stuff:

  • Joseph P Anthony

Economy5 / Money5

Larry Fink:

  • CEO of Black Rock
  • Chairman of FED as of March 2020

Russell J Gould



Company expenses

Pay for everything through Imhotep:

  • Maybe think of

Foundation owns it:

  • Not me
  • Need to make sure I pay with the right card
  • Ditto with all the electronics



Chez Lio:



Family Office


  • Change all my signups from to or




  • Justice, transparency, level playing field
  • Not wealth distribution


Chat 1

Salty Toes 👣, [29.11.19 17:38]
OK and pls don’t share due to Mark did share it on one of his first streams and never read or said anything again. Mark is a writer selling his writing to others. Then he connected with several people in this. He kept digging and got way to the top of news. Then world wide. People contacted him in high places. That gave him the contacts to vet and get truth. He would post rarely and was always a wow stand out.

Then started his chats. The UST and then Wells Fargo group contacted and he has the docs…asking him to be their voice.

Salty Toes 👣, [29.11.19 17:40]
He is connected with so many in the UST and all over. So he is the golden egg with truth. Big time info and never spills it all. He shared some with others for them to share and again…he took zero credit for it

Then today he did say more and what he has is truth vetted so hearing others now repeat in their words what Mark already has and shared.

Marcus Clyne, [29.11.19 17:41]
Was he delving into truthing topics?

Salty Toes 👣, [29.11.19 17:41]
I have a guy trying to get to Mark to call him because of his contacts and up to Trump..Mark still hasn’t called him

Marcus Clyne, [29.11.19 17:41]

Salty Toes 👣, [29.11.19 17:41]
United States treasury

Marcus Clyne, [29.11.19 17:42]

Marcus Clyne, [29.11.19 17:43]
So someone with contacts up to Trump wants Mark to call him, but Mark hasn’t yet?

Salty Toes 👣, [29.11.19 17:43]
The Wells Fargo group was General 64
Mark has info…He showed me…where the Chinese were taking over about a year ago to now called the Wells Fargo group due to issues

Marcus Clyne, [29.11.19 17:43]
Just not interested in dealing at that level?

Salty Toes 👣, [29.11.19 17:43]
Nope. Mark never has called

Marcus Clyne, [29.11.19 17:43]

Marcus Clyne, [29.11.19 17:43]
Fair play.

Salty Toes 👣, [29.11.19 17:43]
He lays low and I have told him the guy keeps asking me

Salty Toes 👣, [29.11.19 17:44]
Mark is a stand alone golden egg


Brent Johnson:

Toll-free at 888-385-3733 that’s 888-385-FREE
Brent Johnson’s Office # (606) 313-5405
Brent Johnson website
Brent Johnson
Brent Johnson
Brent Johnson call Tuesday evening at 9pm EDT 605-313-5405 Pin 888316# Replay number 605-313-4103 Pin 888316#
Brent Johnson’s Book: The American Sovereign link:


For anyone wanting to join Nick Flemings RV Intel Telegram Groups to get his intel directly - Here are the link two links:

  1. Fleming’s Intel TG Channel ( no comments available) -

  2. Fleming’s Questions Only TG Page ( no chat allowed)

Fleming Gold Miners Group (Fleming’s Group Link)


Fleming Humanitarian Group


Q1 - Do you need to be part of a group to redeem ZIM?

Q2 - Is the 1:1 rate for Zim mean that $100T (ZIM) = $100M (USD)

Q3 - Will the 1:1 rate be available for all ZIM exchanges in the UK? If so, is there any need to prepare a presentation for the humanitarian projects I have in mind?


Oxford Street

Exchange machines


Blood work:

  • Test to see if I’m deficient in anything
  • B’s?

Hair transplant

Dr William Lindsey:

  • McLean, Virginia


Combined Honoponopono 1:

1 - Try to look through of others words for the meaning from the other person’s point of view
2 - Don’t lash out because I’m triggered (understanding that triggers are self-reflections of lack of my healing, and things I need to work on)
3 - Try to empathize with the other person and be more compassionate
4 - Don’t ever put the other person down - doing so is just my own insecurities / weaknesses
5 - Try to focus only on the positives of the other person, to help manifest those in my reality
6 - Lift the other person up wherever possible
7 - If asked for feedback, be thoughtful and do so from a positive energy point of view
8 - If I’m triggered in any way, then work on that healing separately


  • Try to turn everything into a positive for everyone on the spot

Language Learning




Verbal Planet:

Offshore formation


Lisa Renee:




Recode music

Quantum Grammar


The World’s Smallest Political Quiz



Patrick Jacob


7 sacred flames


7 sacred flames


  • St Germaine
  • Day:



  • Toxic memories, as well as pain & trauma
  • Push evil down

Saphire Blue:

  • Saint Michael
  • Burns away darkness that has been sent, and provides PROTECTION
  • Clears & heals

Emerald Green:

  • Archangel Raphael
  • Wednesday

4-step process

1) Envisage light above / call ascended master to assist

2) Bring into body and spin

3) I want to transmute xyz with the x flame

  • On all dimensions
  • On all levels
  • Through all time and space
  • Past, present and future

4) Transmute this into the light / joy / …

3-fold flame:

  • Heart
  • Blue / pink / yellow

Astral travel

Elevator technique:

  • Elizabeth April
  • Metatron
  • Press button for where you want to go in the universe
  • Willy Wonka’s elevator?


Activations / affirmations

Becky Parkes

  • I love myself (north, earth, physical body)
  • I forgive myself (east, air, mental body)
  • I heal myself (south, fire, spiritual body)
  • I free myself (west, water, emotional body)
  • Gut
  • Heart
  • Head

Blossom Goodchild

  • I am the love
  • I am the light
  • I am the truth
  • I am

Elizabeth April

  • I am in a perpetual state of appreciation
  • I choose to disengage my reptilian DNA so that I have full sovereignty over every aspect of my reality

Light warrior:

  • Breathwork (3D)
  • Light weapons (4D)
  • Vibrational intentions (5D)


Jennifer Whittington, [02.04.20 15:34]
Activations that I am doing… Sorry got tied up yesterday..

Jennifer Whittington, [02.04.20 15:34]

Jennifer Whittington, [02.04.20 15:35]
Love, love, love that! it is a paid subscription. thought I could download something for you but I can’t.

Jennifer Whittington, [02.04.20 15:35]
check out the trial though as that is something I am looking into for meditation.

Jennifer Whittington, [02.04.20 15:35]
Check them out.

Jennifer Whittington, [02.04.20 15:38]
I am also doing my Atlantis Reiki Attunments but I can’t send you those…

Jennifer Whittington, [02.04.20 15:38]!Auq8RJEjRxFXgrMULM9vxZ1iYo1pAQ?e=KXmRgr

Jennifer Whittington, [02.04.20 15:39]!Auq8RJEjRxFXgrMVNbXOTKuoYEg27w?e=iTmhts

Juan O Savin

I command my spirit to take the thoughts in my head and put them into my heart.

I command my spirit to increase my life force energy


Body affirmations:

  • My body is healthy
  • My body is beautiful
  • My body is fit
  • My body is strong
  • My body is a temple

Body commands:

  • You are fit
  • You are healthy
  • You are strong
  • You are beautiful
  • You are a temple

Praying Medic

  • Jesus I ask you to take the anger/X from me
  • I ask you to heal the wound in my soul
  • I received your healing

Tara Love Perry

By the power of absolute Love, I now command myself into alignment with Divine / Sovereign Law, and I choose that everything in my reality is in harmony with that vibration. I choose to align myself with others of that place.

By the power of absolute Love, I choose to come home to the truth and I choose all those in my reality to come home to their place of unconditional Love and highest truth too.

I command you to [speak your truth] from the power of absolute Love (/ Source / whatever)

Ted Mahr

Remove surface implants:

54321, I receive from the god within me complete ownership and control over all negative implants within me and nothing and no one can negatively influence or control me and I know it to be true

Galactic federation:

  • Hue x3
  • Hand on heart


Create folder with written:




Mother, Teacher, Doctor Ayahuasca. Keep away from my mind, my heart, my spirit and body; all the things that may harm me and others, protect me. May the hard things to understand become easy to my understanding.

Take me to your magical world; give me wisdom, a lot of love and strength. Heal what it is you need to heal in me, teach me what you have to teach me, Mother, Teacher, Doctor Ayahuasca. There are things I deserve to know, there are things I deserve to ignore. Everything is about deserving.

Protect my beloved ones and protect me. May you good source not vanish from myself.

So be it – Ancient and Wise Lady



Muaisa Hale Pule:


Crystal Roots:




Third eye activation

Wim Hof



Hands on cards:

  • Put hand on card
  • Red/black?
  • Practise


I hereby delete, nullify and void all contracts that do not serve my best and highest good.


Energy healing

Ildiko Scurr

Jessica Woods

Dee-Taylor Mason



Arcturians / crystalline grid

Divine Light Ignite:

Light codes

  • Metatronic
  • Lots of others?

Kundalini awakening

Merkaba / lightbody

Theta brainwave:

Third eye activation


  • Stimulate pineal gland

Moon Matrix deprogramming


  • Help to deprogram the AI programs?
  • Feel a difference with it


  • What see?
  • Death Star or ‘moon’?

Disconnect from moon:

  • What does that entail?
  • Can it be done today?


  • 12 of them
  • What does each one look like?
  • When disconnect from the Moon, does that mean we’ll be able to go and visit them?


  • AA Michael …
  • Machines, or real beings?
  • Ascended masters etc - real or machines?


  • Can she talk to Gaia
  • Ask Gaia if she knows what I’m doing
  • Ask her if she would like me to be in regular contact with her to speed up the cleansing from our level
  • Can she help me connect to Gaia more on a conscious level?

Black sphere:

  • Go there to disconnect people from the Moon
  • What happens there?
  • Can she teach me how to get there / protect myself etc?

Asking the body:

  • How does that work?

Divine masculine:

  • Not much
  • Mostly just AI programs?

Relationship balance:



Grow light body





Tribal gathering:

  • Panama


Becky Barron


  • Chip out from behind belly button
  • AI programs / implants
  • Back (emotional trauma?)
  • Trauma?
  • Anything left over from vaccines took years ago (e.g. metal on the brain)?
  • Exit the Matrix
  • 7 chakra system removal?
  • Anything in particular to prevent them coming back?
  • Webbing over light body?
  • Any parts of my belief structure that come from the walls of the Matrix, and if so, can she remove them?
  • Simon Parkes - black magician


  • Heart of Gaia in UK
  • Where? Glastonbury?
  • How use to beneficial effect?

Which energy system?:

  • Which energy system of Gaia am I connected to?
  • Higher / lower energy?

Reiki symbols:

  • Do I have any attached to me?

Pineal gland:

  • Important in journeying or not?

Astral traveling:

  • Am I connected enough to my heart energy to be able to travel like her
  • How start to do that?
  • Will now be able to astral travel etc?
  • Anything to help unblock me being able to astral travel / view things with third eye


  • Any liquid metals on the brain from previous vaccinations?
  • If so, can she remove them?
  • Anything else on brain that needs clearing?
  • Brain damage from drugs / alcohol in the past?


  • Move forward by 30 mins each day
  • Bad habits
  • Reduce blue light
  • Anything in particular that could do to correct that, or just me with my habits?


  • In general is it a bad thing?
  • From the watchers / Matrix?

Paul Bryant:

  • Genuine healer
  • Being manipulated by Matrix?


  • Gas chambers - Auschwitz - or installed after WWII?
  • Mud floods
  • Tataria / previous civilization / abandoned cities?

Inner Earth:

  • Raptors
  • Anshar?
  • Other beings


  • Debbie Solaris (what’s she connecting to?)
  • Meghan Rose
  • Corey Goode
  • David Wilcock


  • Deficiency?
  • Thought process?


  • Real?
  • Just a fake light programme?


  • Got a big project to help make the world a better place, and we have financial backing
  • Would like to help Gaia to rise
  • Would like to get regular guidance from her on where she’s like us to do things and what to do
  • Want to learn how to connect with her directly, rather than go through Becky / others

Hair loss;

  • Scalping entered consciousness
  • My grandfather?
  • Can she help reverse it?


  • Find The Light (Becky Barron)

Eric Raines

Ivan Teller

Debbie Solaris

Debbie other readings

Pitolla Arcturian:

  • Ambassador?
  • When watching Arcturian grieving father, described Arcturus, and the colours in the sky resembled drawings I used to do when I was little - sunset
  • Responsibility, big roles - that resonated
  • Water-restorative - I ground in the sea
  • Analyzing, science, deep soul - everything resonated
  • Really jumped out at me, and could help explain why she resonates with me so much
  • Communicate in multiple languages
  • Creative
  • Don’t generally feel sadness (happy all the time, now - mum too)
  • Get hard shit out the way, then have an easy life
  • Dante’s inferno - hit rock bottom when I was in Bolivia (2016) - amusing story
  • Sexuality - overboard - 2/day every day on average (4/5 often) for months, then most days - loads of experimentation, hehe
  • 12.23 on the cell phone - see this all the time
  • Adaptable - do anything well
  • Communication skills
  • Very sensitive - read energy
  • Quirky-looking (odd head shape)

Multi-dimensional soul:

  • Lyra-Kitty
  • My experience with lots of different soul groups make me ideal for this
  • In this incarnation, I’ve lived in 7 different countries, each with a unique culture / language / dialect
  • Broke off from oversoul
  • Feel that I’m a bit different than most here - higher / more holistic perspective
  • Experiencing parallel souls simultaneously
  • Lifetimes in past / present / future
  • Astral planing - not noticed that so much myself, but given what I’m doing, would make sense more experiences / sensing the future before it’s happened
  • Doesn’t resonate quite as much as the comments about Arcturus, though
  • Multi-dimensional life in future?
  • Engineer
  • Brought in to strengthen current systems
  • Not quite for me - more creating new paradigms


Debbie Solaris (Akashic):

My soul:

  • Where is it from originally?
  • Lyra resonates with me / Vega
  • Arcturian also kind of resonates a bit
  • What dimension is my soul?
  • What dimension is my avatar?
  • Inception point?

Soul template:

  • First incarnation
  • Most incarnations on Earth
  • Opposite in this lifetime (end of planetary cycle)?


  • Originally said Lyran-Arcturian
  • Anunnaki-Orion-Arcturian

Soul history:

Past lives:

  • Elizabeth I
  • Salem Witch Trials / witches
  • Ancient Egypt - Imhotep?
  • Hawaii?
  • Victim of child sex trafficking / perpetrator?
  • Animals? Dolphins?
  • Oppressed / freedom violated (triggered during covid)
  • Hawaii (Maui in particular)
  • Taygeta?
  • South America during independence wars?

Arcturian traits:

  • Weight issue
  • Back
  • Not integrated well with human body
  • Until learned lesson


  • Vegan
  • Is it better for me to eat meat again?
  • Eggs?

Immersion pod:

  • Am I in one?
  • Soul enter naturally?
  • What frequency before entering?


  • Mum
  • Dad


  • Do I have any karmic baggage?
  • How can I release it?
  • Just do what I’m doing in this lifetime?

Birth marks:

  • Belly - several spots
  • Killed in a past life?

Higher self:

  • Name
  • Oversoul - name

Animal incarnations:

  • Ever had my oversoul/guide incarnate as an animal to help teach me something?


  • How many at this time?
  • Human / ET?
  • Parallel self?


  • Know that I should do it more
  • Often just don’t feel like it
  • Will the desire to meditate more just come with time?


  • Starseed vs angelic - what’s the difference?


  • Am I part of the 144k ascended masters?

Incarnations on Earth:

  • How many?


  • Should they be avoided?
  • Any types that should be avoided, e.g. cut off energy channels?


  • For most of adult life 25 hours a day
  • Is that just because of bad habits
  • Or is it also partly due to lives on other planets


  • Go to shamen to start with
  • If I do it on my own, what things do I need to do first to protect myself etc
  • Was thinking about ordering it from Peru
  • Using as a kickstart to help me be able to astral travel without it
  • Good idea?
  • Anne - good person to learn from?
  • OK to do it myself?
  • If do it myself, what should I do beforehand / after to protect myself in the right way?
  • Go to a shamen first before doing it myself?

Birth mark:

  • Right-belly
  • Killed in past life?


  • Helpful for connecting with higher self?
  • Don’t want to disempower myself


  • Do I still jump between 3rd/5th timeline or just 5th now?
  • If no, when did I stop jumping?
  • Is there a unity consciousness timeline too?
  • Huge numbers of collective timelines or basically just 2/3?

Why my mission:

  • Karma from previous lifetime?
  • Connected to being involved in the fall of Atlantis / Lemeuria?

My mission:

  • Is this the first time I’ve had a mission to do something so big/important for a planet?
  • What things have I done that were deemed good preparation for something like this?

Past lives:

  • Did I ever incarnate as anyone notable in history?
  • Imhotep?
  • Any of the countries I’ve lived for a long time (Turkey, France, Bolivia, US, Chile, Argentina)?
  • Indigenous community connection?
  • Lemeuria / Egypt?
  • Male / female?
  • Elizabethan times?

Events/my soul:

  • 13th March, felt by 20th ish calmness (soul walk in?)
  • 5th August - when said goodbye that evening had what I think was a kundalini awakenings (felt all the chakras go) - was it?
  • Multiple souls, or mixed or walking or something?
  • Multiple times (went to uni, post uni, in Bolivia - felt that the calm part of me went, then returned)
  • Was that to help give me lessons, or release karma, or something else
  • Do I have any karma left to heal, or has that been done now (if not, can she help me?)


  • Solstice June 21st 2014
  • Was that my shift into 4th density consciousness / threshold (or at least something that showed I’d moved into it)
  • Social-memory complex in LoO terms
  • Will have a 5th density equivalent?


  • Got a lower back problem
  • Is it from nerve damage?
  • Past life issue?
  • Do I have an energy block?
  • Past life issues?
  • Unreleased depression?
  • How can I fix it?
  • Acupuncture?
  • How long?
  • Healing bed?
  • Find a healer
  • My own consciousness (if so, how to find)
  • Protandim will fix it?
  • Healing (e.g. Mount Shasta / Adama)

Higher self:

  • Can she connect with my HS?
  • What do I need to do to connect more with my HS?


  • Lost memories of an abduction?
  • Anything else?
  • Don’t remember forgetting anything, just checking

Astral travel:

  • Will I be able to astral travel soon?
  • How long will it take me if I work hard?
  • What should I do to help with that?
  • Is it part of my blueprint to astral travel to meet the GFL etc?

Higher self:

  • What’s my soul name?
  • How should I connect? (say name three times?)

Spirit animals:

  • What spirit animals do I have?

Unlocking DNA:

  • How many strands of DNA do I have unlocked?
  • How can I unlock more of them?


  • Wife (say anything about her - soul mate? / twin flame?)
  • Kids
  • Intergalactic stuff related to Vision5 (separate reading?)

Dimensional split:

  • How much is the Earth in 5D/3D? (percentages)
  • How much am I?

Twin flame:

  • Was it indeed my twin flame?
  • Do I have any more incarnated right now?
  • Is it meant to be with her?

Connecting with ET races:

  • As part of what I’m doing, I’ll need to connect with more ET races to help establish the open contact between other races and here
  • Can she help with this?

My guides:

  • Names
  • Race
  • How long been with me?


