Introduction (6-8 sentences)

Body paragraph 1 (8-12 sentences)

Lead-in (attention getter)

Most importantly would be what Ive been thought throughout my time existing the most important things in life which for who am i.

Thesis statement (main idea of the essay+essay map; main argument +the three points you’re going to discuss)

Learning to fall and finding new ways in how life really works and what Ive turned up to be; bases in culture, knowledge and family

Build up to the thesis statement

Topic sentence 1 (main idea of the paragraph)

Iwis, I know where my roots are from even though i was born here. id find it pretty awesome the culture that Ive over come and Ive learned through out years that ive been by it.

supporting details (2-3 examples to support your topic sentence)

Mexican culture is more of being who you are and of course the beliefs what we celebrate and the events that concurred.

concluding sentence wrap up everything

Having to be part of it and realize how astonishing our culture really is celebrating in big with your love one and strangers.

Body paragraph 2 (8-12 sentences)

topic sentence 2

My Family are the persons that will always have my heart even if my mother is a single mother which shes taken the role of being mother and a father

supporting details

Mrs. Herbert my mother has always pushed me to be a better person than her she wants t0 see me succeed in life and see me happy

concluding senetence

I will go the way she wants to see me bright, her showing me she cares and values me and believes in me and i love her for working hard by her own and given me the things ive always ask for.

Body paragraph 3 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 3

My knowledge in knowing what to do with my life Im currently enrolled her at South Texas College

supporting details

my Major is criminal justice im currently seeking to getting there; id find it very prepossessing i genually bu slowly want to get there

concluding senetence

Ive have to learn and try my best to get where i wanna get which will take time but at the end everything will be done and will matter and ill be proud of my self.

Conclusion (6-8 sentences)

paraphrase thesis statement

i will need to over come all my objectives i have in mind and i will lean what i have learned throughout life i shouldn’t take for granted.

paraphrase topic sentence

learning that my culture, family knowledge is and will be first and it matters what you learn throughout life.

final thoughts (what do you want the reader to do/remember)

I wouldn’t want or find it pity if people take what they should really value the most for granted