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How To Carry Scarfs In Different Styles Over Trendy Men’s Leather Jackets?

If you are the one who doesn’t love to compromise with your style and looks, then a leather jacket should be on your list of clothes. The leather jacket is a staple outfit for many, and the biggest reason for its popularity is its timeliness and longevity. Buy one leather jacket, and it will last longer than you expect if you maintain it properly. Men look stylish, modern, and trendy in a leather jacket. That’s why they always have one classic black leather jacket in their wardrobe as they know they can pair it with almost anything. If you want to have a unique jacket, you can browse through different bespoke leather jackets such as bomber jackets, biker jackets, rider jackets, leather coats, etc and choose the best one.

The most common way of enhancing the elegance of your men’s leather jacket is by wearing a scarf with it. A scarf can be knitted, woolen, cotton, or linen. It can be of varying size, length, width, print, material, and shape. The muffler is another version of the scarf, usually worn in winters for extra warmth and insulation while you can wear a scarf all year round. But as the fashion world is changing, scarves are also evolving. Now they are considered as the style element, especially when you wear them with leather jackets.

How To Wear a Scarf With a Leather Jacket?

If your love epic combos and layering is your favorite style, then a scarf is definitely the go-to for you. It not just gives you warmth and protection but also enhances your overall personality. There are several ways of wearing a scarf, and you can pair it with almost all kinds of leather jackets such as bomber, blazer, biker, or anything. Don’t forget that the leather jacket itself emits a bold statement, and combining it with a scarf will double the appeal. Buy high quality leather jacket or make sure you prefer a branded jacket because fake leather appears dull and boring. A fake, dull, and boring leather jacket cannot increase your overall persona.

Types of Scarf Knots

There are several ways to style scarves and look stylish. The way you make knots play a significant role in the overall look of the ensemble. The scarf is versatile, just like leather jackets. It doesn’t require a specific fit; just put a scarf on irrespective of your weight and age. Different styles of tying a knot in a scarf are:

Cravat: It is a version of a scarf that you can tie to look like a cravat. It was commonly worn in the late 1800s by noble scholars, but men prefer wearing it today as well.

Parisian Knot: Fold the scarf in half and make sure both sides of the scarf are equal. Wrap the scarf around the neck and pass its loose ends through the loop. You will have a perfect yet classic neck scarf with a great tail.

The Braid: Fold the scarf, wrap it around the neck, pull both its ends through the loop, and make sure you don’t make it too tight. This is known as a braid-like style of wearing a scarf. Men who want a simple yet stylish look overall prefer this type of knot above any leather jacket.

How To Style Your Scarf Over Leather Jacket?

A scarf over a leather jacket is the most versatile and practical fashion accessory for men. It creates a great style if you wear them over stylish and cheap leather jackets.

Casual: Wear a black t-shirt along with blue denim jeans, roll your scarf around your neck in a four-in-hand knot and tuck it inside. Complete your look with a classic black leather jacket for men.
Office Casual: For a semi-formal look, choose a leather blazer and denim jeans, and a linen scarf.

Formal: Choose a formal shirt along with pants and a leather jacket. Complete your formal look with a classic draped scarf.

Wrapping Up!

The scarf is a subtle style element for men. You can style them in various ways with a men’s leather jacket. We have already elaborated on some of the ways. There are thousands of other trendy methods to wrap a scarf around. Continue reading for more trends!