  • Can she look a bit into the lineage of my mum
  • Did she have a mission - give me the right childhood and support for what I’m going to be doing?
  • Did she and I have other lifetimes together?
  • Can she clear anything for her - karma
  • Anything that I can to do help her as a soul
  • I want to thank her higher self, and her guides


  • Paternal grandfather, that was a doctor
  • Was he really going to be the Queen’s gynacologist, or was that just something my aunt told me?
  • Do I have any lifetimes when we were otherwise connected

Cosmic Agency:

  • Do the Taygetans know about what I’m doing and do they want me to reach out now or later?
  • Are there other groups that want to interact with me?
  • Do I need to be the one to find them all, or are there ways to facilitate those interactions - internet portal? (Set up by us?)

Past lives:

  • Do I have a cohesive DNA/skeletal structure to remember them?
  • Is there anything in particular that I need to do to activate them?


  • Any DNA activations in particular that I need to do at this time?


  • Throat
  • Lower back
  • Cupping good?


  • Help with purging?
  • Help with connecting to guides?


  • Do I still have karma that I need to close the loop of?
  • If so, what do I need to do?
  • Want to get to the point of no latent karma (at least on Earth)

ET races / R1:

  • In contact for the project
  • Anything active that I should be doing, or will they just come to me at the right time?

Donald Trump:

  • Later on
  • When invited to the White House
  • Ask if it’s possible to connect to his Higher Self
  • Ask if he would like me to connect to DT at a level other than just physical
  • Is there anything that I can say that ordinarily I wouldn’t/shouldn’t know that only he would know that I connected to his higher self in spirit

Solar flash:

  • Genuine?
  • Estimated timeline (later this year, in a number of years)?


  • Humanity from the future (ala CG)


  • Mum’s brother
  • Can she tell me a bit about him?


  • Any other past lives with any of my other family members?

Drug overdose:

  • Did I actually die and decide to come back because I wasn’t finished with my mission?
  • Is there an alternative timeline when I just died?
  • Can my mum in this timeline feel the pain of that timeline?
  • Is there anything that I can do to ease her suffering in that timeline?

Back issue:

  • How heal?
  • Protandim?
  • Healing centre (bed, Keshe?)
  • Can I do it now, or do I have to wait?


  • Will I have kids
  • Are any of the souls that will be my kids there?
  • Anything that they want to tell me now?
  • Know what they will be doing? (e.g. healing?)


  • Remember missions to contact ET races
  • Set up more meetings / alliances for UnityGalactic

Future readings:

  • Should I have semi-regular ones? (like once a year?)
  • Just when I feel it?
  • Will regular readings help advance me quicker?

Bolivia - pass out:

  • A couple of times I basically passed out when I was drunk, and got robbed
  • The second time was using a mix of the almost pure alcohol, mixed with lots of soda
  • As a result of the second one, I finally got myself into action and went home to the UK
  • Was me passing out entirely due to my actions, or did one of my guides/higher self do something to affect me so that it kicked me into action?

Bolivia - cons:

  • Jose
  • Maca
  • Soul contracts?
  • I wish to thank them for their service, and I wish them no ill in this life / another

Astral traveling:

  • Set intention (each night?)
  • Other advice
  • I sometimes remember my dreams, but it’s rare
  • Can’t remember if it was more when I was meditating more regularly or not
  • Classes online that she can recommend?
  • A little more challenging because I’m more left-brain?
  • Try to remember one thing

Akashic records:

  • 3D/5D - heard of the two types
  • How does she visualize them?

Block to development:

  • Connect better with guides
  • Also higher realms
  • Need to meditate more
  • Shifting focus in 2020 - up more med
  • Aya help / hinder?


  • Soul reintegration
  • Connect with him
  • My guides say that I should do this?


  • Ship experience?
  • Will I have something like that?

Twin flame:

  • I met someone that thought we were twin flames
  • I felt she had an attachment
  • Was she my twin flame?
  • Do I have a twin flame incarnated here at this time?
  • If so, will I meet them?

After death:

  • Is my soul going to go up to a higher dimension/density?
  • Is this common for the star seeds here?
  • Am I going to have some important leadership role?

Me accessing akashic records:

  • Can I access them easily myself?
  • Will I ever in this lifetime?

Discomfort in the idea of public-speaking:

  • Is there a block that I have with regards to public speaking that could be lifted?
  • If it’s just a matter of inner work, that’s fine

Fear of heights:

  • Have a strong reaction to seeing heights, even on TV
  • Not vertigo, but not normal either
  • Did I die from being at a great height, once?

Don’t want to be famous:

  • Any reason in particular?
  • Aversion to ego because I used to be arrogant?

My true name:

  • What’s my true name from a soul perspective?
  • I assume it’s not Marcus

Help bring out spiritual side:

  • 6th D ball of light
  • Anything else to bring out my 5D/above skills quicker
  • Protection
  • Or are my guides saying this isn’t the right time, or not the right thing to do?
  • Clearing
  • Help me to go up to higher dimensions during meditation

Healing of others:

  • Jose
  • Maca
  • Thank them for their sacrifice, because it was likely a soul contract
  • Check whether or not it was a soul contract
  • If I can forgive them in some way to help them now, that I’d like to do that

Soul quest tour:

  • Tour of lots of parts of the world that wanted to visit before but couldn’t for various reasons
  • Ayahuasca, shamanic rituals etc
  • Writing up Plan5 at the same time
  • Feel I need to do this for me before I dedicate the rest of my life to helping others
  • Was thinking about 6-9 months
  • Can my guides tell me is that about the right time, longer, shorter?
  • Don’t want to rush, but also don’t want to procrastinate

Friend from Djibouti:

  • Soul mate?
  • Seems like we’re two peas off the same pod in many ways
  • Other past lives together?

Ben / Rob:

  • Do I have past lives with Ben and/or Rob from Edge of Wonder?

Akashic records and me:

  • Will I ever be able to read the AR like you?
  • Can you teach me how?
  • Do I need to do other things first?

Deliberately suppressing abilities?

  • Have I been deliberately suppressing abilities because it didn’t serve me so much in this life?
  • Am I still doing that now, because it’s better for me not to be that way
  • Or do I have a block
  • Or is there nothing stopping me (other than my own mind)?
  • Anything I can do to open things up?


  • Saw the odd things once
  • A few images, eyes kind of winking
  • Stopped meditating for various reasons
  • Feel like I should be developing
  • Don’t want to lie down, but back hurts
  • Want back to stop hurting first
  • I want to enjoy it more than I do


  • Would she say I’m a healer?
  • More psycho-emotional than physical?


  • How does that work?
  • Can I just say it, or do I have to do something else?
  • Intention to communicate with guides
  • Intention to communicate with Source/Papa

My guide:

  • Would she be willing to become my mentor / guide?

Akashic records:

  • How does that work?
  • Is it like a virtual library, where you select a book that you can see?
  • Would you say it’s just connecting to source?
  • Do you have to ask permission / be given permission to see the records of someone else?
  • Only for this galaxy / all galaxies / all universes? (Seems all universes)

Akashic records and me:

  • Don’t feel ready quite yet
  • Need to release other blocks and work on other things
  • Also reflect on precisely why I want to do it, and on the information that I’d obtain from it

Souls in general:

  • Has she looked into soulless humans?
  • AI robots, clones etc.
  • Any idea how many in the world
  • Swaruu mentioned 75% of people, which seems very high
  • Some souls start in 1st density, and some split off from source, and go down?

Soul personalities:

  • Does Source give interests / personality traits to souls?
  • Is a soul always a blank slate in the beginning?

Soul form:

  • Is a soul always an etheric entity?
  • Do rocks have souls? (1st density)
  • If a 6th dimensional soul incarnates as a 6th dimensional being, is its ‘higher self’ effectively just the etheric component of its self - with which it is directly connected anyway?
  • Do oversouls act like higher selves / guides too, or do they just leave it to the souls?

Soul forms:

  • Do souls always have a form?
  • Are souls in light body form?
  • Higher self has a light body?
  • Oversoul - different form?
  • Do souls come from oversouls?
  • After a soul returns to source, does it then split off from its oversoul, and become its own oversoul?


  • Said that someone used an Andromedan portal to travel
  • Was that that even soul / higher self can’t just go anywhere?
  • Depends on dimension, so at the top you can, but even as light bodies further down, you can’t


  • Are there lots of different ways that souls can be created?
  • Up from 1st?
  • Split off from higher-dimensions?
  • Other methods?

Souls and names:

  • How do souls have names?
  • Do they choose their own names?


  • Lyra / Vega rebuild
  • Will I be involved in that
  • Sounds awesome

Twin flames:

  • Are they two different parts of the same soul?
  • Can you have more than two, or none?
  • Are they just part of an oversoul?
  • Are they just soul contracts between two souls?
  • Do they ‘dance together’ through multiple lifetimes?
  • Is it possible to divide a soul, or is a soul indivisible?
  • Can you have more than one twin flame?
  • None?
  • Up to the soul?
  • Can you break twin-flame soul contracts?
  • Are twin flames usually from the same soul family?

Twin flames and parallel souls:

  • Are twin flames sometimes parallel souls?


  • Whole galaxy?
  • Whole universe?
  • Is this ascension on Earth really unique?


  • 12th dimension = galactic highest generally
  • Galactic responsibility
  • Beyond that - spanning galaxies?

Other galaxies:

  • Do souls often jump to different galaxies?
  • Do most souls at least stay in the same galaxy?
  • Lots from Andromeda?
  • Andromeda through Antares?


  • Different co-creators for different galaxies?
  • Presumably the other galaxies exist - they’re not just an illusion
  • Only seem to talk about this galaxy, Andromeda (thinking it might be the constellation, not the galaxy) and other universes - not other galaxies

Unity consciousness:

  • 6th dimension and above?
  • As a society, is that when everyone in the society has achieved unity consciousness?

Seeing my guides:

  • What can I do to see my guides?
  • What can I do to interact with them more?
  • Will I ever just interact with them / see them?

My guides:

  • Origins (similar or different?)
  • Have I had other lives with each of them?

Parallel timelines:

  • Are we living all the parallel timelines of our soul at the same time?
  • Is there just one timeline that we’re choosing to be on, and the others are just potential timelines?
  • When we die, will we be able to know what happens in all those parallel timelines?


  • How many dimensions are there? 12?
  • Can she explain them above this?
  • Is there a direct correlation between the dimension model and the density model in the Law of One?


  • Have the same form each time, or always different, or can have both?
  • What form do we have in the Astral / higher realms?
  • Shape as light body, for example


  • While there is no linear time, there still seems to be a progression of things
  • Does a soul have an order of their incarnations, e.g. this one first at this time, then this one at a second time
  • Once you die, and decide to go to the next one, then that itself creates an order - even if the lives themselves jump around in the sense of time we have here


  • Can you change your intelligence etc between lives?
  • Is this a choice before incarnating?

Back to source:

  • What happens after go back to source?
  • Can then create own universes / realities?
  • Differentiated identity at that stage, or not?


  • Yes / no?
  • Wanted to do it, and have done loads of similar drugs before - but before my awakening
  • I feel that it could help me trigger certain things / connect with certain entities that will be for my highest good (not negative ones / attachments like in the past)
  • Given where I am, would that now be positive - help me on my way a bit, or opposite effect?
  • Heard about entity attacks that way, but I’m not too worried because I’m already high vibration
  • Maybe should I put out an intention / prayer beforehand to ask for protection from Archangel Michael during the experience?
  • Would I be right in saying that if you’re already high vibe, then entity attachments aren’t really a problem?
  • If I need to put out a block, how does she recommend that I do that?
  • Peru, Machu Picchu, Costa Rica - any difference?


  • Are there any karmic problems from eating meat, especially organic?
  • Does it make a difference if I bless the food / animal before eating it?

History of universe:

  • Source > m/f > oversouls (monadic entities)

History of humanity:

  • Moon landings
  • ET’s deactivate the nuclear weapons? (1980s/90s)
  • ET’s not intervene on Earth because of free will / collective consciousness of humanity, or because Cabal threatened to blow up the world?


  • Another universe or another galaxy (or both)?


  • Did it explode about 12,500 years ago, or before?


  • Elon Musk - Alpha Centauri? Procyon?

Akashic records:

  • For every soul in every universe, or just this universe, or just this galaxy, or just Earth (even though it spreads outside Earth)

+Akashic Academy:

  • Part of UnityAcademy
  • Ahashic records part of UnityAcademy
  • We’ll put together lots of different works as part of a collective story
  • Eventually would like to fit it all together
  • If she’d like to be involved in helping put that together, it would be awesome
  • Presentation of different star species
  • I’d be happy to pay her to help coordinate that

+Akashic history work:

  • Also, would like to check on other Akashic record reads - check they’re telling the truth, etc
  • Would like to get a collection of trusted Akashic readers to check in themselves and see what they can see
  • If we do this for lots and lots of topics, backed up by many different Akashic readers that are trusted in the community, we can build up a reliable understanding of things that happened
  • We’ll ask readers to look things up a fresh, to try to gain new insight, and get them to write it down immediately afterwards / as they’re doing it
  • Would she like to quit her job and work full-time / part time with UnityOne? (or at least have it as a backup)

Humanity Upgrade:

  • Refer people to Vision5, UnityOne etc for people that might want to follow that path
  • Alabelo will fund GA projects

Reaching out to others:

  • Other people that might be interested in UnityOne

Debbie - question - Percentages of souls on Earth:


  • Total souls: 7.740B

Earther souls:

  • Earth souls: 46.32% (from 1st density or higher, and gone through evolution here)
  • Earther souls from animals: 1.3% (cats, elephants, … - jumped)

Negative souls (service to self, cut off from source):

  • 10.7% of world population
  • 0.2% of world population are evil souls
  • 10.5% of world population are lost souls


  • 62.7% > 51% positive
  • Needs to be >50% for ascension


  • Earth: 47.6% (12% negative)
  • Pleiades: 12.1% (9% negative)
  • Sirius: 10.2% (1% negative)
  • Nihal (indigo … diamond): 8.3% (almost all positive)
  • Mintaka (water world from belt of Orion): 3.8% (almost all positive)
  • Parallel dimension: 2.3% (2.3% negative)
  • Maldek: 1.9% (7% negative)
  • Mars: 1.5% (7% negative)
  • Spika (in Virgo): 1.8% (almost all positive)
  • Lyra (incl Vega): 1.8% (8% negative)
  • Hadar / Beta Centauri: 1.8% (16% negative)
  • Arcturus: 1.4% (3% negative)
  • Alpha Centauri: 1.2% (20% negative)
  • Polaris: 0.8% (7% negative)
  • Draconians: 0.8% (96.5% negative)
  • Andromeda Galaxy: 0.4% (all positive)
  • Procyon: <0.1% (almost all positive)
  • Venus: <0.0001%
  • Other: 2.8% (27% negative)

Arn Zingdad

Laron G Smith

Xi Earthstar Healer

Judi Cali

Anotnio Arillo


  • Patrick’s friend
  • Warrior, healer, magician
  • Clearing

Amy Satori


  • See Ted Mahr

David Ian Rogers:

George Kavassilis:

Elizabeth April

Kerry K

Magenta Pixie




  • Am I a map-maker?
  • Spent ages focusing on the Four Colour Theorem

Channeling my guides:

  • Can she help me to do that?
  • Help to trigger cellular memory?

Political Lightworker:

  • 2008
  • In the political system
  • JFK Jr?
  • Trump wasn’t in it back then (or was he)?


  • Lightworker?
  • Just for hope?
  • Puppet of the DS

Extra (Jen McCarty)

Lorie Ladd

Ted Mahr

  • See above
  • Also about Q




  • Merlin, Arthur, Ark of the Covenant


  • Very strongly guided to bring you into R1

Sharma Pillay




  • Check in on energy
  • Protection
  • Implants - increase DNA activations?
  • DNA activations?

Janet Raftis

Golden Light Guidance

Met through RV:

  • Gr8ful

Violet Flame:

  • Use to help unblock any energy blockages

Beverly Nation:

Simon Parkes


Daryl Anka

EA’s friend


  • Am I meant to connect to you so you can be a mentor?
  • If so, what do I need to do to be able to connect to him spiritually?




Practice surrounding yourself with your sovereign flame and asking to connect with the Christ energy. From the crown to the heart.

Tai Chi


Cupping therapy

Set an intention:

  • Surrender


Mimosa pudica:

  • Parasites

DNA activation

1) Pinpoint what’s not serving / want to change
2) Raise vibration
3) Ask for what you want

Emotional baggage

Burn paper

Take a sheet of paper, write down all negative situations you can remember starting when you were little. Work your way to now. When you are done, do not re-read them. Fold them.

Go outside and light them on fire. Make sure you burn every word.

Say these words, “I now bless these people, situations and emotions with pure source energy, pure love and light. I now release you, you go free and I go free.”


1) Raise your vibration
2) Start to listen (clear space)
3) Ask them for signs and not solutions


1) Recognize that there’s something to change
2) Confront it
3) Change it / react differently
4) Forgive
5) Release it

Make a different decision:

  • When you do this, you end the cycle


Neutralizing negative thoughts

Learn the lesson:

  • Will only attract negative reality from thoughts if need to learn from it


  • Inner child work
  • Dig deep
  • Love yourself
  • Diet + exercise
  • Listen to your body
  • Meditation
  • Past life regression therapy
  • Crystals
  • Cannabis …
  • Get rid of chemicals



  • Invisible to lower vibrations
  • Only when called
  • Otherwise don’t worry about it

Quantum leaping

1) Set an intention
2) Harmonize with that vibration
3) Repeat

Talk to body



Soul Quest


Stage 1 - Getting to Australia


  • Sydney (DDU, dentist)
  • Core RV location
  • Sydney

America (*ESTA):

  • California
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • New York
  • Colorado (Castle Rock, Boulder)
  • Orlando, FL (Aya)
  • Hawaii?

Stage 2 - Pacific Islands

Small islands

Flights from Brisbane:

  • Solomon Islands (Honiara, Qantas) (*VISA)
  • New Caledonia (Noumea, Aircalin) (no visa)

Flights from New Caledonia / Brisbane:

  • Vanuatu (Port Vila, Aircalin) (no visa)

Flights from Vanuatu / Brisbane / Auckland:

  • Fiji (Nadi, Air Vanuatu) (no visa)

Flights from Fiji:

  • Tuvalu (Nadi > Suva > Funafuti) (no visa)
  • Wallis and Futuna (Nadi > Wallis Island) (no visa)
  • Tonga (Nadi > Tongatapu, Fiji Airways) (no visa)
  • Samoa (Nadi > Faleolo, Fiji Airways) (no visa)

Flights from Samoa:

  • Hawaii (Honolulu)

Flights from Honolulu:

  • American Samoa (Pago Pago, Hawaiian Airlines) (no visa)

Flights from Auckland:

  • Niue (Niue Island, Air New Zealand) (no visa)
  • French Polynesia (Tahiti) (no visa)

No flights:

  • Pitcairn Islands

New Zealand (*ETA):

Stage 3 - Australia Tour

Stage 4 - Shipping camper

While shipping camper

Stage 5 - South / Latin America


  • Iquique
  • Antofagasta
  • Calama
  • Salar de Atacama


  • San Salvador de Jujuy
  • Salta


  • Tarija


Head down to Florianopolis:


  • Portuguese lessons?
  • Could just do online lessons


  • Ouro Preto

French Guyana









Costa Rica



El Salvador





  • Go up east coast?
  • Probably the safest

Border crossing - Colombia Bridge (Laredo)

Jorge: I’m a regular user of the highways that connects the Texas border. The safest crossing between Mexico and Texa is Colombia Bridge Border Crossing. This is the quickest and safest highway There is a cheap toll in advance (approximately $3 or $4 USD, can’t remember the exact amount). You can pay this using a major credit card.

