A metal cleaner/polish for use on your vehicle’s metal wheels and trim, Meguiars Gold Class All Metal Restorer safely helps to remove oxidation, dirt, and other contaminants while creating a high-quality mirror-like finish and adding tough long-lasting protection. It utilizes micro abrasives that have been specifically designed to remove dirt and oxidation without scratching or marring the surface in any way. Rich polishing oils then go to work on the surface to leave a brilliant shine while durable polymers seal in the shine and provide a protective barrier from the elements.

In addition to being used on your vehicles metal parts, the cleaner/polish can also be used in and around the home to safely and effectively restore and protect brass, silver, copper, pewter, and gold which means that it is actually a very versatile product that you will get a lot of repeated use out of.

It should be applied with either a foam or microfiber applicator pad, however, a microfiber pad will help to aid the cleaning action of the product a little more. You should work it into the surface thoroughly until a shine begins to appear then use a clean microfiber towel to buff off the remaining light residue. Once your vehicle’s metal parts have been treated they can then simply be maintained with a normal shampoo product for the exterior or a detailing spray for interior parts.

Meguiars Gold Class All Metal Restorer really is a great product for cleaning, enhancing, and protecting your vehicle’s metal and its versatility means that it can not only be used on your car but also around the home for a number of tasks meaning that it’s a very useful and handy product to have.

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