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The Big Picture:
Religious refugees carve out a new life in the fertile lands beyond the wastes.




The Apotheiosis. The true god emerges and the Ministry depart for the wastes.



The first Motor is created. Nobody has yet figured out how this is related to the Apotheiosis.


Who becomes the god when the motor is switched?

In a huge tent, the people of Ministry and anxious about how this will all go.

Dimitris: the Minister of Transportation
Simon: the Minutekeeper
Calum: the Minister of Duelling

The Minister of Transportation becomes a motorcycle, and thus a god. This is not what the saboteurs had in mind.


The power of transportation gains religious approval of the people of Ministry, and that is why they start to worship the Minister as God.


The Mechanisation of the people of Ministry. Migration and travel become easier.


False Hope! The People of Minister believe that they found the LoMaH, but it turns out not to be.


Scientists realise that living in the False Lands is not sustainable despite the claims of the leaders.


The people of Ministry discover the Land of Milk and Honey.



After aeons, the Minister dies. The people of Ministry settle on their body. They have arrived at LoMaH.



  • When Elders are near death, they are merged with a motorcycle.


Motorcycle Jousting
Supernatural shit

Time travel