Laredo is also a good option, but the traffic is heavy there (more during the Easter holiday), however Laredo is the shortest distance between Monterrey and Texas.

Another option is to use the toll road to Reynosa (it will cost around $15 USD) and cross into Texas using Anzalduas Bridge, using these last bridge you can avoid the Reynosa downtown area. Reynosa has a bad reputation on security issues.

If you are looking for a good stopping point, you can overnight in the McAllen/Harlingen area where you can find hotels starting at $40USD/night or she can overnight here in Monterrey that is full of affordable and comfortable hotels and drive straight to Houston the next morning without making stop on the Texas Valley area.

A final advice, never use the riverside highway that connects the Mexico’s border cities such as Laredo ,Mx-Reynosa-Matamoros. If you need to move around the Rio Bravo area, it’s better use the American Riverside Highway (Laredo,Tx-McAllen-Brownsville)

Stage 6 - North America






  • Do salsa lessons in each city that I go to in Australia, and maybe carrying on after that too
  • Sydney


  • New York
  • Colorado (Castle Rock, Boulder)
  • Orlando (Aya x 3)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Auckland
  • Tahiti
  • Auckland
  • Fiji
  • Bangkok (see Tim)
  • Hawaii (Honolulu)
  • LA (3 days max)
  • San Jose, Costa Rica (Aya x 5)
  • Cartagena (week, work)
  • Salento?
  • Popayan
  • Lima (seafood)
  • Cusco (Machu Picchu, Aya x 5, Nazca)
  • Puka puka / other in Peru
  • Lima
  • Quito
  • Galapagos
  • Guayaquil
  • Lima
  • Easter Island
  • Lima
  • Cayman Island, BVI (finish write-up)
  • Cuba
  • Miami
  • Houston
  • Colorado
  • New York




The Australian Centre for Adult Orthodontics & Orthopaedics
Dr Gareth Ho
Address: 38/650 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9261 2121



  • Guess if red/black


Virtual Assistant




  • Pay off her Faraday cage

True light:

The Exodus Road:

Craig Sawyer:

  • Contraland Documentary


PLV Smoothie

Handful Chopped Kale
Half handful Spinach
Slice of Avocado
4 Slices coconut oil-dipped bananas (frozen)
Handful Blueberries (frozen)
Half handful Walnuts
1 tablespoon cacao beans
1 tablespoon hemp seeds
1/3 cup Almond Milk
1/3 cup purified water
1 Teaspoon Manuka or raw honey

For extra boost to block heavy metals add cilantro & parsley

Blend well and drink every weekday as possible

Contributors: Jim Kwik, Mark Moon, PLV

Chicory drink

  • Energizing
  • Alkaline



Gold Silver





  • Nesta Webster (2 main books)



  • The Art of War ***
  • Plato - Six Great Dialogues
  • The Knowledge Book (Mevlana)






Light languages

Bec Hart:

  • Light language activations
  • One-on-one sessions to help progress
  • Learn more about them first


  • Hand positions


  • Ted Mahr
  • Juan O Savin


  • Left-right (elements)
  • isms
  • Nazi/fascism/left or right


Kundalini yoga:

  • Could help back?







Vegan Fitness:


  • Superfood powders
  • Protein powder



  • Ayahuasca
  • Drumming
  • Enter the spirit world
  • Learn about it first
  • Elizabeth Wilcock
  • Shamanic journey technique


Shipping internationally




Check out for a few weeks:

  • St Laurent in Plateau
  • Old Montreal
  • Montreal Downtown
  • Westmount
  • St Denis in Plateau
  • driving around the city
  • checking out some of the good food places
  • using the underground if you are going to use it to commute
  • walking around the city
  • a few grocery stores and do a bit of shopping





Lake Titicaca

Puerta de Hayu Marca: The Gate of the Gods




  • Go through FB recipe pages for websites


  • Aluminium egg poacher
  • Pressure cooker
  • Food processor
  • Juicer
  • Chopping boards
  • Paella dishes (various, home)
  • Pasta maker (home)
  • Wok
  • Frying pans (various sizes)
  • Non-stick frying pans (Recommended)
  • Rubber to put between pans
  • Pan to go in oven, too
  • Egg slicer
  • Mandoline (home)
  • Toaster oven
  • Electric potato peeler (commercial?)
  • Mincer
  • Sausage-maker
  • Chipper
  • Air fryer x2
  • Electric grill (large)
  • Sandwich toaster
  • Vegetable cutter box x2
  • Lecreuse pots (or similar, various sizes, Jap rice)
  • Fondu pots
  • Raclettes
  • Wooden bowls for rice
  • Japanese rice bowls
  • Huge chopping board (2ft x 3ft)
  • Pestle + mortar
  • Ziplock bags
  • Instant pot / pressure cooker
  • Large pressure cooker
  • Dehydrating machine
  • Rotating knife sharpener






  • Like table rice (20 mins + 10 sitting)
  • Transfer to large bowl (wooden)
  • Add rice vinegar (5 tbsp), sugar (2 tbsp) and salt
  • Be gentle, bit at a time, use a wooden spatula, use a slicing motion
  • Don’t beat or stir, as you’ll make it too sticky
  • Cover with a damp towl, and let it cool for 30-60 minutes




  • Put anything natural in (including nuts)




Prepared food



  • Coconut
  • Hemp
  • Fish
  • Olive
  • Flavoured oils
  • Look up recipes


  • Flax
  • Chia
  • Hemp
  • Bee pollen


  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder


  • Nutritional yeast (cheesy flavour)
  • Cream cheese


  • Soy sauce
  • Tamari (gluten-free soy sauce)


  • Krill


  • Avocados

Milks / liquids

  • Almond milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Coconut water



  • Soy curls


  • Garlic
  • Honey
  • Turmeric
  • Green tea
  • Thyme
  • Lemon
  • Cannabis oil
  • Pineapple
  • Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Coconut oil
  • Black seed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Soursop
  • Ginger



  • Reduces immune system
  • Increases chance of cancer
  • Not prevent disease (esp. in kids)


  • Kombucha tea (slightly alcoholic)
  • Wheatgrass (drink)


  • Kale
  • Garlic
  • Cacao
  • Sardines
  • Lentils
  • Avocados (daily)
  • Helps with electro conductivity
  • Helps with spiritual connection
  • Need to be spiritually mature
  • Vancouver Island Ormus




  • Pyramids under food/water





  • Shungite




  • Learning
  • Energetic cleansing
  • Centered


  1. Dancing
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. Fitness
  5. Grounding
  6. Keep up-to-date
  7. Laughter
  8. Personal development (lang-learning etc)
  9. Spirituality
  10. Work

General rules


Try to think lovingly all the time

  • Positivity all the time baby!


Comment on

  • Anything outside of Vision5
  • Famous people
  • Politics in general

Indulge in negativity

  • Psychic attacks
  • Can let in the negative entities
  • Stay positive, and the positive beings will nudge

Leave talk about V5 on any social media

  • Public
  • Private

Talk on insecure comms

Use cloud storage other than our own



  • CIA Wikileaks cars summary
  • No remote control
  • No internet into car
  • Would only be possible by physically connected to the car
  • Would want to make sure secure at home/work, so people couldn’t just install a device on the car
  • In Zurich, just cycle to work :-)

Mobile phone

  • Just don’t carry one
  • Don’t have one that can be activated remotely
  • Case that fully protects it
  • Give to assistant
  • Don’t allow mobile phones in office and/or block them


  • Cover webcam / disable it
  • Cover microphone / disable it

Cloud storage

  • Remove all V5 files from GDrive
  • Remove all V5 files from Dropbox
  • Store key V5 files in a different cloud storage






By personal growth suggestsions:

  • If I’m triggered, don’t respond immediately
  • If the words irritate me, then just breathe, and don’t react
  • Don’t send message after message afterwards and let the dust settle
  • Just say I’ll reflect on that, and leave it at that
  • “OK, Thanks”
  • “OK, I’ll take that on board”
  • “OK, I’ll reflect on that (and see if it feels right for me)”
  • “OK, Good advice”
  • When calmer, try to look at the intentions, not the words, and just forget about any differences of opinion on how things should be said / done

Challenge yourself:

When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.

When do better next time:

  • Remind myself that I’m doing better
  • Maybe treat myself to something positive to celebrate the personal development

Their issue, my issue:

  • Their presentation is their responsibility
  • My response is mine


Wall posters

Higher self

  • Talk to higher self
  • Ask it to help you achieve your goals for the day
  • Ask to wake up at a particular time


  • Documents that sign and put on wall to remind me to be humble
  • Help strangers whenever possible
  • Don’t look for recognition, and be gracious if it’s given



Cosmic Waves (April)


Account deletion rules (from FB worker)

So, I am aware of the rules that so called content moderators delete by. They get a set of rules with a ton of sub sets from fb that get updated and “improved” constantly. This does not contain this fake news thingy and the people that make the so called policies - probably middle aged white bored with life men. But the CMs are from all kinds of corners of the world. Alone Berlin has over 1000 people from around 46 different countries. It’s mostly younger people but also older, so it’s pretty diverse. They don’t get much money at least way too little for all the constant stress and shit they have to look at and read. Mistakes are being made too since they are real people working under at least a little pressure to keep their accuracy up. It’s divided into language “markets” but sometimes posts with other languages pop up. If you’re interested in the working process and general things, you can google “three months in hell Süddeutsche” it’s in English by a Turkish woman.

Ok so the most frequent rules violated by I’d say people like our friends on FB, are I think the bullying rules, credible violence and hate speech (depending on your friends). You are not allowed to call a private user (one that is not public - public are those with 200k or more followers on any social platform, politicians, TV people like moderators, the pope,..) an animal or to compare a user with an animal. Unless it is in a very positive context. Also wishing and calling for like advocating violence towards a private individual or a private group of people. This applies if there’s either a name, photo or video of private persons. Idk why, this is highly dumb and probably even provoking from fb, but you don’t need a name, photo, video when comparing a user with an animal for it to be violating. If the CM can understand that someone private is being attacked, eg someone posts a photo of their bike and is like “someone stole my bike if anyone sees it…” And then someone comments “fucking pigs!!” (In German that happens a lot) then the CM knows whoever stole the bike is being called an animal and that’s enough for a delete. If you say “this Nazi is a pig” it’s a delete. If you say “Nazis are pigs” then it’s fine. These things don’t make sense yet they do XD harassment happens when someone tells someone to go drown themselves, jump off…, Kill themselves, but I guess this is nothing surprising.

Credible violence violations happen a when so called vulnerable persons are attacked that could threaten their lives. These apply for elected (!) politicians, some other but I don’t recall now. B vulnerable groups, thesre are: homeless people, any activists, now it comes, and zionists. You can wish for them to die but not call for action or advocate a threat. The ones that actually sounds credible like sth real could be in the planning, those are not deleted but sent to some other groups that work with local police. (Same goes for bomb threats, bomb making, and suicide stuff is linked with local uhm idk, suicide helping lines).
So eg you can say I hope trump dies/gets killed but not i want (somebody) to kill trump. Same for any vulnerable person or group.

Hate speech violations happen a lotttt but I think in Germany among the most. It applies to any ethnic group, nationality, members of any religion, (satanists are members of a religion), gender stuff, sexes, don’t know if I have all of them. But the attacks can be either violent, “dehumanizing” (animal comparisons, calling 50% or more of a group criminals, filth,..). I’ll continue later. Whatever you do or don’t do with this info, my name or person cannot be in any relation to it 😀 I could get into serious trouble so just a heads up 🙂

Another thing is that the workers don’t see the posts exactly how it is on fb. Let’s say there’s a comment under a video. The program will show the workers the video and then the comment but not the other comments before that. So a lot of times the CMs don’t have the entire content and have to act based on what the program shows. So let’s say in a video it’s about Libyans and a comment says “I hate them”, maybe the user was referring to the people who in the video are torturing the Libyans but if the video shows the Libyans way more, the CM most likely will read that the hate is meant for the Libyans and delete. The worker will think “God damnit why didn’t you clarify and make it clear enough for me” and has to delete. A lotttt of deletes happen because the user didn’t write it clearly enough. Sometimes it’s still clear enough so that the worker can, in case the “ticket” gets checked by another “higher” worker that checks a certain percentage of everyone’s tickets to determine the accuracy that is sent to fb, explain their reasoning behind not deleting to that higher worker. The question always is “can you back up your decision” no matter if it’s a delete or ignore

I’ll be thinking of more stuff that could be interesting. There are so many different categories but a lot of them are not interesting like terrorism

Archive all




  • Pushup bars


Chest + back


  • Raw plant protein?



  • Calmness


  • Make something every day (juice etc)
  • Try to cook at least 3-4 times a week
  • Try a new recipe each week at least
  • Try to do new recipes once I’ve learnt each recipe by heart and can cook it well
  • Go on cooking courses?
  • Look at posts saved on Facebook
  • Try to make everything really healthy, and use the hot air cooker as much as possible
  • Limit frying to a minimum
  • Baked egg mix
  • Sushi


  • Fruit / juice / nuts? for breakfast
  • Greens / mushrooms / Ormus / other supplements
  • Vegan Omega-3
  • Gratitude (last thing at night, and first thing in the morning)


  • Take away from body
  • Don’t have next to balls




  • Apparently the best
  • Interstellar 88/8
  • Gavin on YouTube
  • Vivre Le Reve on Telegram

Electrolyte pills

  • When start to feel really tired, start to take electrolyte pills
  • Especially when working, or start to feel slight cramps
  • Kicked in after about 3 weeks on Jan 2019 fast
  • Not getting them so much from inside body
  • But good compromise for being able to work


Decided fast end:

  • Fruit juices (watery)
  • Fruit juices (solid)
  • Raw fruits
  • Raw vegetables
  • Raw nuts
  • Miso soup
  • Vegetable soup (choose a nice one)
  • White rice
  • Sushi
  • Baked egg dishes
  • Fish soup
  • Arepa (chicken, avocado, tomato)


  • In 2019 I’ll really focus on my body and spiritual side
  • It’s harder to get the body than it is to maintain it
  • After 2019, I’ll aim to keep the body I have, but not worry about doing so many long, intensive workouts
  • I’ll try to focus on making every meal super healthy, and adapting the recipe
  • Do a P90X once a year (after doing a fast first)
  • Switch to something else - freelectics
  • Do different programs regularly, changing every few weeks, so your muscles keep on getting confused
  • Have periods of being really strict with food, and others a little less so
  • Check out P90X3


  • Measure intakes (including caffeine, green tea etc)

Positive thinking

  • T Harv Ecker
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Tony Robins
  • Rhonda Byrne
  • Micheal Singer


  • Always try to think about posture
  • Posture under-shirt


  • MMS / chlorine dioxide


  • Try to set up pyramids in convenient places
  • Healing the planet
  • Also, speeding up karma with me (help increase density of consciousness?)


  • Read up more on nutrition (P90X and holistic foods)
  • Find lots of natural health info sites


  • Aim for 6D
  • Healing
  • Ayahuasca
  • Pyramids
  • Meditation
  • Calm


  • Get rid of negative energies that pick up during day
  • Sage etc



  • Wrist bands
  • Barefoot on metal in front of you
  • Grounding socks

Things to take

  • Resistance bands


  • Watch loads of Jay Shetty



  • Protective minerals / crystals to reduce the effects of transmissions
  • Orgone devices next to wifi/router
  • Shungite tiles 5G



DNA activation


And this is where the therapy that goes on gets iffy. Because these ABA therapists are treating kids for this brand new autism when really they need support in anxiety, depression, sensory overwhelm as SIDEAFFECTS of autism.

Another way to confuse everyone, right? Because if we treat kids for the side affects, they can then be unburdened able to access that awakened DNA




Epsom salts

  • Pull out toxins from body
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves bloodflow

Colloidal gold

Copper bracelets


  • Kombucha tea (slightly alcoholic)
  • Wheatgrass (drink)



Essential oils

  • Aromatherapy
  • Theraputic use of essential oils
  • Aeromatically (though a diffuser, nebuliser, inhaler)
  • Topically
  • Ingestion (controversial, but when done properly, very effective)
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon
  • Rosemary
  • Synergistic effect
  • combine so vapours combat plague

Lavendar oil

  • Healing properties
  • No scarring on hand


  • Kale
  • Garlic
  • Cacao
  • Sardines
  • Lentils
  • Avocados (daily)
  • Helps with electro conductivity
  • Helps with spiritual connection
  • Need to be spiritually mature
  • Vancouver Island Ormus
  • “Monatomic gold” - good
  • Other stuff ???


  • 39m
  • Heart sees into the future 6s (or more) before the brain
  • Thoughts affect frequency
  • Speak to yourself until you rewire your brain
  • Focus on the process, not the movie



  • When you’re not grounded, your blood starts to coagulate
  • Best anti-aging



  • Peppermint essential oil rub on temples
  • Lemon, salt & warm water for migraines


Look up

  • Max Gerson’s Miracle Diet


  • Nervous system-blocking heavy metals
  • Mercury, Aluminium, Cadmium, Lead …
  • Mercury - vaccinations
  • Aluminium - vaccinations (anti-light), anit-caking agent (breads), utensils
  • Fluoride - toothpaste, water, suppliments. some medications, CFC’s
  • Glyphosate - pesticides (buy organic, non-GMO)


  • Cow’s milk
  • Soy byproducts (oil, milk, protein etc) - xeno-estrogen
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco


  • Half your body weight in oz of water per day
  • The bridge between the physical and metaphysical
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Filters for drinking water, shower head
  • Whole house if you can afford it
  • Add electrolytes / minerals / oxygenation support




  • Get up move around
  • Helps drain lymph nodes


  • Exercise
  • Electric blankets
  • Sauna

Balance stress

  • Stress in our bodies follow the yin-yang concept
  • For our nervous systems, stress is both a good and a bad thing
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Sympathetic branch
  • Catabolic
  • Masculine
  • Fight / flight response
  • Cortisol / neurepinephrin
  • Stress hormones
  • Most people normally in this state
  • Parasympathetic branch
  • Anabolic
  • Feminine
  • Rest and digest
  • Feed and breed
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai Ch’i
  • Massage

Activate pineal gland


  • Circadian rhythm


  • Lower brainwaves
  • Lower get, more secrete DMT
  • Use music


  • Bad posture inhibits our breathing
  • Don’t get enough oxygen into our bodies


  • eBooks by Jordan Sather (nutrition, posture, vaccines)


Matcha Tea

  • Good way to get off caffeine
  • Energy
  • Anti-oxidant powerhouse
  • Burn fat
  • Helps brain resonate in the alpha wave


Coffee / caffeine

  • Screws up nervous system (energy system of our body)
  • Dopamine and seratonin receptors
  • Stress
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • We live in a sympathetic overload society
  • Always stressed (physically / mentally)
  • Honoring the yang energy




  • Posture
  • Movement


  • Diet (JERF = Just eat real food)
  • Lifestyle (Max Gerson)



  • Left brain
  • Learning


  • Right brain
  • Creativity



Paul Chek

  • I
  • We
  • All


  • Karl Jung
  • Joseph Campbell
  • Robert Moore

6 pillars of health

Use energy (m., canibalize, break down)


  • Static posture balance
  • Dynamic movement balance


  • Left vs right brain
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Read + meditation


  • Conscious breathing exercises

Gain energy (f., anabolic, regrowth)


  • Metabolic typing
  • Biochemical individuality
  • JERF (organic / non-GMO)


  • Pure water
  • 1/2 bodyweight in oz per day
  • Water energetics

Sleep / rhythm

  • 8 hours
  • EMF’s + screens
  • Move w/ seasons

Schumann resonance

  • Keep an eye on it
  • See how affects you (more alert?)

