People want something interesting to believe to distract them from their humdrum lifestyles.

#Why do we believe things that aren’t true?

people can tell us the right information and we can be informed about the world.

People want to believe what they want to be true. People sometimes cannot comprehend that people can lie about major issues.

Medias Biases effect what information is presented to us.

If all media sources can be wrong, even the most “reliable” ones such as NPR, what should we believe or not believe?

News outlets try to get info out as soon as possible so information may be wrong


People can share information they find on an issue and bring awareness to an issue

People can post invalid information such as a photoshopped picture and people will be quick to retweet and share so that the picture goes viral.

False information can cause chaos

People look for information even if it may be misleading.

Take our own opinions on biased issues

People have a reason to be more of an informed citizen.

We want to be informed and if that means believing the newest information then people will believe it

we are taught that things are reliable and they may not actually be.

confirmation bias

information available from my perspective

I don’t see other information

people can post untrue information about a topic and we would be learning false things about the world.

#Issues in Media as Information

News Outlets may report wrong information

People get information about important information about major events that occur at a fast and efficient time to keep people constantly updated.

We can attempt to have a better understanding of what news to believe and what news is not reliable.


Because we’d rather believe misinformation that’s easy to grasp than think and do research on our own

Self/public-perpetuated misinformation

Media influences people in negative ways some times

The language the media uses can be misinterpreted


People believe whatever the media tells them

They also consume indiscriminately due to the information overload of the internet

Having media keeps the citizens informed and well aware of what is going on in the world today.

We stay informed as members of society as to what is happening socially and politically

Media are created by people and, therefore, will probably contain biases for even the simplest of stories or events. Because of this, people should assume that “information” on media probably contains more than pure information.

people lie, embellish or state unreliable information to the public which leads people to believe wrong information or make false assumptions

We are more reliant on people presenting information to us than we are concerned with the information presented.

Ease of retrieving information.

Inaccuracy or bias of said information.

24 hour news TV

news available at all times

more inaccuracies in breaking news

Information in media is not always reliable.

Informational media most of the time is biased.

If it is bias, we get to look at different opinions of one situation. It helps us people better understand what people who don’t have the same opinions as another person, on what they are thinking.

If someone doesn’t know if an article is bias, we will believe the first thing we read.

we believe the first thing we read

There is competition within the media for who can be the first to report on a crisis/issue and who can post the latest updates, so the information may be rushed and invalid.

Even though you can’t always believe what you read, if you can find the same information on multiple sites than it is more likely to be reputable.

Sometimes certain sources can make things up, or say stuff that they hear from others. This does not mean that it is true.

be informed about the world

We are taught to believe what we see and read in the media and we want to believe it for a sense of comfort.

The big picture of the information needed to get across, although not always accurate, can get across to the people through media.

People will not get the right information, then the news story will be wrong through media.

We believe that the source is reliable when it really is not.