My use cases



Paste text to card and then split this text to several cards (by paragraph or by list item (if I paste lists)). I don’t like to split it manually each time.

Split by list level:

Split on the same level by paragraph:

First card

Second card

Possibility to upload files and images (not only insert links to external files)

Import from markdown based on header level. H1 goes to level1, H2 to level2, …

First level

Second level

Third level


Code syntax highlighting (based, for example on highlightjs)

def hello():
   print("Hello world")

Latex formulas (based on MathJax)


Tree changelog. I don’t know how you can implement it, but I need to see what was changed after my last visit.

Undo changes (restore from history). Export markdown to github (if it will be possible to import it back as I mentioned in “Important” section)

Move cards (and linked cards) to another tree


Emoji like on github =)


For tree sharing I think you need to have some namespace in the url, for example,