Nutritional deficiencies

  • Our bodies require 80-90 different compounds daily in order to function properly
  • Magnesium*, zinc, omega-3


  • Hemp seeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Salmon (wild, not farmed)

Body needs

  • Essential fatty acids
  • Essential amino acids
  • Enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace minerals


  • EPA
  • 70-80k registered industrial carcinogens
  • Probably a ton of unregistered ones
  • Chemical toxins
  • Electromagnetic toxins
  • Other detrimental things

Energetic balance

  • Grounding
  • Releasing energy


  • If you eat more nutritious food, you don’t need to eat as much


  • Good nutrition
  • Low toxicity
  • 80-20 / 90-10
  • Most of the time do a good job
  • Occasionally just have fun


  • When fully hydrated, nanotubes become saturated and becomes a superconductor
  • Remembers us
  • Cry into water and drink it (cure depression)
  • Distilled
  • Old silver spoons into water
  • Pyramid under it


  • Tree of life, human placenta, breathe
  • Most people don’t breath enough/properly
  • Fight or flight mode puts you under stress
  • Half an hour of stress will fill you up with chemicals


  • Lymphatic system only moves when you move
  • Try to dance every day


  • Don’t use tap water
  • Constipation
  • Top two pills: (1) laxatives, and (2) antacids
  • Can’t break it down and can’t get it out


  • Pleomorphism vs metamorphism
  • Metamorphism - grub > butterfly
  • Pleomorphism - grum > butterfly > grub
  • Balanced kid can eat the wrong thing, turn into an arsehole, and turn back again once leaves the body
  • Organisms within us that metamorph depending on the terrain (and often attack us)
  • Bad food - mouse > rat > Tasmanian Devil
  • Autoimmune - eating ourselves
  • Sickest species on the planet - (1) us, (2) our pets (eat our scraps)
  • 90% of diseases are diet related


  • Use own body energy


  • Homeoprophylaxis (diluted until original material eliminated)
  • Nosodes




  • Ketagenic diet
  • Ketones neuro-protective
  • Inflammation goes
  • Cannabis (helps to down-regulate)

Breast Cancer

  • Thermography
  • Digital infrared thermal imaging


  • Vitamin C




  • Not a cure
  • Super-human plasma

Inform yourself

Watch ‘The Truth About Cancer’

Study Max Gerson’s Therapy

  • Dying to Have Known documentary
  • Healing the Gerson Way

Jason Christoff

Size tumor + resist cut/poison/burn

  • Never poison/burn
  • Cut only if causing pain / other good reason

Apply alka/oxy diet + juicing + supplements

  • Cancer thrives in an acidic environment
  • Lots of greens, chlorphyll
  • Get oxygen into your body, breathing
  • Masticating juicer (Omega juicer, slow RPM)
  • Not centrifugal juicer
  • Turkey tail mushrooms by Host Defense
  • Medicinal mushrooms help immune system
  • We share 30-50% of our DNA with mushrooms (why we’re accepting of them)
  • Only a few % with plants
  • Turkey tail in particular helps with detoxifying liver

Apply proper holistic lifestyle principles

Continue studying

Inform of vibrational therapies - Rife


Gerson Therapy

Methyl B12 injections???



  • 90% of illnesses caused by diet

Maxam nutraceutics

  • Founded by Jim Cole
  • Used by thousands of people to detoxify their bodies
  • Maxam raided by FDA in 2010 and 2012
  • Company shut down in 2015
  • PC3 - popular product

Root causes

  • Malnutrition
  • Toxicity


  • Dr Max Gerson
  • 1881-1959
  • Cured own headaches
  • Tried on others
  • Cured the skin tuberculosis of (Nobel prize-winning) Albert Schweitzer’s wife
  • Cured AS’s headaches too
  • Lots of attention
  • Moved to US during WWII
  • Got attention of Big Pharma
  • Died with arsenic in blood


  • Helps protect against cancer and coronary heart disease later in life
  • Take high doses of Vitamin A + C to help protect from mortality

Whooping Cough

  • Vitamin A + C

Oxygen water

Pain killers

  • Turmeric (+ black perpper)
  • Ginger
  • Spirulina
  • Boswellia
  • Devil’s claw
  • Cayenne peppers
  • Cinnamon
  • Cat’s claw
  • Green tea




  • The vine is intelligent
  • Go into the experience with a mentality
  • Go in with positivity and strength
  • Often fall asleep
  • Powerful MEDICINE
  • Consider all psychadelics medicines
  • Go through life and heal
  • Find the mental traumas that still exist and heal from them
  • Bring more comapssion, humility into self
  • Connect to ET’s
  • Inspiration for direction


  • Psilocybin mushrooms






  • 1 post-workout + 1 (small) superberries + 1 salt
  • 2 small supergreen (green boost) + 2/3 salt
  • 2 small supergreen (next gen) + 1 salt



  • Freshwater algae
  • Fine powder
  • Capsules and tabletes too
  • Dark green
  • Full of chlorophyll (‘plant blood’)
  • Helps to oxygenate our body
  • Helps ozygenize and detoxify you
  • Makes cells release toxins more easily
  • Attaches itself on to toxins

Fulvic acid

  • Organic compound
  • Found in soil, water, rock sediment (pretty much everywhere)
  • Created by micro-organisms in the soil
  • Plants uptake it, and use it themselves
  • Strongest electrolyte known to man
  • Can carry 60x its weight in electrolytes, toxins and poisons
  • Also helps with nutrient absorbtion


  • Volcanic minerals
  • Formed where volcanic ash meets alkaline water
  • Springs around Asian and Russia with high natural levels of zeolites
  • People go to these locations and sit in them, and it almost reverses the aging process immediately
  • Detoxification
  • Pills and powders
  • No nutritional properties and the body can’t break it down
  • Nursing and pregnant mothers OK
  • Cage-like structure
  • Attracts poisonous molecules into it
  • Be careful with the brand

Stablized oxygen

  • Add to purified water to oxygenate the water
  • Endurance
  • Hydration
  • Energy levels
  • Oxygen-starved world
  • Agriculture decimated the natural nutrients in our food
  • Pollution
  • Bad posture (inhibits our breathing, and don’t get enough oxygen into our bodies)


  • Salads, juices
  • Great for detoxification
  • Dampens the electromagnetic forces of heavy molecules
  • Detatch from cells easier

Chlorella, fulvic acid, zeolites, stabilized oxygen and cilantro

Klamath lake algae

  • Like spiralina + chlorella
  • Only grows in Klamath Lake, Oregon
  • Sucks in nitrogen from the atmosphere
  • Good at creating neuro-transmitter precursers
  • Expensive, but really good

Chaga mushrooms

  • Tea
  • High in melanin (precurser to melatonin, precurser, precurser to DMT)

Fulvic acid


  • Monatomic gold
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Biggest FU to the medical establishment
  • Water purification (tablets, liquid)
  • MMS is a 22.4% solution of sodium chlorite in water
  • Jim Humble
  • Project Camelot
  • Gold miner in Amazon
  • Days away from civilization
  • One of his business partners contracted malaria
  • Used water purification tablets
  • His friend drank the water, and his malaria went away
  • Like ozone therapy or food-grade hydrogen peroxide
  • Cell (bacteria / virus / cancer) that is anaerobic
  • Oxydizes the cell
  • Steals electrons from the cells, and kills it
  • Cheap - year’s supply for $30-40
  • Safer than other oxidisers
  • Lower redox potential
  • Won’t steal electrons from our own body tissues
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Omega-3
  • Vitamineral green
  • Daily
  • One of the healthiest things you can put into yourself
  • Once or twice a year
  • First Cleanse
  • Renewlife


  • Adaptogen
  • Daily



CBD oil

Energizing drinks

  • Chicory (like coffee)
  • Drink from Hawaii

No / few capsules

  • Chemical / artificial
  • Fake supplements
  • Body can’t absorb / utilize
  • As X on label (e.g. Vit C = ascorbic acid)
  • Synthetic supplements - “icelets”
  • Vitamin is not one chemical compound
  • It’s like a puzzle / matrix
  • Enzymes, co-enzymes, co-factors …
  • Companies extract one chemical compound that looks similar to the compound, but it’s not actually it
  • Actually, people are just pissing it all out


  • Spirulina
  • Greens powders
  • When travel, take in baggies, or tub itself
  • Use as multivitamin
  • Lots of different things in one serving
  • Minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, probiotics
  • Vegetables + herbs
  • Dehydrated
  • Freeze-dried
  • Ground up
  • Put into a powder
  • No synthetics (some maybe - need to be diligent)
  • Make sure organic, non-GMO, good brand
  • Wheatgrass


Medicinal mushroom extracts

  • Types
  • Magic
  • Culinary
  • Poisonous
  • Medicinal
  • Good ones
  • Chaga
  • Reishi
  • Lion’s mane
  • Cordyceps
  • Whole foods
  • 30-50% DNA shared with mushrooms
  • 1% with plants
  • Immune system
  • Brain
  • Lungs
  • Heart

Electricity-increasing supplements

  • Increase capacitance
  • Nervous system controls everything in our body
  • Want to help it do its job
  • Greens
  • Ormus (Jordan’s site)
  • Oxygenating supplements (increase the pH)
  • Dissolved oxygen drops


Colloidal silver

Alkaline diet


  • Look for extracts of herbs etc
  • Much more potent


  • Pro-hormones? - seem bad



Kava kava


  • 1947 patent for Zika by the Rockefeller Corporation


  • Dr Richard Horton
  • Former editor of Lancet (one of premier medical journals in the world)
  • “Perhaps 1/2 of all scientific literature is untrue”
  • 2015
  • Dr Marcia Angell
  • Former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine
  • “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published”
  • 2010

Vaccines - the nervous system

Injection of heavy metals

  • Mercury (no safe level)
  • Aluminium (loads)

Vaccines - the immune system

Stimulates wrong antibodies

  • Stimulates certain antibodies at high levels, but not all of them
  • Hypersensitizes the immune system
  • Only get an antibody response from a couple of antibodies
  • Then test for, and say that the vaccine works
  • Don’t test for all the other stuff that’s going on
  • Short tests
  • Causes auto-immunity (asthma, allergies)
  • People think that vaccines stimulate our immune system in a healthy way, but that’s not the case

Type 1 diabetes

  • Now vaccine
  • Evidence to suggest that vaccines themselves are causing T1D

Herd immunity + germ theory of disease

  • Complete BS
  • Lots of germs in our bodies that are protecting us
  • It’s the balance that’s important, and how you treat them

Vaccines - eradicating disease

  • Infectious diseases declined up to 99% before vaccines were even introduced in the mid 1900s
  • Propaganda
  • Lies
  • Polio, measles, whooping cough (pertussis), chicken pox were declining immensely
  • Real reasons : sanitation and nutrition
  • Indoor plumbing became the new rage
  • Toilets carried waste out of homes
  • (Eisenhower) highway system helped transport foods - more balanced foods (complete meals with more nutrition in them)
  • Redfined the diseases
  • Originally diagnosed with polio, then diagnosed with meningitis
  • Unvaccinated kids by far the healthiest
  • TTAV7: 48m

Reasons for mortality rates going down

  • Many diseases declining / almost erradicated (in West) by WWII
  • No vaccines / antibiotics


  • Sanitation
  • Water
  • Living conditions
  • Nutrition

Protection against

  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Auto-immune disease
  • Coronary disease?

What’s in vaccines

Peanuts + eggs:

  • Lots are preserved in peanut oil (peanut allergies)
  • Egg protein to culture the viral DNA (auto-immunity problems)
  • Meant to eat them and absorb them through the guy lining


  • Shungite water

Crystal water bottle:

  • Water bottle with crystal inside
  • Activates the water







  1. Master bedroom
  2. Upstairs living room (big enough for yoga / meditation)
  3. Cinema
  4. Office 3
  5. Kids play room
  6. Detox sauna

Rest bedrooms


  1. Main kitchen
  2. Secondary kitchen / storage / pantry
  3. Living room 1
  4. Living room 2 (yoga / meditation)
  5. Dining room (family)
  6. Teleconferencing room
  7. Office 1
  8. Office 2
  9. Meeting room / large dining room
  10. Gym


  • Heated
  • Connected to the


  • Large
  • Old-style - lots of wood
  • Central working area
  • Space for crepe burners (x2)
  • Have seating, so people can sit round it too
  • 8-burner oven (single large oven if possible)
  • Overhead hanging for pots / pans (can lift up/down)
  • Place for lots of fresh herbs

Second kitchen / pantry

  • Large, deep gas oven very hot with stone on bottom (pizzas, paella etc)
  • Loads of storage space
  • Space for gas crepe burners (x2)
  • Large fridge
  • Two large freezers
  • Store loads of pre-prepared stocks / dinners


  • Weights
  • Pullup (multiple)
  • Ropes
  • Cow bells
  • Protective flooring (rubber)
  • Ab raise
  • Rubber bands
  • Stability ball(s)



  • Argentinian-style barbecue (covered)
  • Extra-large grid / place to have a giant barbecue (create hinge system that’s off the wall, so can be lifted up easily)
  • Disco’s area (also large paelle ring for different sizes)
  • Cruz area (large animals and small)
  • Pizza oven
  • Gas burners area (store them elsewhere)
  • Outside shelving for pots / pans?
  • Large, round, dipped plate


  • Dining area
  • Gazeebos
  • Bonfire area
  • Lots of extra seats in case we have a large group

Kids area

  • Kids play area
  • Tree house(s)
  • Protective base if fall (wood chippings?)
  • Swings
  • Ropes
  • Roundabout
  • Climbing frame
  • Thing with tubes
  • Build it even before have kids, so they have something to do when they come round

Meditation spot

  • Sand area to put feet in
  • Seating around
  • Needs to be in the right spot for sun-gazing


  • Space for quite a few different vehicles (10?)
  • Have small van that has space for plenty of people (hybrid)
  • Bikes


  • Hiking gear
  • Boating gear
  • Kayaks?
  • Bikes
  • Outside cooking gear (grid,

Vegetable plot

  • Large
  • Have somebody come and garden for us daily
  • Grow everything that we want to eat
  • Isolate each section off, so it doesn’t spread everywhere
  • Make it convertable, so that in the winter, it’s possible to put a top on it (canvas?) and heat it a little underneath (section by section)?
  • Peas
  • Standard potatoes (white, baking, small)
  • Andean tubers
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Broad beans
  • Runner beans
  • Turnips
  • Jicama
  • Onions
  • Chalottes
  • Garlic
  • Butternut squash
  • Rocket
  • Cabbage
  • Lettuce (romaine, Napa?)


  • Large
  • Plenty of room to grow everything that we’d want
  • Try to grow them all year round
  • Maybe multiple greenhouses (one humid, one dry)
  • Humidifier inside
  • Potentially add heater too
  • Posts to put up a protective net if the kids are playing with a ball
  • Tomatoes (large, cherry, Roma)
  • Lemons
  • Peppers
  • Pineapples
  • Courgettes
  • Herbs (loads)
  • Salad things
  • Plants / flowers to put outside


  • Classical
  • Especially Mozart



  • Get in a landscape gardener
  • Show the plans for the rest, too
  • Raised circular areas for plants / herbs (like in Indra’s friends’ house)
  • Make it interesting, but have a good-sized lawn for kids to play games
  • Quiet spot for mum/dad
  • Gazeebo area

Swimming pool

  • Seating area around
  • Diving board
  • Can be covered
  • Heated
  • Covered, with prote
  • Temporary protection for kids when young
  • Swings / ropes
  • Protection from sun
  • Grooves / different places to sit
  • Kids pool


  • Workspace(s)

Gazeebo with vines

Spiritual hut

  • Wooden
  • Big area
  • Bean bags
  • Loads of hippy things
  • Crystals
  • Can burn sage?

Spiritual garden


  • Third floor?
  • Lift
  • Indoor area with hammacks (play for kids?)

Interior design

  • Different culture in each room
  • Art on the wall
  • Furniture
  • Plants?
  • Statues
  • Pots
  • Colour scheme
  • Photos
  • Japanese
  • French (kitchen)
  • Bolivian
  • Turkish?
  • Swiss
  • Wood/nature
  • Italian
  • English bar?
  • Spanish


Copper tape:


Faraday cage


  • Shungite powder in the paint


  • Oxygen pumped inside


  • Fibre in
  • Wired connection around house and to out buildings
  • No wireless



  • Chin-up
  • Double bars (dip bars)
  • High climb bars
  • Long bar (things that can’t just do on climb bars)


Himalayan Salt lamp

  • Filters toxins, dust and smells
  • Keeps the room pure.


  • Aloe or Pineapple
  • Regenerate air at night
  • American White Sage
  • Aka smudge sticks

Lavender oil

  • Sheets + pillow
  • Every day


  • White
  • Purple
  • Not dark

Dirty clothes

  • Keep outside bedroom


Meditation pyramid

Earthing / grounding sheets

Not over fridge

  • Buzzing below
  • Affects frequency

Sage smudge sticks

  • Remove toxins
  • American white sage


Main kitchen

  • 6-burner stove (wide oven)
  • Pizza oven
  • Solid oak doors
  • Plate rack
  • No microwave

Second kitchen

  • Second stove in second kitchen
  • Pizza oven
  • Flat plate
  • Crepe-makers




  • Alkaline

Items to get

Solar-powered flashlight

Shungite phone protector

  • Thin
  • Some are thick




  • Power vs Force (muscle testing states of emotions / calibration)
  • Earth (Barbara Marciniak) - Channeled from Pleadians, Moon
  • The Holographic Universe (Michael Talbot)
  • Bloodlines of the Illuminati
  • Dewey B Larson (reciprocal theory)
  • Natural health / holistic lifestyle
  • Real physics stuff
  • Hermetic philosophies

Nesta Webster:

  • World Revolutions
  • Subversive movements and secret socities

Epoch Times:

  • The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
  • How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World
  • Rules for Radicals (Saul Alinsky) (doctrine for all of radical left; mob taught Alinsky > school > BO, HRC)

Zhuan Falun by Mr Li Hongzhi

I can. The title means Turning the Law Wheel which is a Buddha Law term. However it discusses everything from the most profound and complex things in science and religions to very simple things like how and why to get along better with your wife.

I used to read a ton of philosophy, ancient manuscripts, quantum physics etc etc. This book literally contained everything I’d ever read in one book and then tons more that I didn’t. It answered every question I had at the time. Incredible read. I was advised to read it 3 times, which I did and each time was like reading a new book. It is phenomenal. I’ve read it several times now and it’s like getting a factory reset each time.


