That means the MicroLED panels are very thin and able to provide excellent viewing angles. And because they do not rely on organic compounds, Micro LED panels should be cheaper to produce than OLeds. On top of that, Micro leds are technically capable of providing a brighter picture than OLED. Size comparison of three LED backlight sources, ordinary LED, miniLED, Micro LED. Micro LED is literally a tiny LED. It is a display pixel array display composed of LED chips below 50 microns and an active drive array.

Common-Cathode CC 4042AB LED 4042AB 0.40 inch Common-Anode CA 4042BB 7-Segment 4042BB Display

Blue light excitation white LED refers to the combination of blue light LED chip and phosphor to produce white light (PC-LED), this method is the most widely used and successful method at present. The principle of the method is as follows: the blue light from the blue LED chip is irradiated into the fluorescent material. Part of the blue light is absorbed by the fluorescent material and excited to produce yellow light, green light or red light. The other part of the blue light penetrates through the fluorescent material. There are two key parts to using this method to produce white light: One is that the excitation spectrum of the fluorescent material needs to match the emission spectrum of the blue LED chip. At present, GaN blue diode is widely used internationally as the laser light source.

Common-Cathode CC 3191AS LED 3191AS 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA 3191BS 7-Segment 3191BS Display

It is speculated that there is a poor electrical connection inside the LED. After the LED sample was firmly sealed and ground, the SEM observed that the metallized layer cracked from the LED chip, rather than between the bonding wire and the metallized layer. This indicates that the increase in the sample forward pressure drop is due to the cracking between the chip and its negative metallized layer, as shown in Figure 1. The possible cause is that the oxide layer is sullied prior to deposition metallization, or poor moisture control results in poor adhesion between the metallized layer and the oxide layer beneath it.

LED 8201AS 7-Segment 8201AS 0.80-inch 8201BS Display 8201BS

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