  • Secret Teachings Of All The Ages
  • Urancia Book?
  • Hero of 1000 Faces - Joseph Campbell
  • Optimum Nutrition Bible
  • Body Electric
  • Antarctica’s Hidden History
  • Laylines and Energies
  • The Masculine Mystique
  • The Heartfulness Way - Doesn’t know what is :-)
  • Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations
  • Atlantis and the Power System of the Gods
  • Mercury Vortex Generators and the Power Systems of Atlantis (esoteric physics) *
  • Infinite Energy Technologies
  • The Way of the Superior Man
  • Ascension Mysteries
  • Synchronicity Key
  • Source Field Investigations
  • The Kybalian *
  • Forbidden Knowledge
  • The God Code
  • The Human Antenna

Robert David Steele

  • Enclosure (5 lies and 4 thefts and genocide of Palestinians)


  • The Art of War
  • Healing Wisdom of Africa (Malidome Patrice Some)


  • Ascension Mystery School (David Wilcock)



  • Dr Bruce Lipton
  • Dr Joel Wallick


  • Dolores Canon

Spiritual topics

  • Akashic guides


  • Natural sources of vitamins


Ayurvedic (Indian)


  • Holistic use of herbs and how link to different parts of the body


  • Rerum (TTAV7: 25m)
  • Folate (methyl folate better)


Magenta Pixie

Dark Matter:

Zero Point, The Unified Field and The Law of One:

  • Law of One first thought to come out of the zero point field
  • Thereafter, all things are part of the LofOne


  • The Code
  • True time = multi-dimensional quantum spiral time

Soul Groups, Parallel Lives and Direct Source Incarnations:

  • Diamond soul matrix - higher self of small number of individuals incarnated together (soul group)

The Mandela Effect

  • Bleed-through from other timelines
  • Other quantum possibilities
  • Time is a spiral / a fractal
  • Like tracks that run in parallel
  • Circle around one another
  • Node points
  • Jump on/off timelines normal
  • Happens more when there’s a lot of chaos
  • Quickening node points
  • Memories from different timelines merged (one, other, both)
  • Doesn’t seem normal for those with retained memories
  • Node points - gateway / stargate (21/12/12, Lion’s Gate, numerological vortices, solstices, equinoxes, eclipses …)
  • Birthday too - node point in personal blueprint
  • Node points have different sizes
  • Multidimensional awareness (not affect those without it?)

Red pill

  • Project Camelot interviews (Henry Deacon)

Elizabeth April

Chakra systems

7 chakra system:

  • Helps us to translate and interpret energy

Soul mission

1) The healer
2) The grid worker
3) The pillar
4) The teacher
5) The rebel
6) The Lightwarrior
7) The satellite

Spirit guides

1) Animal
2) Current lifetime ancestral
3) Past lifetime ancestral
4) Cosmic
5) You as an alternative self / parallel life


  • Game theory


  • Weishaupt (Illuminati)
  • Hegelian philosophy, from Hermetic tradition
  • God comes into creation when the world is created
  • Marx wanted to create a new world, and then would be the god of that new world
  • Machine of communism is revolution
  • When no revolution, would cannibalize itself for the sake of revolution
  • Violent revolutions, leaving millions dead

10 goals of Communism (Marxist Planks Communist Manifesto)

  1. Abolition of property in land an application of all rents of land to public purposes
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax
  3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance
  4. Confiscation of all the property of emigrants and rebels
  5. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and exclusive monopoly
  6. Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state
  7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation the waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan
  8. Equal liability of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture
  9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equitable distribution of the populous over the country
  10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production

Nesta Webster

  • Nester Webster (great researcher 80 years before Fritz Springmeier)
  • Read all the original docs
  • Found links between the secret societies and Communism
  • See secret societies for more info

Secret societies

  • Grand Orient (democratic, not demagogic)
  • Grand Chapter (revolutionary, for the benefit of the upper class)
  • GO + GC formed partnership (before the French Revolution)
  • Martinistes
  • Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt, combined degrees of Freemasons with those of the Jesuits, hated Jesuits, but use them to bring down themselves)
  • Adolph Freiherr Knigge (high-ranking freemason)
  • Adam Weishaupt (head of Illuminati)
  • Made an alliance (Congres of Wilhelmsbad, 1782) - New World Order
  • Weishaupt wanted world revolution
  • Saw the importance of the secret societies, as most powerful people in the world were in one of them
  • Eventually all the other secret societies were Illuminized
  • Sometimes people didn’t even know
  • Just at the top / high-ranking

Goals of Illuminism (Adam Weishaupt)

  1. Abolition of Monarchy, and all ordered government
  2. Abolition of private property
  3. Abolition of inheritance
  4. Abolition of patriotism
  5. Abolition of the family (i.e. marriage and all morality, and the institution of the communal education of children)
  6. Abolition of all religion
  • Very similar to Communism
  • Many years before
  • Most thorough and deceptive plan ever seen in the world
  • League of the Just Men just an extension of the Illuminati (forced to go underground in 1786 when there was a raid by the Bavarian authorities)
  • LoJM hired Marx to write the Communist Manifesto as demagogic boob-bait to appeal to the masses
  • All Marx did was to update and codify the same revolutionary plans/principles from 70 years earlier

Engineered agitation

  • Early stages of the French Revolution
  • The Great Fear
  • Rumour before the FR about the aristocrats going to burn crops to starve the population
  • Messengers arrive at same time in lots of villages / towns spreading message about king arriving, and to arm themeselves
  • Arming of the populace against law and order
  • Since 1789 always formed the first item in a social revolution
  • Marx + Engels
  • Originally Satanic
  • Changed to atheistic
  • Atheists go to hell ;-)
  • Destroy individual identity, tradition, culture, religion
  • Remove private property - society owns everything
  • Gramschi > Saul Alinsky




Symptoms: A few Ascension Symtoms.

§ Changing sleep patterns: restlessness, night sweats, waking up two or three times a night
§ Feeling tired after you wake up and sleepy during the day
§ Periods of overwhelming fatigue
§ Change in eating habits: strange cravings, occasional increase or decrease in appetite, new allergies to certain foods
§ Seeing floating veils, shadowy figures, white objects in your peripheral vision
§ Blurred or foggy vision, seeing shimmering objects, glittery particles, flashes of light
§ Seeing auras or vortexes of energy around plants, animals, people
§ Hearing strange voices, ringing in the ears, white noise with beeps, tones, music or electronic patterns, sensing messages within the sounds
§ “Vibrational Flu”: high temperatures, night sweats, aching bones and joints, neck pains, flu-like symptoms
§ Occasional sinus issues: sneeze attacks, runny nose or sore throat that is not a cold or allergy
§ Mental confusion, difficulty concentrating
§ Itching, vibrating, prickling, tingling, stinging or crawling sensations
§ Energy rushes or sensations of electricity circulating the body
§ Involuntary bodily movements: muscle spasms, jerking, tremors, shaking
§ Feeling the whole body vibrate: similar to earthquake sensations, especially at night or in a relaxed state
§ Headaches, pressure in the skull
§ Numbness or pain in the limbs
§ Loss of muscular power in hands, caused by changes in circulation system
§ Heart palpitations and fluttering (opening of the Heart Chakra)
§ Flutters in high center of chest (opening of the High Heart Chakra)
§ Enhanced senses of smell, touch, and/or taste
§ Occasional breathing difficulties
§ Immune and Lymphatic system changes, glandular flare-ups
§ Digestive system changes
§ Depression for no reason, feelings of loss or isolation
§ Tension, anxiety or stress
§ Dizziness, losing balance, feeling like your body is swirling
§ Vivid dreams, violent or dramatic dreams
§ Emotional outbursts or mood swings
§ Weight gain, typically around the belly (Buddha belly)
§ Triple digits: every time you glance at a digital clock it has triple digits (1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, etc)

The Ascension process is the union of our higher and lower levels: the soul, spirit and body becoming one. This means that we are changing our cellular structure to accommodate a higher frequency within the physical body.

Those who study and understand Ascension believe that we are moving from a 3rd dimensional existence into the 5th dimension. Dimensions are based on frequency; the higher the dimensional level, the higher the frequency. As Sandra Walters explains, the Earth is changing its frequency during this shift, and the physical beings which live on the planet must vibrate at the same frequency in order to exist. Simply put, as the Earth is raising its vibrational rate, so must we.

The Ascension process is unique to each individual. It is a conscious choice to fully engage and support this process. Once we have made the choice to be aware and assist the Ascension, we’ll be experiencing major changes in our bodies and lives. According to Walters, these changes in mind, body, and spirit are the “wake-up call symptoms”. These symptoms come and go with different levels of intensity. They are aches and pains, strange encounters and sensations that often go misdiagnosed or misunderstood. These symptoms are said to be re-alignments of energy that will eventually stabilize. Simply by becoming aware of these symptoms and by listening to what the body needs at this transformative time, we can embrace the process with less effort and resistance.

It’s believed that the Ascension process is accelerating, which means that the energy shifts are arriving more frequently, the energies are more powerful, and the symptoms of Ascension are more intense. For some, these symptoms are a sign of progress; for others, they are a burden. It completely depends upon the journey one chooses to embark on.





  • Medium of exchange
  • Unit of account
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Divisible
  • Fungible (interchangeable)


  • All of currency
  • Store of value over a long period of time
  • Really a way for governments to leech away your time and your freedom by stealing your purchasing power
  • Currencies don’t store purchasing power, they leak it
  • Money is a trading tool that stores the economic energy that is your time and freedom, whereas currencies leak them away
  • Gold and silver are the ultimate money, simply because of their properties
  • Fiat currencies are based solely on confidence, and always return to their intrinsic value of zero
  • Governments don’t like gold, because it imposes restraint


  • Expansion of the currency supply (Friedman)
  • Wouldn’t apply to an economy where prices were kept lower
  • Rising prices are a symptom of an expanding currency supply
  • Gold and silver account for an expanding currency supply


  • Contraction of the currency supply

Quantitative Easing

  • Really just a term for currency creation
  • Creation by central bank
  • Done in 2009 after crash
  • Gave themselves loads of bonuses for crashing the world economy
  • 17m40
  • QE1 (2009)
  • QE4 (2015 - predicted, check)
  • Now $6T cash in circulation, instead of $0.825T ish before the crisis / $1.7T after the bailout
  • 200 years to get to crisis
  • Same in all countries of the world
  • Russia 18x since 2001
  • America has exported its inflation by sending the money it creates overseas

Defecit spending

  • Amount by which spending exceeds revenue

Cumulative Consumer Price Index

  • Ratio of income on food as percentage (NAME???)
  • Inflation causes food prices to rise
  • Once above 40%, people stage a revolution
  • French Revolution
  • Egypt
  • Risk:Reward of revolution favours revolution

Runaway inflation

  • Penalizes those that are most productive in society

Monetary History

  • Echos the same things over and over again all the way back to the beginning of civilization

Gold + silver

  • Predominant currencies for about 5000 years
  • Between 680 BC and 630 BC - became money
  • Minted into coins of same size/weight near Lydia (Western Anatolia)
  • Exploded, once got to Athens


  • First society to have a working tax system and free markets
  • When got involved in the Peloponnesian wars that problems started (Sparta)
  • Lost access to gold mines
  • Paying armies
  • Debased coins (with copper)
  • Defecit spending
  • Lots of copper coins for a real gold coin
  • First time gold/silver ever had a price
  • Beforehand, weight
  • World’s first hyper-inflation
  • Demise - surrendered to Sparta
  • Eventually just a satellite of Rome
  • Started with Athens at its height
  • With a level of hubris, sent them down the path to ruin
  • First time in history that war and great public works were funded through defecit spending

Gresham’s Law

  • “Bad money drives out good”
  • People keep what is valuable (long-term) and spend what isn’t

7-stage Pendulum (7 stages of empire)

  • Quality money
  • Quantity currency
  • Swings back and forth
  • Always has 7 stages
  • Always has gold delivering a knockout blow to debased currencies

1) Sound money - A country starts out with good money, which is either gold or silver, or it is backed by gold / silver
2) Public works - As it develops economically, it begins to take on more and more economic burdens, adding layer upon layer of public works
3) Massive military - As its economic affluence grows so does its political influence, and it increases expenditure to fund a massive military
4) War - Eventually it puts its military to use and expenditures explode
5) Currency Debasement - To fund the war it steals the wealth of its people by debasing their coinage with base metals or by replacing their money with a currency that can be created in unlimited quantities
6) Loss of Faith - The loss in purchasing power of the expanded currency supply is sensed by the population and financial markets triggering a loss in faith in the currency
7) Currency Crisis / Gold accounts for currency - A mass movement out of currency into precious metals and other tangible assets takes place. The currency collapses and gold and silver rise in price as they account for the huge quantity of currency that was created

Monetary system

  • Basically steals from the poor and middle-classes
  • Transfers the wealth to the banks


  • What is happening now is what happened in 407 BC
  • Satellite of Rome before
  • Satellite of the banks today


  • Before 1965, USA coinage contained up to 90% silver
  • President Johnson said ‘too valuable’
  • Cupro-nickel
  • Post 1965 91.67% copper, 8.33% Nickel wash
  • Pre 1965 dime - metal value $2.10
  • Post 1965 - $0.02

Last 140 years of monetary history


  • Germany went on the classical gold standard
  • Currency could be redeemed for gold
  • $20 bill = $20 gold
  • 100% reserve ratio


  • All banks stopped redemption rights
  • Could no longer go into bank and get gold


  • Gold Exchange Standard
  • In US backed partially by gold
  • $50 bill = $20 gold
  • 40% reserve ratio
  • During both WW’s, Europe paid the US with gold
  • US didn’t get in until the end
  • Economy turned towards war
  • WWII - Pearl Harbour - Dec 1941
  • Troops - Aug 1942?
  • 6 years of Europe paying US with gold (including Germany)
  • By the end of WWII the US had 2/3 of the world’s monetary gold
  • US made loans to Europe in dollars


  • Bretton Woods New Hampshire
  • Bretton Woods System
  • Every currency in the world (apart from a few) backed by US dollars
  • US dollars backed by gold
  • $35/oz
  • Pegged all the world’s currencies to each other through dollar, through gold
  • Fixed exchange rates
  • Under Bretton Woods there was no reserve ratio
  • 0% reserve ratio


  • President Johnson’s ‘Great Society’


  • US loses 50% of its gold
  • Charles de Gaulle started it

August 15th 1971

  • Nixon Shock
  • Dollar Standard
  • In 1971 about 12x more dollars than gold
  • ‘Run’ on the bank (US) because it had committed a fraud
  • Nixon had to stop paying out gold, because if he hadn’t, then there would be a point at which couldn’t pay out gold, and the whole global monetary system would have collapsed
  • All the world’s currencies became fiat currencies


  • 30-40 years
  • 30 years
  • 28 years
  • 40+ years (to now)

War is good for the economy

  • If you’re not it in
  • If you’re selling them the tools of the trade

Fiat currencies

  • All bob up and down relative to each other
  • All sinking relative to gold

Acceptance of gold

  • Utah now considers gold legal currency

Moving away from the USD

  • Loads of countries rejecting the USD as a reserve currency
  • In some parts of Africa - can go to jail if use USD
  • Loads of repatriation of gold

Printing of USD

  • Now printing $85B/month (up from $40B)
  • Over $1T / year

China stocking up gold

  • Huge increases in

Renminbi now most influential

  • USD done for in terms of influence

Possible options

Multiple reserve currencies

  • Problem - no anchor

Special Drawing Rights

  • Basket currency sponsored by the IMF
  • Problem is it’s not backed by anything


  • Stable money for 5000 years
  • If have gold standards, then we’ll get scammed again (if they print more than have)


  • Nobody does anyything
  • Wishful thinking
  • Denial
  • Delay
  • Loss of faith in paper currencies

US as a superpower

  • Gold flowing into US from world wars

7-step process

1) The government creates glorified IOU’s

  • People vote for politicians that offer more free stuff
  • Defecit spending
  • Pays for DS by issuing bonds
  • Steals prosperity out of the future (so it can be spent today)

2) Banks swap IOU’s to create currency

  • Open market operations
  • Big banks sell some of the bonds to Federal Reserve at a profit
  • FR signs a check that should bounce, as it comes from an account with $0 in it
  • “When the Federal Reserve writes a check, it is creating money”
  • When checks are handed to banks, currency then springs into existence
  • The banks take the currency and buy more bonds at the next treasury auction
  • Basically Federal Reserve and Treasury are exchanging IOU’s using the banks as middlemen, and abra-cadabra, (base) currency is created
  • Result - Build up of bonds at the Federal Reserve and currency at the treasury

3) Government spends the numbers

  • Defecit spending on public works, social programs and war
  • Gov’t employees, contractors and soldiers deposit their money in banks
  • Not deposting, but loaning the bank your currency
  • Within certain legal limits, they can do with it what they please, including gambling in stock market and loaning it out

4) Banks multiply the numbers

  • Fractional reserve lending
  • e.g. 10%
  • Deposit $100, they can loan out up to $90 of it
  • Vault stores
  • Bank leaves bank credit (IOU’s) in its place
  • Bank credit IOU numbers are very different from base currency numbers, because they only exist in computers, but they are still currency
  • $100 can create up to $1000 bank credit
  • Re-crediting and re-lending
  • This is where the vast majority of currency supply comes from
  • 92-96% of all currency in existence is created in the banking system
  • Inflation - from expanding of the currency supply
  • Rising prices are only a symptom
  • Our entire currency supply is a bunch of numbers - some of them printed, most of them typed

5) Our numbers are taxed

  • Tax to IRS
  • IRS turns it over to the Treasury
  • Treasury pays principle plus interest to Federal Reserve on the bonds that Federal Reserve bought with a check drawn on an account that has nothing in it
  • Much of taxes are used to pay interest
  • The Federal Reserve is committing fraud
  • Before the creation of the FR, there was no need for personal income tax
  • 1913 FR created AND constitution amended to allow income tax

6) Debt ceiling delusion

  • Interest is owed on every dollar in existence
  • There is never enough currency to pay the debt
  • There is always more debt in the system than there is currency in existence to pay the debt
  • It cannot carry on forever
  • What would happen if the government stopped borrowing to do defecit spending? (Are the payments on the Treasury bonds going to stop?)
  • What would happen if the public stopped borrowing and going deeper into debt?
  • If we stop borrowing, then no new currency is created to replace the currency that we used to make those payments
  • Currency and debt are like matter + anti-matter
  • Paying down the debt is deflationary, and impossible to do without collapsing the whole economy
  • Debt ceiling is delusional
  • System is designed to require ever-increasing levels of debt just to continue
  • Politicians keep on increasing the debt ceiling until it collapses under its own weight
  • Founding Fathers wrote into the constitution that could only have gold/silver money
  • The current system is unconstitutional, and robs people of liberty and prosperity that fought and died for
  • Stealing purchasing power from you, and transferring it to the banks and government
  • “The decrease in purchasing power incurred by the holders of money due to inflation imparts gains to the issuers of money”
  • It’s a ponzi scheme / lie
  • Our entire monetary system is nothing but a form of legalized theft

7) Secret owners take their cut

  • Federal Reserve has stock-holders
  • Annual dividend of 6%
  • Stocks originally sold to the largest banks in the US
  • Because of mergers and aquisitions through the years, you can’t trace the owners


  • John Maynard Keynes : “By this means government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect it”
  • “The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented”

First form of currency

  • Livestock
  • Can’t make change!

Commodity currency

  • Sometimes mis-labeled commodity money
  • Often fall short of one requirement for currency, e.g. divisibility/durability/portability
  • Tea close, but not durable and store of worth
  • Chunks of precious metal had different worth, so weren’t fungible
  • Electrum - mixture of gold and silver (naturally occurring)

Fiat currency

  • Started in 7th century China

Velocity of money

  • The frequency at which one unit of currency is used within a given time period

Government debt payoff after WWII

  • Gov’t paid off debts in lots of additional currency
  • Paper shortage, and on wood / silk too
  • Hyper-inflation


  • Wipes out and empoverishes the middle class
  • Middle-class defines a country with their vote
  • Out of monetary crisis often see political change
  • Filled with fear
  • Dictators arrive with fear

Real risk

  • Not hyper-inflation per se
  • Rise of a dictator


  • Couldn’t have come to power without the hyper-inflation of 1923
  • Played to public fear
  • Beer-house
  • Gunpoint
  • Captive audience
  • Changed the world
  • Next day people followed him to overthrow the government
  • He went to jail for high treason
  • Private secretary - Rudolf Hess
  • Wrote half of Mein Kampf in jail
  • By middle of the 1920’s, lost the influence
  • No fear
  • Nazi party 2% of vote
  • Then Great Depression
  • Hitler first politician to campaign by aircraft
  • Multiple cities in a single day
  • Went from 2% to second largest party
  • Because of fear, took away many rights

The twin dangers that arise when money is corrupted

2 - Collectivism


  • Doesn’t bring bottom people up
  • Drags the whole economy down
  • Doesn’t work

Keys to maximum prosperity

  • Individual freedom
  • Free markets
  • Sound money

Fixed currency supply

  • When have economic growth
  • The currency gains in purchasing power

Milton Friedman

  • 1912-2006
  • Semi free-market economist
  • Nobel Prize for Economic Science

Michael Maloney’s prediction

  • Summit in 2005
  • USA housing hyper-bubble will burst (YES)
  • Gold and silver to rise (YES)
  • Stocks to crash (YES)
  • Deflation then big / hyper-inflation (YES)
  • False government statistics
  • Petrodollar warfare (YES)
  • America is broke
  • YES = played out so far

Winson Churchill

  • The further you look into the past, the further you can look into the past


0) Run up to 2007
1) Threat of deflation (2008 market crash)
2) Helicopter drop (currency)
3) Big inflation (you are here)
4) Real deflation (world’s central banks over-reacting, banks foreclose?)
5) Hyperinflation


4) The overreaction to the 2008 crisis has caused a credit / debt bubble, and all bubbles pop

Excess reserve balances

  • Tiny by Alan Greenspan after 9/11
  • Prevents bank runs by banks on banks

Results of base currency expansions

  • Use of margin at record levels
  • Stock markets at record levels
  • Collector cars at record levels
  • Wine collections at record levels
  • Art

Real estate re-inflated to bubble

  • Average home / Median annual household income
  • 5-5.5 healthy rise
  • 6.5 before 2008
  • Ditto in 2014

3) Whatever bubble you’re in, the opposite happens of what is of greatest benefit to the most people

  • The average Joe six-pack would get rewarded for massive stupidity
  • We’re in a credit boom and bond bubble
  • Those bubbles have to pop
  • The popping of a credit bubble is deflationary
  • Every major debt and financial asset bubble in history all followed by deflation
  • Early 1870’s - Railroad bubble
  • 1920’s - Tractor / farm / auto bubble - Farms and small banks failing that caused the Great Depression
  • Many people think the Federal Reserve controls money
  • They only control base money
  • Incredibly small % of all money
  • All they do is influence the rest of the economy with interest rates, reserve balances and such
  • Post 2008, created more money to prevent the total collapse
  • Like a drug addict taking more drugs to prevent coming down from the high
  • Can die from taking too many drugs ;)

2) The baby boom demographic disaster

  • Bob Hope generation, coming out of WWII
  • First generation when the middle-class could afford to buy a house
  • Even in 20’s / 30’s couldn’t
  • Baby boom comes
  • Unprecedented in numbers
  • Housing prices have gone up throughout our lifetimes (with a few exceptions)
  • Eventually when more people die than are looking to buy the prices will come down

1) The convergence of cycles

1) Wealth-distribution cycle

  • 1955 - Earn $9600 in year, house cost $8500, make more / yr than the average house costs (Salem, Oregan)

2) P/E ratios (stock market)

  • See valuations
  • After bubble, need to go down to undervalued
  • 2000 biggest bubble (45x), just went down to fair value

3) Kondratiev Waves

  • Capitalism superior to socialism
  • Always have waves - spring, summer, autumn and winter
  • Note that Economy5 could act as a buffer for the autumn and winter parts of cycle
  • Winter is the deflationary season (last one the Great Depression)
  • Used to be every 50 years
  • More likely the length of a LIFETIME
  • The people that are old enough to remember, because they become risk-averse / frugal

4) East/West cycle

  • One of the biggest of all
  • About every 500 years in each direction
  • Innovation and prosperity
  • Asia > Europe/North America, and back
  • Dark Ages - China developing gunpowder
  • Then China stagnated while we had the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution
  • Currently deflationary for the West

5) Household debt as a % of disposible income

  • Big red flag when people owe more than their disposible income
  • We passed this in about 2000

6) Shift in world monetary system

  • All peaked, and are starting to descend
  • All 6 of them are deflationary
  • Deflation5

P/E ratios

  • <10x - under-valued
  • 10-14x - fair value
  • 14-20 - over-valued
  • >20x - bubble

Strike Three : USA’s day of reckoning

  • Had two warnings
  • Next time it’s going to be game over


Both :

  • Psychological
  • Cycle-logical


  • Beginning of WWI, Germany stopped making money redeemable
  • Like other wars, of and by the printing press
  • Currency quadrupled
  • Prices not increase much
  • In times of uncertainty, people tend to save
  • People saved all their money
  • After war, price of gold up 20x
  • Prices similarly followed
  • End of 1919
  • 1920-21 inflation slowed
  • Economy better
  • War reparations to pay
  • Government didn’t stop printing currency
  • Summer of 1921 prices started to rise again
  • By July of 1922, risen another 700%
  • Suddenly everybody started to spend their currency as soon as they got it
  • The currency had become a hot potato

Velocity of currency

  • Controlled by psychology
  • Number of times each unit of a currency changes hands
  • Same dollar used 3 times in a day, velocity = 3
  • Currency x velocity = GDP
  • 10 x 1 = 10
  • 1 x 10 = 10
  • More currency, can have slower velocity

Keynesian Delusion

  • Keynesian economists believe you can create a healthy economy by changing the currency supply
  • It’s not the quantity of currency that determines prosperity, it’s the amount of goods and services that are created in that country
  • Adding currency slows velocity at first
  • Prices go up later

Pre-hyper-inflation hyper-inflation

  • Prior to 1923
  • In 1920
  • Blip
  • Currency increases
  • Inflation not noticed
  • Then massive rush at some point

Stick with gold

  • The people who owned gold and silver instead of national currency came out relatively unscathed or even made huge gains in their purchasing power

No hyper-inflation yet

  • Velocity has fallen to compensate for the creation of currency
  • After the short-term deflation when velocity falls even further
  • Velocity will pick up
  • Prices will rise
  • At some point there will be a psychological change, and velocity will increase, maybe rapidly

The money illusion

  • Danger point
  • Feel-good feeling
  • Velocity picks up again
  • Things look like they’re good


  • Partly money supply
  • Partly psychological
  • Not MM’s definition
  • Once you change the psychology, it’s very hard to change it back
  • “You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube” - H.R. Haldeman

1997/8 Financial Crisis

  • Lessons that should have been learned
  • Banks should have been broken into smaller units
  • Derivatives should have been banned
  • Instead we did the opposite
  • We repealed Glass/Steagall (Allowed banks to be hedge funds)
  • We repealed swaps regulation (Allowed banks to create swaps and derivatives)
  • We repealed the net capital rule for brokers / dealers (15:1 leverage -> 30:1)
  • We implemented Basel II - allowed banks to use more leverage
  • No surprise that 10 years later we almost destroyed capital markets again
  • On the brink of the 3rd strike

Defaults are deflationary

  • Honestly or dishonestly (talking about paying back bonds)
  • Honestly - we can’t pay you
  • Dishonestly - inflating the debt away
  • The yield politician is very low
  • i.e. they don’t want to be honest
  • Lots of deflationary scares and events
  • Asynchronous events, like long-term capital management
  • The demand from the public will be to solve it in the only way they know how - print money

How it will collapse

  • Baby boomers will get scared when they find out their homes and mutual funds are now worth next to nothing
  • They’ll sell off all their assets
  • Greatest real estate crash
  • Will force forclosures as the credit bubble pops
  • The big spenders become big savers
  • There will be a threshold reached
  • For each income class it will be different
  • Finally think they have enough saved for retirement
  • For some $100k, others $1m, others $10m
  • The Fed knows that there will come a point when feel OK to replace that aging computer / get a new TV
  • At this point the boys at the Fed will buy enough government debt to fund tax rebates for all the taxes in the previous year
  • Won’t work
  • Screw the helicopters, send in the bombers
  • Currency will begin to fall like rain in the desert
  • Eventually the world will lose faith in the USD and will want to dump it by buying up goods
  • The USD will come flooding back into the US

Full consensus distributed ledger technology

Byzantine General’s Problem

  • How do you make absolutely sure that multiple entities, which are separated by distance, are in absolute full agreement, before an action is taken?
  • How can individual parties guarantee a way to gain full consensus?
  • Generals all attack at dawn, but how trust messages / one another
  • Problem for thousands of years, that Bitcoin claims to have solved
  • Bitcoin is a trust machine

Public / private keys

  • Safe for BTC
  • Private key like signature / CVC
  • On the card itself


  • Both a currency and a payment network simultaneously
  • First

Bitcoin not Byzantine Fault Tolerant

Hashgraph is


  • If Bitcoin replaced whole financial world, then would use more electricity than the whole world now


  • Gossip protocol
  • Voting protocol
  • Asynchronous Byzantine Fault-Tolerant

Monetary History

  • Most world history is dictated by monetary history

Ancient Rome vs USA



  • Started as a Republic
  • Stability via sound money
  • Debasement of money for war and public works
  • Coin clipping / product clipping
  • Ever-expanding empires and never-ending wars
  • Inflation felt by public
  • Holders of gold and silver retain purchasing power
  • Governments meddling with the economy makes things worse


  • Distraction tactics (Welfare bread + circus vs welfare + mass distraction)
  • Increased taxation
  • Stifling bureaucracy (now faces same problem as ancient Rome) - fewer and fewer businesses to fund the buffoonery of gov’t
  • Increased taxation x stifling bureaucracy = Increased corruption of the political process


  • Started around 500BC
  • For first 178 years no real inflation
  • Gold / silver, small in copper/bronze
  • Hannibal of Carthage stared to harrass Rome in the Second Punic War
  • To pay for it, did defecit spending
  • Most of gold stored in Temple of Saturn
  • US Treasury has almost exactly the same design

Debasement of money

  • Exact measurement of copper (sestersius) -> worthless base metal
  • Exact measure of silver (denarius) -> worthless base metal
  • Coin clipping (when entering public buildings)
  • Revaluation (re-stamp)

Emperor Diocletian

  • 284-305 BC (Emperor)
  • Inflation bad before (because of over-spending)
  • Made things worse
  • First case of hyper-inflation
  • Edict of prices
  • Price controls don’t work
  • Risked death
  • No profit
  • People just closed
  • Not a listed job
  • Every son had to go into the same job as father under penalty of death


  • 1700s - early 1900s
  • Prices very stable

Debasement of money

  • Copper (penny) -> worthless
  • Silver (dime) -> worthless
  • “Shrinkflation”
  • Secret debasement
  • Portions are smaller

Coinage Act of 1792

Government medaling with economies

  • Result always the same
  • Prices become distorted
  • Economic turmoil
  • Shortages
  • Black markets

French Revolution

The Law of Maximum

  • Price controls?

Depression of 1921

  • The single greatest deflation that the US has ever seen
  • Government did not rush in to save us
  • The Federal Reserve didn’t try to lower interest rates to zero
  • Didn’t manipulate the free markets
  • Horrible for a year
  • Bankruptices, foreclosures, lost homes
  • More efficient new businesses took their place
  • Free markets healed it all
  • In 18 months it was a memory

Mark Twain

  • “History doesn’t repeat, but it sure does rhyme”


  • Had great public works


  • First to have social programs


  • Public works
  • Armies
  • Social programs
  • Bread + circus
  • Keep the public distracted and placated
  • Gave away a lot (grain, food, wine)
  • Especially when went to Egypt
  • Destroyed the small farmer when taxed it all

Governments cannot create prosperity

  • They can only consume it

An environment for prosperity

  • The Rule of Law
  • Sound money
  • Sensible taxation
  • Less burdensome regulation for legitimate business

Exponential Growth

  • 1 drop / minute
  • Double
  • Fills a park in 50 minutes
  • 5 minutes before, 97% empty

Roman Empire split in 2

  • Rome was struggling in the late 4th century
  • Emperor Flavius Davasius
  • Divided Roman Empire into 2
  • East and West
  • Ruled by two sons
  • West, Rome capital, collapsed 476 AD
  • East flourished for a further 1000 years
  • Constantinople
  • Changed language to Greek
  • Referred to themselves as Romans
  • Nowadays the Byzantine Empire


  • Solidus
  • Gold
  • 4.5g / 1/7 oz
  • Purity defended for 600 years
  • Until 1034
  • Debased until 1092, and eliminated
  • Hyperpyron
  • Purity maintained at 85% pure gold
  • Until early 1200s, when it was too debased
  • By 1350s, it had no gold content at all, simply as a unit of account

Quality of a society is directly proportional to the quality of its money


1) Bureaucratic, managed economies always lead to disaster
2) Monetary debasement brings the fall of empires

Robert David Steele

Meet Hassan Rouhani with Trump as referee:

1 - Peace between the Sunis and the Shiites (now possible
2 - Jerusalem and Mecca? as international cities
3 - Restoration of Palestine
4 - Creation of a Kurdish confederacy (Iran, Irak, Turkey)
5 - Repatriation of all non-employed Muslims back to Arabia + reparations for Irak (US owes Irak over $1T)
6 - Creation of a post-Western, post-fossil fuel economy
7 - Creation of a regional open-source agency (based in Istanbul?) to publish the truth

  • CIA’s report - “our judgements are not based on evidence”

Threats to America (08/20/2019) (13m30)

1 - Poverty
2 - Infectious disease
3 - Environmental degradation
4 - Inter-state conflict
5 - Civil war
6 - Genocide
7 - Other atrocities (incl. trade in women + children)
8 - Proliferation
9 - Terrorism
10 - Transnational crime (incl. all banking system)

7 CIA’s (02/02/2019) (32m30)

1 - Whitehouse CIA (if like the President)
2 - Wall Street CIA (CIA set up by Wall St.)
3 - Zionist CIA (Mossad offices with CIA credentials)
4 - Drone assassination CIA
5 - Rendition and torture CIA (Saudi/Safari CIA, works with Mossad, for hire for dictators all over the world)
6 - ??? (didn’t finish)



Starseed education

Rudolph Steiner:



Natural living



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Sarah Westall

  • Lots of knowledge on useful topics
  • Contacts to connect with the right kind of people


Donald Trump


Thank you

  • Service to humanity
  • Wasn’t really following politics much, but did want him to win over Hillary because I thought it would be better for my project
  • When got redpilled in 2018, and really understood what was going on, I thought it was masterful
  • Very brave, true patriot, perfectly played
  • He’ll go down in history as one of the most important US presidents ever
  • For the role that he played, will forever have my personal gratitude for helping the American people and humanity as a whole
  • Kind, beautiful soul that can sometimes be misinterpreted
  • Plenty of us that see the beautiful, heart-centred core that you have
  • Warrior spirit
  • He said in what I think was his best speech of his campaign that he knew this day would arise, it was only a question of time before he’d have to undertake this monumental task
  • In 2005, when I developed my economic model, I knew that the day that humanity was ready for it would arise, but it too was only a question of when
  • At the time I said to myself that I felt I was about 15 years ahead of the game, and I launched it 14 years later
  • If what you said was true, then it’s a pleasure to finally meet someone else who truly understands the concept of destiny, and my guess is that you probably did a lot of mental preparation for it
  • On the day you met Barack Obama after you’d won, you didn’t seem your normal upbeat self, but more introverted
  • Initially I just thought that you were surprised that you won, but I think there was something else
  • It was the realization that what you knew to be your destiny was coming true, and that now it had to be down to business
  • From the next day forward, that’s all I saw from you
  • I felt that too, when I finally launched ReVolution5
  • Planning to take on such monumental tasks is very humbling, and there are few people who truly understand it and feel it at this scale
  • Therefore I offer you my hand in friendship, and would enjoy getting to know him personally at some time when he has time, maybe after he’s finished with being President


  • Thank you Mr President
  • If his team approves of what we’re doing, then maybe they’d like to leak that page on QAnon
  • Link between Q/Trump/Vision5

Vision5 as the phoenix

  • Vision5 / ReVolution5 is only really possible because of what happened
  • It’s the phoenix that is flying out of the ashes of the downfall of the Cabal
  • It seemed like fate that they happened at the same time
  • My plan started in 2003, but was only really complete at the end of 2018
  • I feel that his role in bringing down the Cabal is also linked with ReVolution5, and he could have an important role in helping the American people even more, by helping to start discussions between the American government and Vision5, so when we are able to essentially cover all taxes globally and end world debt, we already have already had 10 years of preparation
  • When they make movies about this human revolution, I think they should make it a 2-parter
  • 1: Covert WWIII, Trump Presidency, QAnon
  • 2: ReVolution5
  • Could even have multiple parts / 6-episode mini-series, tracking back to the 1950s up to ReVolution5


  • Universal Basic Income
  • Economy
  • Taxes
  • Debt
  • Help prevent the economic collapse that could be caused by the Cabal’s destroying of the global economy, in particular the Federal Reserve’s printing of trillions of dollars of currency combined with the derivatives market
  • Economy5 will be able to prevent a complete global economic collapse, but working with governments will help make that a success
  • Social security / buying up the stock market (keep raising while putting other things in place)

Post presidency

  • After ends his presidency, then if he wishes to continue to make a difference in the world, will offer the opportunity to potentially work with Vision5 to help connect to a certain section of the population
  • He can connect directly with a certain section of the American people that I couldn’t automatically, and it would help them

Business partnerships

  • Would be very interested in potentially forming some partnerships in the hotel business
  • We will be doing that, and there are potentially many opportunities that we could make
  • Don’t want to promise anything yet - I need to be sure that partnerships are in our interest - but am very open to discussing any potential opportunities / ideas (if not now, then in the future)
  • Would be great to be in communication with family

Scientific investigations ???

Interplanetary climate change

  • Would ask to think about setting up a committee or organization to fully investigate the cosmic effect on the planet
  • It’s likely that the vast majority of global warming comes from cosmic heating
  • Every planet shows strong signs of heating
  • Need to get scientists to include that in their models
  • While also urge to clean the planet
  • Separate polluting the planet from global warming
  • Polluting the air does have effects on rainfall and people’s health

Laws of the universe


  • 5G seems to be incredibly bad for our bodies and kills huge numbers of animals almost instantly
  • There are much better technologies
  • Should investigate 5G, and potentially ban it, and set up a national network of something better

Communication channels

  • If he would like, We’re open to having a more direct communication between the WH and V5
  • It could be helpful for economic planning
  • Military
  • Intelligence agencies (NSA in particular)
  • Government
  • Want to help prevent any negative consequences of ReVolution5 in America (and potentially worldwide)
  • Work together on common interests, without crossing any inappropriate lines
  • We will have the mechanisms to be able to release any technology that is of benefit to humanity essentially globally
  • In the distant future, the plan is to cancel all world debt using Economy5, but we will need to plan years or decades in advance how that could happen in the best way
  • Likewise, we will be able to eliminate the need for taxes for anything other than military spending, and it would be best to plan that well in advance too (unless the Dragons do this first)
  • We provide them with information about our intentions, so that they can plan as necessary, and if they feel it would be beneficial to share anything with us that might affect our plan, to do so
  • Primarily to provide the agencies within the US the necessary information
  • The may have useful knowledge that could help large infrastructure projects that will benefit everyone (that we will want to construct)
  • Potentially could provide a regular briefing to WH too if it’s desired
  • In particular the plans in America
  • As Economy5 increases, the amounts of money available will be greater, and so more coordination seems logical

Intelligence platform

  • Will provide direct, open-sourced info
  • Briefings that may not be given to heads of state
  • The info will cover every topic, with the most up-to-date info
  • Can search etc

Military planning

Three four factors:

  1. Us explaining our plan, and keeping the military updated about any key info (including access to certain parts of our planning platform)
  2. Discussion with the military over multiple year/decade period to plan ahead for the best outcome for America and the world (which would be connected to US)
  3. If we’re planning on doing philanthropic projects in dangerous areas, the hoping they might warn us (we don’t need to know any details, just to stay out)
  4. Build relationships to better help America and humanity
  • Want to create good communication channels now
  • If things go to plan 10-15 years down the line, what we’re doing will start to have a massive positive impact on America, and want to minimize any potential negative effects
  • Down the line, after we have a trusted relationship, we’re hoping they will be able to help us set up similar communications with trusted military in other countries
  • Want to plan well ahead
  • Trump will understand the plan / potential
  • In truth it will be setting things up for 10+ years later
  • Want to form amicable relationships, and allow the country plenty of time to plan
  • Want to make sure they don’t feel it is a national security threat
  • In everyone’s best interests
  • Trust the military more than I do some other groups

Economic planning:

  • Buying up of companies
  • Clean up the worst actors first

Pointed up - ET’s?

  • When he pointed up and said ‘and that’s what they wanted?’
  • ET’s?

Free energy

Ask him to allow Vision5 (under Planet5/Lab5) to be a conduit for disclosure of free energy technology, like zero-point energy devices in a safe way.


  • Every thing with info in a folder
  • On front on outside, put summary with points
  • Table with the points in the future with the sizes (MarketCap5)
  • US Federal taxes
  • NYSE
  • All world’s money + stock exchanges combined
  • Derivatives markets
  • Capitalism 1.0, transition, Capitalism 2.0
  • Colours for the phases
  • White-light blue-dark blue
  • Or yellow-orange-red

Nigel Farange

  • Corruption in European Parliament
  • Article 13
  • George Soros


Controlled opposition?:

  • Denegrading James (ECETI etc)
  • Dismissive
  • Nasty attitude
  • Very arrogant
  • Celestial Chamber
  • Science
  • Healing technology


Alan Steinfeld

Arn (Zingdad) (see spiritual)

Darryl Anka (Bashar)



  • Who am I and what am I in the process of doing?

About Bashar:

  • Is he Daryl Anka’s future self?
  • Did he choose the double-lined H in recognition of Hashgraph, which is built a part of the QFS?

About my soul:

  • What’s my soul history / lineage?
  • Did I incarnate as anyone famous in the past from my perspective?

About the solar system:

  • Saturn (former star, come in from elsewhere, when)
  • Did it create any other planets on its entry
  • Why are all the Kuiper belt objects at an angle - twin star?

Magenta Pixie (see spiritual)

Michael Love


Simon Parkes



  • Tech5, Internet5, Web5
  • Economy5 as a transition to an eventual money-less society, gradually, over 150-200 years (50+100-150)


  • Unity5, Lighworker5, Citizen5, OpenIntel5
  • Consciousness5
  • Universal5
  • Meditation5 - Universal5 - constant mass meditation wave round earth
  • Pyramid5 - Healing
  • Global Light State


  • Tech5 - Safe AI - Have been told recently by friend’s dragon guide that I would one day invent an AI system with empathy / karma
  • Tech5 - military bunkers - survive solar flash(es)

Connecting Consciousness:

  • Help support consciousness groups
  • e.g. CC
  • Financially, tech
  • As part of the wider philanthropic mission

Consultancy services:

  • Help planning the lightworker side of things
  • Planning anything else that is relevant
  • Potentially connecting me with useful contacts
  • Insider intel - help protect Vision5 org / briefings (shared, or just for me), trusted group of informers to help prepare the organization
  • Provide pertinent intel in text format
  • If thinks it’s necessary for the organization, then could have video chat
  • Share some plans with him, get input on things to watch out for etc

Spiritual / guides:

  • Have been told that I’ll be alive when I’m older / this will be successful
  • Soul family - reading - check to see if the same as others have said
  • Tell story of the week when everyone was contacting me
  • Can he tell anything about me / did he know I was going to contact etc
  • Got told the other day by someone that they were aware of what I was doing 1.5 years ago - without knowing who I was

Older notes:

  • Soul reading + star family
  • Can he tell anything in particular about me before I tell him what I’m doing
  • Tell about Vision5
  • Form a relationship as time develops
  • Need to make sure there are people around me that are at a higher level of contact with the astral realm + ET to help protect and guide me, as it’s likely I’m going to start getting attacked sooner or later
  • Once Web5 is well under way, and essentially unstoppable, would like to contact the Dragons to say not to worry
  • Would like to know any pertinent information
  • Warn me of particular people / organizations in Zurich / Switzerland (already will be wary of all of them)
  • Already have someone giving me continuous reiki, and helping me with my spiritual development, but might be good to have someone


Andrew Wakefield (Dr)

David Icke


  • Lions (prints)
  • Steam trains (prints)
  • Old light bulbs

Eric Raines (ECETI)

Fritz Springmeier

Jenny Constantine (ECETI)

Masonic symbolism:


  • Mention something about eyes
  • Frying head too
  • What is it?
  • Need to look into other videos

Kevin Annett

Peter Maxwell Slattery (ECETI)

  • Info about true history of the universe
  • Help compile the real history
  • Along with other sources
  • Explain about densities etc

Robert David Steele

Controlled opposition ?:

Sarah Westall

William Binney

  • NSA
  • Like Robert David Steele




Makowe Consitantine








  • Heal my own trauma first

Call baby in:

  • The mother calls a baby in
  • Know this, and use consciousness to say ‘not yet’ or ‘we’re ready’


  • Focus on love (for mother / baby) in days leading up to it
  • Will imprint on the sperm
  • Focus on sacred energy / union


  • Don’t vaccinate during pregnancy
  • Mother can eat lots of greens in the final weeks of pregnancy (plenty of vitamin K)
  • Oral vit K
  • No ultrasound (can contributed to autism)
  • No wireless devices (non-ionizing radiation)
  • Maybe don’t tell the medical establishment (can’t hijack)

Jeanice Barcelo


  • Don’t clamp the cord for at least 45 mins (still keep on sending vital nutrients to the baby for at least 30 mins after birth)
  • Insist on no vaccinations/injections straight after birth (vit K - like a vaccine, loads during pregnancy - if must give it, give orally)
  • No eye wash after birth so that the baby can have eye contact with the parents (uxytocin receptors damaged)
  • No smacking the child to get it to breath
  • No Petocin (undermines natural oxytocin - key to breast feeding)


  • Check gmail ‘dolphin assisted birth’
  • Check Telegram [Parent] - Dolphin-assisted birth


  • Breastfeeding vital
  • Meningitis up when breastfeeding went down
  • Probiotics
  • Essential oils


  • Chicken pox …
  • Created by consciousness / belief structures
  • If the parents believe that children should / will get ill, then they will
  • Just don’t focus on it
  • Becky Barron



  • Kaila (rhymes with ‘eye’)
  • Zara


Easter egg alternatives

Anything electric

  • Baby monitor etc
  • Electromagnetic field right by baby’s head
  • Don’t have them
  • Earthing


  • EMF protection
  • Consciousness
  • Scalar waves
  • Cleans skies / pollution



Three spiritual

  • What ways are you the same as everyone else?
  • What ways are you different from others?
  • What is your unique gift to offer life?


Half of science is wrong



The truth is like a lion. You don’t need to defend it. Just let it loose, and it’ll defend itself.

J.P. Morgan

Millionaires don’t believe in astrology, but billionaires do


  • Follow your path with highest excitement
  • Circumstances don’t matter (only state of being)
  • Limitations are not inherently bad because they allow you to experience the process of creation





  • In international relations, symbols matter
  • Sell oranges, then sell back pistachios
  • Symbols can lead to more meaningful solutions / relationships later on
  • Try to develop something symbolic, tailored to the local culture, with every country / region

Mutual interdependence:

  • Look to create these situations
  • By creating interdependence, we can create ties


  • Find out what people like
  • Find out what would be appropriate according to the culture of the other person


  • Ask if they meditate
  • Ask if they have a spiritual mentor
  • Ask we can perform a private group meditation for world peace and harmony (possibly led by their spiritual mentor)


  • Explain the 25, 50, 150 and 250-year vision

Look past politics:

  • Aim to build relationships for decades to come
  • Look past the politics of the day
  • Circumstances (political, economic, societal) change regularly
  • Our aim is to help humanity in the best way possible, in a non-partisan way
  • Aim to work with current administrations, but we won’t compromise on our morals, values and ethics, and if necessary, we will wait for future leaders that are more aligned with our visions

How help the people:

  • What can we do that will help the people the most

Negotiate terms:


No historical issues:

  • Countries have hundreds / thousands of years of history
  • We’ve only been around for a short period of time
  • Don’t need to approach things in the same way

Soul Fam





Nova Scotia




New Zealand

New Plymouth










United Kingdom

United States

To sort









New York

New York City








  • Calming the brain waves
  • Don’t overthink it!

Brainwave entrainment

  • Binaural beats


  • Sun gazing
  • Eliminating EMF from environment

Angel numbers





  • Get astrological charts / calendars for energy shifts
  • Astro-seek


My awakening

  • Started more or less at the same time that I decided to give up alcohol
  • Red pill period was alcohol-free
  • Until this happened, I had plans (that would have served my ego only) that would have been ultimately destructive


Archangel Michael I ask you to put your indigo cloak of protection over me as I sleep. Watch over me and allow all positive energy to come to me. Place a golden pyramid over the house and invoke me with the white light of protection. To stop all negative energy and forces from harming me. Return them to where they were sent from, and times them by 3, but to cause no harm to the sender. And so it is.


James Gilliland

5 types:

  • Physical beings
  • Less dense physical beings
  • Energy beings
  • Light beings
  • Beings of pure consciousness

Ditto for ships



Law of One



Bashar from future:

  • 300 years in future
  • 500 light years in the direction of Orion constellation
  • Invisible to our reality (and vice-versa)

Bashar civilization hybrid DNA:

  • ET manipulation
  • Like humans
  • Have some human DNA

Bashar’s planet created:

  • Civilization created
  • Planet created
  • Placed on planet to grow / learn

By 300 years:

  • Organizational system - coordinating body
  • Coordinates skills for those that require it
  • Unlimited energy sources tapping into the planet’s electromagnetic field directly
  • Reverse much of what we consider pollution by that time
  • Erased many of the national borders (not all, but many of them)
  • Economic system based on the skill sets of individuals in the society (instead of arbitrary means of exchange - money)
  • Grow crops in variety of ways to feed people on the planet
  • Allow people to extend to other planets as well


  • 2012 cross threshold of energy / consciousness
  • 2025-2033 really see the fruits of the changes
  • By 2050 humanity will have made enough changes to be a fully-fledged member of the interstellar alliance

Human abduction:

  • Bashar civilization the result of the experiment with the greys
  • 1/3 of the Earth’s population has been abducted
  • Continuation of their race using human DNA
  • They are mutated humans from a parallel reality who destroyed their civilization and their ability to reproduce
  • Needed viable human DNA to create a hybrid race that allowed them to continue their civilization
  • Came into our reality by agreement at a higher level
  • Utilized DNA from individuals that represented incarnatons of greys on our planet
  • Create hybrid species - like Bashar’s
  • Also help uplift our world
  • Provide information about ecological imbalance / environment
  • To help ensure that we didn’t go down the same path and destroy Earth
  • Like they destroyed their version of Earth

Abduction program has changed

  • Nothing malicious was intended
  • Even though people don’t remember their abductions
  • Greys didn’t anticipate the reaction of humans because they don’t experience fear
  • The greys have come to adjust their program quite drastically
  • Developed a sense of empathy (not emotionality)
  • Used hybrids to inject a level of understanding into the program

Hybrids experience love:

  • Only unconditional love
  • Don’t choose to experience any other emotions (like fear, anger)
  • Doesn’t serve them at this point in their evolution
  • Excitement, joy, love, creativity, passion, compassion, empathy, expansion
  • Always engaging the unknown with excitement

Bashar is a pilot:

  • Pilots a ship that explores multiple civilizations
  • Also first contact specialist
  • Use channeling as tool as a prelude to first contact
  • Allows people in the civilizations to decide whether or not to believe it is from an ET source
  • Closer physical contact when vibrationally closer

Abduction effects:

  • 25m11
  • Left a mark on the psyche
  • Not left a mark on the soul

They operate with higher mind:

  • They operate on both physical and higher mind level
  • They connect to our higher mind
  • We connect to our higher mind
  • Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to communicate because they operate on a completely different frequency
  • Own higher mind trickles them down to the physical mind
  • So there’s peace and joy at the same time

Alan Steinfeld / genetic manipulation:

  • 10 generations of genetic alterations in his family (thought it was 3)
  • Did this to help match the vibration they want
  • Agreed to this, whether remember or not
  • Does remember holding a child
  • Hybrid child
  • Different degrees of genetic material taken
  • Lifetime of abductions / coparticipation in large-scale project to help our world immensely
  • His participation helped Bashar’s civilization come into being

Alan Steinfeld’s relationship to Bashar:

  • Great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather of Bashar
  • Has talked to direct descendents many times in dream communications
  • Not appropriate (at this moment) to talk through channel to direct descendents

Energy experiencing:

  • Experiencing 2-3% of their energy at that moment
  • Don’t ramp it up because of channel (Darryl)
  • Wouldn’t have the energy he needs to accomplish in the rest of his day

Changing labels can help with energy:

  • In general, negativity
  • Labels of control of fear
  • Look at these ideas in a more positive way
  • Don’t attach ourselves too them

Follow your path with highest excitement:

  • If you do this, then you will always meet every person that you’re supposed to meet
  • The only exception is if you worry that you won’t
  • Worrying that you won’t meet the person that you’re supposed to meet will ensure that you won’t
  • Physical mind isn’t designed to know HOW
  • Only higher mind knows that
  • Physical mind only needs to follow the compass needle of excitement
  • And know that it will happen, in whatever way actually serves you best and everyone concerned in the best possible way

Circumstances don’t matter:

  • Only your state of being matters
  • How you respond to circumstances is what determines your state of being
  • Responding to old circumstances in a new way shows that you’ve changed

Things do not have build-in meaning:

  • Meaning has been put on them
  • Could be consciously or subconsciously
  • Patterns are learned (subconsciously)
  • Becoming aware of them allows you to bring them into your conscious mind and unlearn them
  • Replace with new ideas, definitions, labels, beliefs

Crop circles:

  • No meaning
  • Up to us to recognize the meaning that we actually have created
  • Did this at a higher level
  • Agreed to co-create these things, show them to ourselves, get a reaction from the physical mind, and explore it in alignment with what we’ve co-created

None of reality is:

  • Just a reflection
  • There is no external reality
  • It’s all happening internally
  • Not that others aren’t real
  • But what you experience is made out of your own energy in your own reality

We exist as crystals:

  • 36m08
  • We exist as a multi-dimensional crystal
  • Also as a facet of the multi-dimensional crystal that is all that is
  • We do exist in a multi-dimensional way
  • Just this facet exists / experiences in this kind of way

Operating on other levels:

  • First step is to know that you exist on other levels
  • Knowing that opens you up to receiving information from them consciously
  • Constantly receiving this information from the whole you, but don’t know where they’re coming from
  • Sometimes think that they’re just your own thoughts
  • Instead of inspiration, could be coming from another aspect of you that’s experiencing that in another reality
  • Knowing where it came from isn’t necessary
  • Sometimes can interfere with using that information in this incarnation here

Interactions create realities:

  • Interacting with another part of yourself at a different level
  • That interaction creates a new reality

Earth and limitation:

  • Earth is one of the few planets where they’ve encountered such a high degree of self-imposed limitation
  • If Earth can transform, then anywhere can

End of time:

  • No such thing as the end of time per se
  • Is a level at which all souls function as a singularity

Our emotions - fragile?:

  • They’re not inately fragile
  • We can make it seem as if it is
  • The idea of fragile emotions is a designed experience
  • It’s a chosen experience

Alan Steinfeld + Paul Lowe @ Harbin:

  • Collective energy closest experience of speaking to their own kind
  • Same energy in other places
  • Won’t say where
  • Eventually these energies will all interconnect
  • Don’t want to interupt the flow
  • Timing is critical

Don’t need to know about past lives:

  • Nothing anyone needs to know about any other life to engage this life fully


  • Earth is the experience of God touching his own forhead and asking who is touching me
  • Alan touching his own forehead was him recognizing his own God Self, and that he is always the one in control


  • Just your existence is impact
  • Nothing you do in life will change that
  • All they do is reveal the impact you’re already having


  • Having the same thoughts at the same time because they’re in the same vibrational state
  • Especially in love

Limitations - not bad:

  • Allows us to experience the process of creation
  • “You are the masters of limitation”

Reduce limitation:

  • Follow your passion
  • Get in touch with your beliefs
  • Change what doesn’t work for you
  • The passion that you feel and the excitement that your body experiences is the body’s physical translation of the vibratory state of being that represents your true, natural, core state
  • Following your passion helps remind you of who you are, and lets you experience life in a less limited way

Bashar above Cairo:

  • In spacecraft above Cairo
  • Disconnecting from channel is like walking through a door
  • Biological receiver / telephone
  • Simultaneously contacting many different dimensions / civilizations
  • Just one person
  • Small scout craft
  • In touch with own civilization
  • Many of them are listening in

Vibratory frequency from future:

  • Even though we simultaneously co-exist
  • Their vibratory frequency would be perceived as being 300 years in the future

Time travel:

  • Time travel doesn’t exist
  • Merely frequency shifting
  • TV - just one channel at a time
  • Switch frequency = shift channel
  • Ditto for time
  • 177 videos (03/07/2019)
  • Average probably about $20-25
  • 177 x 25 = $4425 (max - ish)
  • Probably less, as a large number are $15 and only a few $35+

[1 hr]

  • $400 for 1hr
  • $50 addition per person
  • Up to 3 people

[2 hrs]

  • $800 for 3 people
  • $100 extra per person


Silvia felt bad:

  • 02/08/19
  • I mentioned his name
  • She immediately felt bad
  • False prophet
  • Bad info?
  • See diary




Collective consciousness


Dimensions of Consciousness





12 strands


9D Arcturian Council



Existential questions

  • Did I choose my mum (and what reasons)?
  • What percentage of my ideas were really my own?
  • Can the higher/inner-self withold mental blocks until some other realization happens (e.g. MySQL programming) / Rocket5 stuff?
  • Are prayers felt equally as strongly regardless of pineal gland calcification?

Simon Parkes:

  • Is Saturn a trap for reincarnation (trap here, and prevent past-life memories)?
  • Is the hologram projected by Saturn a physical one, including the Sun that we see etc?
  • When you die, if you see a white light, is that a reincarnation cycle (need to keep saying that you’ll go back to source and then pass through a thin silver mesh)?
  • Are 10/12 strands of our DNA out of phase with the rest of our body?
  • Is the higher self the 12 strands of DNA?
  • Is the soul 18 inches long (top-bottom) / American football shaped?
  • Was the soul of Simon Parkes the first soul in modern humans (about 200-250k years ago)?
  • Are humans limited to 12x the speed of light using consciousness?
  • Is Norway the most spiritual place on Earth (11/12 strands of DNA)?

David Icke:

  • Are we living in a Matrix-style reality?
  • If so, does this come from Saturn?
  • Is the speed of light a limit that is created by The Matrix, and beyond it, you go outside the Matrix?
  • Is there a frequency broadcast from Saturn, and what does it do?
  • Are human beings tuned in to receiving frequencies from Saturn, and if so, what do they do?
  • Is time part of this Matrix transmission?


  • How many of the ideas that I had were actually mine in this lifetime, from higherself, planted in my mind?

Timelines - Death:

  • In the timeline that I was on, when I had the overdose situation, did I actually die and then decide to come back again?

Timelines - Vision5:

  • Was it always planned that I’d launch Vision5 when I did, or are there parallel realities where I launched it much earlier?

Timelines - Baby:

  • Is there a timeline that Francisca had the baby?

Past lives - me:

  • Was I anyone else that history remembers in any other past lives?
  • Anyone in Ancient Egypt?

Past lives - friends:

  • Was Simon a disciple of Jesus in a past life?
  • Will all the 12 disciples come back to my life in this lifetime?
  • Will they all remember this?


  • Will I one day become a channel?

Fractal art

  • Look at > DNA activation
  • Create own > higher DNA activation

Galactic History

  • Dan Winter




Past life regression

  • Not fun
  • Not tourism
  • Can be difficult

Higher self


  • 20 mins grounding
  • 15 mins Honoponopono
  • 20-25 mins meditation


Inner self

Your Inner-Self is who you are when you are outside incarnation and also aware that all six incarnations are “you”. Your Inner-Self is Delight, the interventionist. Together with me, the eighth fragment, we make up a much greater being: that which we are outside of this reality.


Ley lines




1) Root Chakra, Frequency: 396 Hz
This is the vibrational tone of the Earth’s day. It is dynamic, energizing and vitalizing. Use the Solfeggio frequency UT – ‘Liberating Guilt and Fear’.

Releases from guilt and fear. Guilt often represent one of the basic obstacles to realization. 396Hz liberates the energy and enables achievement of goals in the most direct way.

2) Sacral Chakra, Frequency: 417 Hz
This is the tone of the synodic moon (lunar month, which is different from the earth’s month). Use the Solfeggio frequency RE – ‘Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change’.

Produces energy to bring about change. 417Hz clears destructive influences of past events and puts you in touch with an inexhaustible source of energy that allows you to change your life.

3) Solar Plexus Chakra, Frequency: 528 Hz
This is the tone of the sun. Use the Solfeggio frequency MI – ‘Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)’.

Brings transformation and miracles into your life. 528Hz frequency activates your imagination, intention and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose.

4) Heart Chakra, Frequency: 639 Hz
This is the tone of the Earth’s year. Use the Solfeggio frequency of FA – ‘Connecting/Relationships’.

Dealing with relationships problems – those in family, between partners, friends or social problems. When talking about cellular processes, 639 Hz frequency can encourage the cell to communicate with its environment.

5) Throat Chakra, Frequency: 741 Hz
This is the tone of the planet Mercury. Use the Solfeggio frequency of SOL – ‘Awakening Intuition’.

Leads you into the power of self-expression, which results in a pure and stable life. The intent behind the 741Hz frequency is to solve and cleanse.

6) Third Eye Chakra, Frequency: 852 Hz
This is the tone of the planet Venus. Use the Solfeggio frequency of LA – ‘Returning to Spiritual Order’.

Linked to ability to see through the illusions of your life, such as hidden agendas of people, places and things. 852Hz raises awareness and lets you return to spiritual order.

7) Crown Chakra, Frequency: 963 Hz
This is the tone of the Platonic Year, otherwise known as the Great Year; or a period of 25,800 years. Use the Solfeggio frequency of TI – the ‘Higher Frequency’ of the crown chakra.

The frequency of 963 Hz is connected with the Light, and enables direct experience. Re-connects you with the Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world.

126.22 Hz (Sun)

396 Hz

432 Hz (Deepest)

528 Hz

963 Hz (Pineal gland)

Eliminating ideas

When thoughts come. Gently with a minds eye vision on a huge feather in your hand, say to your mind when ideas or thoughts come “ go away, pop back later when I’ve finished “ and gently with the feather push them to the side, so they are removed from the sight in front of your eyes and mind. They should skip off like a school child.

Cause when I used to push them away, it was like “ fuck you im here and I’m staying “ do it with love and warmth and it might help clear your line of thought to relax your third eye more.


  • Gold



New Moon

Manifesting ceremonies:



  • Life path number: 11
  • Expression number: 5
  • Soul urge number (heart’s desire number): 7


1 - leadership intuition and begingings
2 - love and duality the tin and yang. You have a soul urge to find your love
3 - creativity and angels
4 - the steps to building solid foundations
5 - philanthropy and energy manipuation
6 - marraige and commitment
7 - spirituality
8 - growth
9 - speed and change


ABC of raising your vibration

  • Awareness
  • Belief
  • Choice
  • Always be choosing


  • Power vs Force?
  • Quantum healing - DC
  • The power of now?

Becky Barron

1 - Physical
2 - Light bodies (male + female, need to be in union)
3 - Two streams of energy (timelines, including parents, trauma here)
4 - Mum’s light body
5 - Spirit/Higher Self (outside the Matrix, hold’s intention, can help us heal, understands us and all the lives we’re living, info comes from the heart)
6 - Soul

Elizabeth April

1) Straight line

  • Just is
  • No polarity

2) Line that interacts with the first

  • Bring in polarity within the quantum universe
  • Cross-section creates a vortex
  • All / nothing
  • Consciousness can be created
  • Consciousness can’t be created with just one dimension

3) The first and second dimension taking form

  • The action of the consciousness
  • The awareness of it and the action behind the awareness
  • 1D - the glass
  • 2D - me observing the glass
  • 3D - how does the glass affect my life …
  • Putting that action into a physical form
  • Free will, choice, individual perception

4) Time without the space

  • 1D-3D have ‘time’, but in a limited way
  • 3D is space + time confined by each other
  • (3D) Building existing because it got built over time
  • 4D time unrestricted by the physicality of space
  • Unrestricted by atoms
  • Experience time infinitely in the past / future
  • Maybe 3D = space/time, 4D = time/space

5) Freedom from space

Robbie Porter


1 - Protons and electrons

  • Learning what it means to be light
  • Millions of years

2 - Atoms and molecules

  • Basic elements
  • Some time

3 - Wind

  • Similar elements
  • Observes the world, but without any self-awareness
  • Million years

4 - Fire

  • Interaction of atoms+molecules (2) and wind (3)
  • Primary lesson is to learn to interact with two elemental groups
  • Millions of years

5 - Water

  • Primary purpose lesson of interaction and collision with other elements
  • Some time

6 - Stone

  • Static physical vehicle
  • Group forming and capability of maintaining its shape due to more attraction between all its subparts being capable to hold separate forms in space/time

7 - Soil

  • Primary lesson to be capable of entering into sub-density octave vehicles of the first density

8 - Crossthrough to 2nd density

  • Crossthrough of physical vehicles from 2nd density
  • Earlier 1st octave of 2nd density
  • Grass + small plants

2nd density overall:

  • Higher plant life and animal life that has the upward drive towards the infinite
  • Three types that become enspirited
    • Animal (most predominant)
    • Vegetable (especially trees) - enough to become individualised
    • Mineral

1 - Grass:

  • Basic forms of observing and experiencing the world with partially immobile vehicles

2 - Plants

3 - Trees:

  • Can reincarnate directly into 3rd density if receives enough Love/Light and connection with another 3rd density being (e.g. human)

4 - Small fish, insects

5 - Larger fish, small animals:

  • Learn lesson of interacting with other mind/body/spirit complexes and graduating to next sub-octave

6 - Group animals:

  • Animals that start developing collective mentality
  • Group together and lead to the creation of hierarchies
  • Foxes, hyenas

7 - Pets:

  • Cats, dogs
  • On verge of becoming human body complex

1 - Love/Light energies

  • Minimal physical changes
  • Activation of green ray
  • Can be activated now without any physical upgrade
  • Share Love and Light energies
  • Lead to drastic change in physical vehicle
  • Me: Mid 2018 - Spring 2019?

2 - Bigger chest

  • Increase in size of chest complex where heart is located
  • Higher heart chakra activation increases chest area
  • Me: Spring 2019 - Spring 2020?

3 - Switch off left brain

  • Begin to switch off left-side of brain completely
  • No need for the left side of the brain
  • Left brain primarliy used for triggering of egoic portions of the mind
  • Allow for increased activation of the right-side of the brain
  • Full functionality of the physical vehicle done by the right side of the brain
  • Physical body not stop working, just ego shut down
  • Me: Spring 2020 - present?

4 - Telepathy

  • Less need and use of mouth organs
  • Slowly seize use of mouth organs
  • Mouths will then mostly be used for breathing and ingestion of chemical products for the body
  • Still chemical body

5 - Dual body

  • Begin to exist in a dual body
  • 1 - Spiritually-activated light body
  • 2 - Chemical body of the 4th density
  • Period of acclimatization to transition into the spiritual body
  • All comms will be telepathic
  • Creation of a social-memory-complex




  • Oneness
  • Same as 8d


  • Lines
  • Strings (String Theory)


  • Shadows


  • Us
  • First to have mass
  • 3d = node


  • Snake of us in time
  • Spiral, forming toruses
  • 4d = line


  • Cloud of all possible decisions that we could take
  • 5d = cloud


  • Multi-cloud of all possible souls
  • Inner healing touches the 6d consciousness, and beings in other realities
  • 6d = crystaline being, lattice


  • Light being
  • No physical expression
  • Pure consciousness
  • Lives here like notes of a song
  • Can release yourself from the game at any time (to 8d)
  • All physical universe bodies of 7d beings
  • 7d = light being


  • Oneness
  • Remember all incarnations of everything/one


  • Existence
  • No decision-making
  • Automatic
  • If-this/then-that
  • Cells
  • Single-cell organisms
  • Rocks + minerals (also beings)
  • Most planets in our solar system
  • Like we have higher selves of higher consciousnesses, rocks have inner selves of higher than 1D consciousness
  • First stage of human life
  • Foetus and new-born baby (not yet rejecting food)
  • Root/base chakra


  • Instinct
  • Can override
  • e.g. bigger animal
  • Survival
  • Not self-aware like us
  • No sense of ‘me’

2D urges:

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Need for sleep
  • Desire (sex, children …)
  • Cravings (pregnant women)
  • Addictions
  • Most animals are 2D
  • Second stage of human life
  • Babies and toddlers (once they’ve decided to reject food etc / make decisions, but not yet conceptualized the self)
  • Sacral chakra
  • Pelvis


  • Self-awareness
  • True choice
  • Ethics & morality
  • Good vs bad / duality
  • Ego (“I”)
  • Resolve + will power
  • Empires come from this
  • “Me first”
  • Indecision (to come in 4D)
  • Third phase of life
  • Starts when children say ‘I’ / ‘mine’
  • Should ideally end before the end of puberty, and be replaced by sharing, kindness and empathy
  • In an ideal world, that happens


  • Density of choice
  • Density of polarity
  • Love and service
  • Service to self (STS) or service to others (STO)
  • STO = polarity of compassion
  • People who spend all time helping others
  • People who help nature
  • STS
  • Petty dictators
  • Criminal gangs
  • Political parties
  • Religious organizations
  • 4D beings get things done
  • Ultimately run out of resources
  • Need to learn : you need to give to get, and get to give
  • Outer heart chakra (inner one too)


  • Balanced polarity
  • Need to balance some of their polarity with the opposite polarity
  • Deep knowing of how to give to get
  • Wisdom of knowing how to manage the self and the other
  • Density of wisdom
  • 5D STO
  • Willing to receive
  • 5D STS
  • Benevolent tyrant
  • At 4D you find bosses
  • At 5D you find leaders
  • Inspire others to follow them
  • Powerful corporate CEO’s
  • Admired presidents
  • Eventually tire of endless service to self/other too
  • Self/other is illusory anyway
  • If ready to accept this, then ready for 6D
  • Throat chakra


  • No polarity
  • Unity consciousness
  • Natural form is a light body
  • Can still be in human form
  • Highest density while still attached to a dense body
  • No longer has negative experiences
  • Allows him to observe what is
  • Deep peace and stillness
  • Brow chakra


  • Magical density
  • Becomes one with all form
  • Formless
  • Must be everywhere, always
  • Cannot have a form (and still think that you’re inside it)
  • All senses and thought processes are one process
  • Sense-scape
  • No difference in sensing something and imagining it
  • Your will is manifest
  • Don’t really evolve
  • Just experience life as agreed
  • When completed task, then leave this system, or penetrate more deeply into it for a different experience
  • These changes are happening now
  • Crown chakra


  • Perfect completion
  • Perfect understanding
  • Pure bliss
  • Can leave this reality and experience other realities
  • Inner-heart chakra


6 sacred steps (GO OVER AGAIN)

  1. Acceptance
  2. Intention
  3. Action
  4. Visualization (testing, energizing, preparation)
  5. Emotion
  6. Observation
  • 30 days
  • Do this one day

The Ascension Papers


  • Timelines themselves are conscious (individual / collective)
  • Self-responsible and other-responsible
  • Light-deficient, not dark
  • Service-to-self vs service-to-others - benevolence - used against us - make us more maleable
  • Decision made to not release this info until too late for them to use it against us
  • Now too late
  • This information (about loving deliberate misinformation) can now no longer be used for negative purpose
  • Two timelines - self-responsible / other-responsible

Self-responsible vs other-responsible:

  • I have to fix it vs others have to fix it
  • Self-responsibility leads to creator consciousness
  • Self-responsible consciousness - healthy
  • Other-responsible - unhealthy
  • Leads to victim mentality


  • Work with self-responsible
  • Could come and work with them
  • Other-responsible people panic by ET’s landing
  • Let the aliens fix their world

The Event:

  • Had to wait until we create a divergence in our timelines
  • The Event - is the divergence of the timelines
  • Not fixed - very variable
  • We decide on how it unfolds
  • How long, what way …

One other timeline - Miraculous timeline:

  • At least one other timeline must be created
  • Something very special happening on Earth right now
  • Very small number of them are awakening in a completely, delightfully, amazingly surprising way
  • Speech capacity normal for humans, but surprised if animals did it
  • Miraculous
  • That kind of miracle is happening with humanity
  • Humans don’t have the wetware for things that we see happening
  • There is an awakening to miraculous talents
  • For those that have awakened to miraculous talents - slow journey
  • A new transcendent reality needed to be opened up for those
  • Plus the wanderers / starseeds / those that come from higher planes of existence

Unity consciousness timeline anchors:

  • Creating light circles for the Marsons
  • True, but actually what they were doing was to anchor the new, unity consciousness timeline
  • Timeline anchors
  • Anchors in Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York
  • That’s where they were most crucially needed
  • Will be creating other anchors in the world
  • Really only needed one anchor


  • 8 master souls came to do some loving intentional work
  • Couldn’t explain what they were really doing
  • Telling a story (did)
  • Real purpose was to co-create the intentions that would drive these three light circles

Light circles:

  • Create own light circles
  • LightCircle5

Dissolution of the Illuminati:

  • With death of ancient red vampire, the blocks of power that he was holding together with his personality - shattering
  • Needed to wait for schisms in the structure that he had built
  • This is now happening
  • Death




Soul contracts

Soul monads

Soul walk-ins

“Time lines”


  • Nothing linear about them
  • Inner self decides what is possible for you
  • Multiple outer selves each exploring one subset of the possibilities
  • When you make a real choice, can shift which universe your consciousness exists in (a choice about who you really believe yourself to be)

Third eye activation



  • Falun Dafa | Falun Gong
  • Raj Yoga
  • Andamarga



  • Monaco (P2 Freemasons)
  • Geneva

Secret societies





Groups to publish to





Flower of Life:

  • Have this around the place
  • Create one with 5 dots too
  • Pleiadian symbol + others too


  • Reminders that we’re all holographic representations of the whole
  • Reminder of humility
  • Fractal card - keep my ego in check

Sacred geometry:

Yin Yang




Things to ground

  • Floors
  • Desks (desk mats)




  • Psychics (protect against psychic attacks)

Security bunker

  • On the off chance that there is a security threat



Peter Luis Venero

Intro questions

  • How many times was his mind blown?
  • Zoom - paid?

Ask about his background

  • Grew up in the US
  • Moved to Oz
  • Successful business
  • Was told by a friend that’s insightful that you’ve been through a lot
  • Not the right time to go into all that now, but look forward to getting to know each other in more personal way

Outline of the chat

  • Tell a little about my background up to now (10 mins)
  • A few of the things that have happened in the last week
  • Things got lined up + my current strategy
  • Go over plan for first site on April 18th, and second on July 7th + animating the lightworker troops between them
  • Explain my ‘ideal’ situation for the 18th, and if he’s OK with that, we’ll just do that in the quickest possible way
  • Agree on the next steps that we’ll do in the next day or two

Notes for Peter

Justin Deschamps

Intro piece:

  • He / I will write an intro piece


  • Ask to repost our blog when it comes out
  • Maybe add a generic message at the bottom like he does with others


  • Launch on blog
  • Get Justin to re-post
  • Try to get other people in the truthing community to post about it too

Comments on Crowdfunder:

  • Would he like to say a few words?
  • Could post back to his Stillness in the Storm post
  • Would add credence and weight / cross-linking in the community


  • Put out post just around the time of the launch
  • Put info on the crowdfunder
  • Make it a part of Start5
  • Helps to show the community support
  • Can he make sure he’s written the article by then, and schedule it to go out at that time?
  • Best that the first article comes from him, then we can link back to it
  • After then, if he can just share our info, that would be awesome
  • OK to share the blog postings afterwards?

Get in touch with people:

  • Edge of Wonder
  • Jordan Sather
  • David Wilcock
  • Joe Martino
  • Corey Goode
  • Anyone else that think might be willing to put a post out there

  • Ask them if they would like to be part of the Start5 event - just really to try to get it going

  • It’s difficult for me to get through to them, as I’m just one of many people
  • Getting together info so they can see it in good time, and speak to me personally if they want to
  • Wait until I’ve got the intro on the GFM done, as that will explain it all quickly


  • Wondering if he was pushed to read that doc when he did
  • Perfect timing




Action points


  • Don’t dump all ideas on FB in chat at once
  • Think offline
  • Create an action points list
  • Provide just that

Debriefing after each round

I was just thinking the same. We’re forming a nice little process here. I think it’s good to debrief after a round and the. Extract the action items from there for the next


I’m setting up a project to build an upgrade to the internet (Internet5) and to the worldwide web (Web5) that will take the best technology from the last 15 years and put them into a new global framework. Then we’ll use that new global framework (bigger than Facebook / Google etc - eventually), and use it (with other ideas) to lift the poorest 5 billion people in the world out of poverty.

The project is called Vision5, and I’ll be launching it in a few months’ time.






  • Homepage
  • About5
  • 5 Pillar5 pages (Vision5 header)
  • Lightworker5 (optional, but would be better with it)
  • Crowdfunder5 (link to Indiegogo?)
  • Contact5
  • Links to social media


  • Main page +++
  • One page
  • Video slider (simplest to set up?)


  • Slightly dark
  • Grid in front (to make darker)
  • Makes white writing show up better


  • Use alternating display going down
  • Have a photo + text for each of the sections presented (as a starting point)
  • Add in the logos when they’re done


Full project info

  • Mid May


  • Mid June

Referral scheme



Platform5 - CH:


Anti-aging acupuncture

Chinese medicine

Homeopathic doctors

Internet + Mobile